Sorry, not sorry.

Its Here.

Within the last two months, I have been able to predict the next Steven Bomb (relatively). It lies within the next two months, possibly within the next month. Our fandom has been on hiatus for roughly a month. Cartoon Network is showing new episodes of shows 5 nights a week at 8 pm, although this week is the second week of Adventure Time (so who knows how long that could take). Now for the rough part.

The next Steven Bomb includes a whole lot of backstory episodes, theoretically. I am basing my information of of the episode list that is on the wiki as well as the episodes in order on Wikipedia. The next five episodes are

(sorry its a little small)

The run is:

-Super Watermelon Island

In this episode, we find out what happens to the watermelon Stevens. They fled underwater, but in recent events someone else has been trapped underwater. Can you guess who?

Maybe she found her way to a main island where she is camping out, but maybe Lapis is still holding her back, in which case i think things would turn out like this

-Gem Drill

Pretty self explanatory, the gems start building the drill to go to the center of the Earth.

-Barn Mates

In every Steven Bomb, there is one episode in the middle of the week that is just there to fill in some empty space. Well, this is that episode. Good news for all of you Amidot shippers (Amitdot? I’m calling it Amidot).

-Same Old World

Homeworld has cometh. We finally see what the gems old home is/was like.

-Hit The Diamond

Do I have to explain? It’s either the backstory of Rose’s political power or the story of the Diamonds and their civil war, or even just about Yellow Diamond.

If Adventure Time is having multiple weeks, then that means that it is possible for Steven Bomb to have multiple weeks as well, but that’s a theory for another time.