Work Lunch #10 - Bombay Duck in Melbourne's CBD

Indian at Emporium, Melbourne

  Bombay Duck, Emporium Melbourne Upper Level food court, 287 Lonsdale st. As with a lot of the other eateries we’ve tried in the upper level food court at Emporium, Bombay Duck is above average when it comes to taste, quality and service of what you normally expect for food court fare! Definitely a fav for a warm, satisfying, winter work lunch. Also open for dinner! We ordered: – 3 curries with…

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21st December

Bombay duck. Duck.

You’d think it be something like Beijing duck.

But no. Bombay duck is not a duck. It’s not even a bird. It’s a fish.

A lizardfish.


Fuck this. I’m having myself some Chinese bhel on the street.

PS: Indian Chinese food is something else. It’s definitely nothing I’d ever come across in Xiamen, Hangzhou, or Datong… 好吃!
An Excerpt from 'Bombay Duck,' Sharbari Z. Ahmed's Upcoming Novel

My darling boy,

I must warn you: this is a love story. I know how much you dislike all that sappy stuff when we go to the Lighthouse to watch the picture shows. When Gable kissed Vivien, everyone sighed and you groaned and sank deeper into your seat. You only pay attention during the war scenes. I know that makes you a normal boy but I am so relieved that you never had to experience war firsthand. I suspect you would not be so enthusiastic about torpedoes if you were staring down the business end of one. This story, mine, yours, began a long time ago. 

Sea Food Fiesta

Sea Food Fiesta
The fare ranges from hors d'oeuvres to amin courses of all edible varieties of fish from the tiny anchovy to bekti,bombay duck,crab,hils,ghol,mackerel,mullets,lobster,prawns,pamfrets,surmai,salmon,tuna,scallops and even squid and octopus. Fish is widely eaten in the coastal regions of India and the author has included recipes from all regions. A few favourite French,Italian,Spanish and Meditaerranean dishes that are popular with food connoisseurs are also included. A result of painstaking research,the introduction sets forth the nutritive values of fish,the health benefits of a fish diet,and the uses of fish by-products in the pharmaceutical and other industries. Sea Food Fíesta