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Hi Courtney! Must have places in LA - healthy restaurants, shops, etc. Thank you in advance ;)

This is my personal list of places I go!

Brunch, Lunch & Dinner:


Moon Juice

Beverly Hills Juice Co. (cash only)

Sycamore Kitchen- Lunch

Laurel Canyon Country Mart- Tuna salad sandwich- Lunch

Forage- Lunch

Little Doms- Fav. B fast in LA! Blueberry Ricotta pancakes are my fav thing in LA

Cecconis- Brunch (also dinner is good but I usually go for brunch)

Gjelina- lunch & din

Gjuista- lunch

Sushi Park- dinner $$$

Sugar Fish & Kazunori- lunch & din

Mozza- din

Jon & Vinnys- brunch, lunch, din (prefer din) ONE OF MY FAVS IN LA!

Angelini Osteria- din- BEST ITALIAN IN LA

Osteria La Buca- din

Cafe Stella- I frequent like twice a week, brunch & din (a spot everyone hangs out at, theres a bar downstairs for after dinner that people hang at)

Black Cat- drinks and food

El Prado- wine bar


Night market Song- BOMB Thai

Silverlake Ramen- BOMBBBBB Ramen

Friend Bar- drinks

Marvin- dinner- also everyone hangs out here, its a spot!

Terroni on Beverly- Italian (also a spot)

Mastros- best steak in LA $$$$

Urth Cafe- super touristy but the salads and soups are amazing for lunch or dinner (also they’re open late)

Golden State- best burger in LA

Croft Alley- BOMBBBB lunch

Beverly Hills Hotel- Brunch outside or downstairs

Chateau- brunch/lunch/dinner- more about ambiance

Goldies- lunch

Pine and Crane

Honor Bar- Its by my house and Old school Bev Hills spot.. they have the best fried chicken sandwich in the city and bomb sushi plate, also kale salad is insane! Ambiance sucks but food is bomb.


Cliffs Edge

L&E Oyster Bar

Milles- bfast

Trois Familia- dinner

Cross Roads- dinner (Vegan but the chef is insane and it does not taste like Vegan at all)

Green Table- Vegan- lunch

Cafe Gratitude- lunch or dinner (vegan)

AOC- lunch & dinner

Animal- dinner

Botanica- dinner

Cosa Buona- dinner


Malibu Country Mart for sandwiches to take to the beach

Lumber Yard- tons of good shopping  


Shaky Alibi- coffee and waffles (Ive been getting my coffee here for like 6 years now)

Verve (insane avo toast also)

Blue Bottle

Slices of Pizza:

Fav. is Damore’s (people give me shit for this but I like the cornmeal crust)

Also really love Mulberry

Vitos is solid

Joes- also solid


Best I’ve had lately is from Wallys in BH- They also have bomb truffle pasta for dinner and an extensive wine list.

Larchmont wine and cheese- lunch- they sell out of bread by 1pm on weekends


Condor- authentic/american mix- good for margs too

El Compadre- authentic, flaming margs, bomb chips and salsa!

Broken Spanish- trendy/authentic/american

Escuela- trendy but also authentic kind of.. soft chips.. and bomb lobster taco

Petty Cash- cauliflower nachos and el pastor tacos (trendy)

El Carmen- restaurant and bar vibes.. authentic but really cute and trendy decor

Ruths Skincare- facial

Raya- waxing

Chase Kusero at IGK- hair

Helena Tamargo- brows


Shop Super Street


Mohawk General Store



Just One Eye

The Row

The Line

Opening Ceremony

Acne Studios

Jet Rag


Silver Lake flea market- every Sat. in front of Pine & Crane

Melrose Fairfax flea- every Sunday

Rose bowl Flea- second Sunday of every month

Vintage & Thrifting:


Collection LA


Vintage on Hollywood

Reformation Vintage

Staud- appt only


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What's your go to chocomil?

ok check it issa process:

i use nesquik cause we get it at costco in bulk but like i start out with an ice base, then pour the milk, put like two tablespoons of the powder and one of sugar

i blend it till it’s like uniform and mixed well then i top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon powder it’s da bombbbbb

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Dreezy - Up & down

Sublime - Santeria (srsly ever since I reblogged this post I hoped this song would come up because its bombbbbb srsly go look it up right now in fact

Drake - Hotline bling

Kodak Black - Tunnel vision (this song is actually lit too)

Seether - Same Damn Life (omg are you kidding me I love this song this is my other favourite you should check it out. The video is explicit at the end but it’s such a good funny music video definitely watch if you’re comfortable and old enough


Shady Dollar Tacos and the Ballet

LA is good for few things, but one of those things is $1 tacos. Not only does that not exist in nyc, but the average taco out here is like minimum
$4. What’s the deal NYC??? So my boy D Bowien notices the same thing and decides to take action. Obviously he does this for me as he must see my super angry taco tweets @billdeblasio and @nycgov. Clearly we’re homies. Mission Cantina now has $1 tacos fam 🙏🏻. 4-6 only, and kind of whenever they tweet it out, but it’s BOMBBBBB. I remember one time in LA a friend and I went to the ballet and decided to house like, four v sketchy dollar tacos each immediately before entering the theatre. I straight up thought my we were going to explode near the beginning of act 2. Just make sure you’e not stuck in an office or something lame between 4-6 so you can get fire tacos for 100 pennies. G2g tho, going to get some dollar tacos and watch an illegally streamed copy of Pitch Perfect 2. 

Mission Cantina

Tip: it seems like depending on the mood of the kitchen and what they have on hand, Cantina offers 2 types of tacos.

Tip: also available for this 4-6 time slot are nachos, beer, margaritas, sandiego fries and guac. 



Where: 172 Orchard St, New York

Times: 4-6pm sometimes. check this twitter

Phone: (212) 254-2233


You Are The Wilderness, by @dollypopup
[Ao3] [FFN]

EVERYBODY GO LOVE MY AMAZING RESBANG PARTNER SHE IS THE BOMBBBBB! dolly is such a pleasure to work with, too! ♥♥♥

Media [also added to individual descriptions]
- Prismacolor brush tip markers (red, orange, brown, sepia, black, green, blue) and watercolors (mixed brown/black/white/red/davy grey for skin tones and greys, yellow for their eyes and Marie’s hair)
- bronze acrylic, laser cut, designed in SolidWorks 2015

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what's the vegan food like at coachella? gimme the inside scoop bean

its bombbbbb the carnitas & street tacos are my favorite. There are tons of options in the vip section