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The signs as NCT127 side tracks

Aries: 0 Mile

Taurus: Another World

Gemini: Running 2 U

Cancer: Good Thing

Leo: Heartbreaker

Virgo: Wake Up

Libra: Back 2 U

Scorpio: Whiplash

Saggitarius: Mad City

Capricorn: Switch

Aquarius: Paradise

Pisces: Summer 127

(in honor of their first win, my babies deserved it)


February 26th 1993: World Trade Center bombing

On this day in 1993, a truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The bomb was intended to knock the North Tower into the South Tower to destroy them both, but this did not occur. The attack still killed six people, including a pregnant woman, and injured over one thousand. The terrorist attack was planned by a group of conspirators and masterminded by Ramzi Yousef. In 1994, four men were convicted of carrying out the bombing and two more were convicted in 1997. The group were funded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who would go on to be the principal co-ordinator behind the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001. The memorial to the victims of the 1993 attack was destroyed on 9/11, but they are currently memorialised at the North Pool of the National 9/11 Memorial, opened in 2011.

“It felt like an airplane hit the building”
- eye-witness Bruce Pomper on the 1993 attack

All the NCT Subunits as bakery items
  • Ones who look like they could kill you but are actual cinnamon rolls: Taeyong, Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Johnny
  • Ones who look like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Hyuck, Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Chensung,
  • actual cinnamon rolls whatever they do: Dream Team, Taeil, Doyoung
  • sinnamon rolls: Lee motherfucking Taeyong...basically all of 127

Prompt: Still happens before they’re together, preferably in season 4.  From @castlefanficprompts.  Sometime between 47 Seconds and Always, because of course it is.

It’s lucky that she hears the click, really.  She’s been distracted the last little while, and annoyed with herself for it, which is a distraction in and of itself.  She shouldn’t be pining for Castle like a teenager with her first crush.  If he’s over her, well, she can get over him too.  Plenty of fish in the sea.

(She doesn’t want another fish, though.  She wants him.  Loves him.  And she can’t simply switch that off because he’s found himself a shiny new stewardess - flight attendant - whatever she is.)

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I know other people have already posted rants about this so I’ll probably sound like a broken record, but I need to get this off my chest. 

I was never the biggest fan of Kate, and throughout most of the season I was fairly indifferent to her, but her actions in episode five made me really dislike her.  (fyi if you’re a fan of Kate I’m not trying to bash you or trying to get you to dislike her, I just wanted to explain my viewpoint on the matter. If you completely disagree with everything I said, feel free to message me so I can hear your side of things!)

Back in episode one, she told Javi that sometimes she wanted to leave Gabe by the side of the road. Even though she claimed it was a joke, I just could never fully bring myself to like her character that much after she said that. I mean, they were in a cramped van and Gabe was literally sitting a foot away from her, and she straight up said that she wanted to ditch him? He may have been sleeping at the time, but he could have also been pretending to sleep and listening to Kate and Javi, which is something that Mariana admitted to doing, so he or Mari could have easily overheard Kate say that. And I don’t believe a parent should ever say something like that, even as a joke, let alone in a setting where their kid could hear it.

Kate was also willing to let David, the man she spent 95% of her screen time complaining about, who she tried to get away from at every chance she got kidnap her stepson? After she watched David physically abuse him? I know the first time David hit Gabe it wasn’t intentional and he clearly felt horrible for what he had done, but the second time he literally smacked him in the face with a wrench and proceeded to try to kill Javi without missing a stride. I don’t know about anyone else but there is no way in hell I’d allow a fourteen year old boy, whether he was was son or not, to be in the custody of someone that unstable. 

I know Gabe had said he would go with David before the fight broke out but I can’t imagine that he would still want side with David after all that, especially since when you go after Gabe he tells you he had tried to stop David from leaving and that’s why their truck crashed, revealing that he hadn’t willingly gotten into the truck and left with David. Even if Gabe did still want to try to fix David, as he told Javi, I would never let him put himself at risk like that. It really angered me how quickly Kate brushed off the fact that Gabe was with a dangerous and unstable man who she herself could barely stand to be around. When I played episode 5 I went after Gabe the second the choice became available to me, not being able to bear the thought of losing him or of him being in danger. I honestly felt like Kate just saw David taking off with Gabe as a way to get rid of David once and for all and didn’t really care if it cost Gabe’s life to accomplish that. 

And the fact that if Gabe dies she just seems sad for a few minutes then turns to Javi and tries to get him to start a family with her? Their entire family–everyone they cared about–just died, and she already wants to replace them and move on like they didn’t even matter? That just didn’t sit right with me. 

I also didn’t like that Kate was trying to hit on Javi before the apocalypse even started and wanted to have a relationship with him without even talking things through with David, who is known to be hot headed and irrational at times and would obviously go ballistic and blame Javi if he found out that his brother was dating his wife–which is what did end up happening. I know from Kate’s point of view their relationship had ended years ago but David clearly didn’t see it that way and she  should have talked to him before trying to get with Javi, I mean she literally still wore her wedding ring…

This entire season revolved around the idea of family and how far you’re willing to go to protect the ones you love and in my opinion, Kate completely violated that. She put trying to seal the breach in the wall over protecting her family because she felt responsible for it, but honestly that didn’t make sense to me either, seeing as it wasn’t her fault that someone threw a bomb at the truck she was driving, causing her to crash.

I know that was pretty long so I don’t expect everyone to take the time to read it all, but I needed to say it, so thanks if you actually read it:)


AFGHANISTAN. Kabul Province. Kabul. May 31, 2017. At a Kabuli hospital after a truck bomb detonated in the diplomatic quarter of the city, causing over 150 casualties, the deadliest attack since 2001. No group has yet claimed responsibility, but the Haqqani network is seen as the likeliest culprit. Reuters photographer Omar Sobhani’s testimony of the event.

Photographs: Mohammad Ismail/Reuters

Market Street, Manchester, England - 15 June 1996. At 11:17 am a 3,300-lb (1,500 kg) truck bomb was detonated on one of the cities busiest streets, creating the billowing smoke plume seen. Just 90-minutes prior the IRA had given warning, prompting Greater Manchester Police to evacuate some 75,000 people. Over 200 were injured in the event, but none killed. It was the largest peacetime bomb ever detonated in Great Britain.

Wrong Address

Member: Doyoung

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 879

Another envelope sat in your mailbox when you checked it after you came home from school/work. You looked at the front of the envelope and saw the name Kim Doyoung written above the address of the house next to yours. This was the fifth time his mail had been sent to you this week. You shook your head in dismay wondering why the postman had gotten this wrong so many times.

Your neighbour was new and his name was Doyoung. You only knew his name because of all the letters you received that were addressed to him and you had never seen nor spoken to him. He had only moved in a week ago.

You took the letter out of your mailbox and took it inside your house to add it to the pile. Being the somewhat shy person you are, you had put off giving him his letters until now. You grabbed the pile of letters and walked the short distance to your neighbour’s doorstep. You reached up and knocked on the door. The door opened and a boy who looked like he was in his early twenties stood in front of you. You never expected to live next to a guy that was so cute. It was something you had only read about.

“Hi, I’m looking for Kim Doyoung,” you said with a polite smile to the boy in front of you.

“That would be me.” He smiled at you.

Flustered, you responded, “Ah well, I have been getting your mail recently so I came to give it to you.”

“Why thank you…” He stopped talking briefly because he didn’t know your name.

“Y/N,” you said.

“Very pretty name,” he said to you.

“Thank you,” you thanked him still flustered.

“I hope to see you around sometime,” he said.

“Well, I’ll see you later then.“

“Have a nice night.”

“You too. Bye,” you said before leaving.

As soon as his door shut, you sprinted back into your home, internally screaming. You had no idea that your new neighbour would be this cute. He was just your type!

You got home from school/work once again checked your mail box. This time, there were two letters in your mailbox. You took them out and saw that one was addressed to you and the other was addressed to Doyoung. The letter for you had your name handwritten on the envelope with no address written but yet you paid little attention to it. Instead of being frustrated about receiving Doyoung’s letter like you were for past few days, you felt excited that you had a reason to see him again.

You took your letter inside and told yourself that you would open it later, You rushed out of your house and quickly arrived at Doyoung’s house. You knocked on the door and a smiling Doyoung answered it.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hi, I have your letter.” He frowned when you handed his letter to him.

“Thank you,” he said with an obviously fake smile on his face.

“Your welcome.”

He slammed his door and you walked back to your house. ‘What was that about?’ you thought to yourself, a little confused and quite concerned about Doyoung’s mood.

After going home, you took the letter that was addressed to you and opened it while walking into your room. You unfolded the paper and saw the smooth cursive writing written with blue ink sitting on the page. You read the letter while standing in the middle of your bedroom.

It read:

Hi Y/N,

I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house and watch a movie or something? We could get pizza too if you would like it. If your answer is yes then just knock on my door and come in when you’re ready. If your answer is no then just pretend you didn’t read this letter to avoid any awkward situations.


Doyoung’s cute letter made you blush. An evening at his place sounded wonderful to you (especially when pizza is involved). A smile spread across your face.

After remembering what happened a few minutes before, your smile quickly faded. You now understood why Doyoung seemed upset when you delivered his letter to him. You were quite annoyed at yourself too, immediately regretting giving him his letter before opening and reading your own.

“But it’s all a misunderstanding!” you whisper shouted as you stomped your foot.

Dropping the letter on the floor, you changed out of your work/school clothes and into some simple yet pretty casual clothes that you chose from your closet. You quickly looked into the mirror checking that you looked okay before you left the house.

Once you arrived at Doyoung’s house you knock on the door for the second time that day. You let your fingers fiddle with the hem of your shirt/skirt as you nervously waited until the door is opened. You looked up and see Doyoung with a subtly surprised face.

“Hi,” he said plainly while genuinely smiling at you looking as fine as ever.

“Hi,” you said back to him shyly. You smiled and looked down at your feet. “I got your letter.”

“So you did,” he said with a playful smirk, “and I suppose that you’d like to come in?”


The deadliest terrorist attacks in Russia (in chronological order). Part 5

Mozdok bombing (5 June, 2003)

Deaths: 19

Injuries: 20

On 5 June, 2003 a female suicide bomber blew herself up in a bus full of servicemen in the city of Mozdok, North Ossetia. 19 people died and approximately 20 were injured.

Tushino bombing (5 July, 2003)

Deaths: 15

Injuries: 60

On 5 July, 2003 20-year-old and 26-year-old female suicide bombers blew herself up during a rock festival  "Krylya" (Wings) in Tushino, Moscow. 11 people died on the scene, 4 succumbed their wounds in hospital. During one of the explosions, a rock band performed a song about a woman who was enchanted to kill people.

Mozdok military hospital bombing (1 August 2003)

Deaths: 52

Injuries: 82

On 1 August, 2003 a truck bomb exploded outside of a military hospital in in the city of Mozdok, North Ossetia. 52 people died, including the serviceman who tried to stop the terrorist who was driving the truck.

Kislovodsk-Mineralnye Vody train bombing (3 September, 2003)

Deaths: 7

Injuries: 80

On 3 September, 2003 a number of bombs exploded in the Kislovodsk-Mineralnye Vody train, causing death of 7 people.

Kislovodsk-Mineralnye Vody train bombing (5 December, 2003)

Deaths: 46

Injuries: 170

On 5 December, 2003 the Kislovodsk-Mineralnye Vody train was bombed the second time in a year. 46 people died, 170 were injured.

Moscow metro bombing (6 February, 2004)

Deaths: 41

Injuries: more than 250

On 6 February, 2004 a male suicide bomber blew himself up beetwen Avtozavodskaya and Paveletskaya stations of Moscow metro. 41 people died and more than 250 were injured.