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GIRLS GOT KICKS hit Philly on 11.11.11 and the girls who love kicks here came out to rep.

DJ Jovi Baby killed it on the 1’s and 2’s and is also the most thorough kicks collector in Philly, so of course she represented in this book.

Snkr Nails Did as my fellow FSF'ers like to call them, were a hit and so much fun to do! After finally getting the privilege to meet the author of Girls Got Kicks and founder of, Ms. Lori Lobenstine….she told me that she’d never thought to add nails into the mix. That made me even more proud to be apart of this monumental moment.

Being a self-proclaimed “sneakerhead” myself, I was heavy into FSF among other forums back in ‘06. When I found out this event was coming to Philly, I was more than hype. It was nice to add my “two cents” for the girls who love kicks:) <3

This goes out to you....and you... and you

s/o to the 100th follower and the other 99 who chose to live the Bombe life so far on this lifestyle journey with me….

I love y'all:)

Got my temporary nail license last week!!!!!!!!

On my way to being one of the greatest to ever do it… that’s the plan and im sticking to the blueprint… but don’t think I forgot about everything else I want to bring y'all courtesy of Tout Est Bombe…. Bombe de Bijoux [Bomb. Jewelry.] is in production along with a super bombe debut Summer 2012 limited edition tee… I can’t wait to show y'all the preview oooooh!

Also the site will be up momentarily….along with the first collection of pre-designed Bombe tips for Bombe d'Ongles…. it’s gonna be a hotttttttt summer!

tell a friend to tell a friend…. welcome to

where everything is B O M B E

thanks for the love <3