bomb the music industry!

Hey Allison!
Jeff Rosenstock
Hey Allison!

She’s on the western side looking at the Jersey skyline.
She’s in a real bad mood so she couldn’t write back to you.
She’s had the longest day and it’s a gridlocked highway.
She’s in a real bad mood so she couldn’t write back to you.
That poke at every bruise.
Is she gonna write back to you?
You’re an exhausted kid of fractured relationships.
You wanna crush that gloom.
Is she gonna write back to you?
“Hey Allison! This city’s a total disaster without you around.”
You spent the days inside avoiding social landmines
“Hey Allison! This sudden detachment from friendship is making me ache.”

Stand There Until You're Sober
Bomb the Music Industry!

Bomb the Music Industry! - Stand There Until You’re Sober

So now I sit and stew alone.
Everyone’s already sleeping.
Everybody’s moved away
and can pay their bills on time.
No one else is making a hundred and ten bucks for twenty hours.
God I hate this fucking place.
God I hate what happened to me.
You promised we’d stay best of friends.
But we can’t ‘cause I just can’t grow up.

Everybody That Loves You
Bomb The Music Industry!
Everybody That Loves You

So I won’t wake you when you’re sleeping, I won’t call you when I’m freaking out again if you are busy. I won’t take it personally. Even nerves of steel deserve a breather, weight wears down the infrastructure and hearts of gold can still feel lonely if they don’t know they’re not the only ones.