bombay beauty

This started out as me being inspired by an ice-skating costume and thinking the sparkly back would suit Phryne down to the ground. Then I got distracted by wondering what animals the cast would be.

So, in order from right to left:

The Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher: Lady Detective - She was pretty obvious as a black cat (probably a Bombay.) Clever, cunning, independent, beautiful, and bad luck for anyone who crosses her.

Dorothy Williams - I knew saw Dot as a terrier as some kind. She might be underestimated a lot but she’s fiercely intelligent and sometimes just fierce. I ended up picking the Australian Silky Terrier - they were bred to be pets, not hunters but they’ve got a reputation for killing snakes in backyards.

Constable Hugh Collins - Hugh strikes me as a Labrador, friendly, loyal and a bit clumsy, but he puts his all into everything he does and fights for what he believes in.

Detective Inspector Jack Robinson - I didn’t want to pick the stereotypical German Shepherd for Jack (besides, I think he’s a little bit too independent for that) so I went with a different stereotype the Australian Cattle Dog, also known as a Blue Heeler. Smart, quick to follow instructions, and likely to do their own thing if they’re bored or don’t respect you enough.