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These are descriptions from SWAT/Bomb Squad officers concerning finding Eric and Dylan dead in the library. Most of the descriptions from officers aren’t this detailed: I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve read the sentence “two suspects DOA” and nothing more within these statements. It is very hard to determine how exactly their bodies were positioned at the time, as there are very few references to their exact positions in these statements and the quotes above showcase very little.

The only thing these statements do confirm is that their bodies were moved and checked for explosives. They were probably facing one another initially if the first statement is correct and their bodies were seemingly not rolled over altogether until the coroner was present on-scene. I have yet been unable to locate precise descriptions of how their bodies were originally found and how much they were moved prior to their removal from the library. It’s unclear when the photos of their bodies were taken, though I suspect they were taken after that first sweep by bomb squad technicians.

Next on Pretty Little Liars - The End

- Five years into the future, and the liars return to Rosewood.

- They meet up with their best friends, Cece, a highly successful stockbroker, and Sara, who is atoning for her past sins by running a water conservation campaign.

- Spencer is enjoying her new life as a bomb disposal technician.

- Hanna has reconciled quantum mechanics and general relativity, ended world hunger and fixed climate change.

- Aria’s disturbing photographs of road kill as fashion accessories hang in the most exclusives galleries around the world, and she is working on the merchandising plan.

- Emily is the world mixed martial arts champion, and has come out as poly.

- Alison is the most popular teacher in Rosewood Elementary, especially now she has the secrets of all the other teachers.

- Mona is still apologizing to Hanna for the whole car thing.

- Jason is still in therapy.

- The moms are still in the basement.

- Caleb is a billionaire software developer, and has a luxury, high-tech office where he lives in the vents.

- Toby is the Rosewood PD mascot.

- Paige is doing her third stint on the International Space Station.

- Ezra is doing 10 years, but may be eligible for parole after 7.

- Tippi is delighted that no one suspects a thing.

- Cooper is a hero to raccoons and rats everywhere.

- Pepe is a good boy.

Disclaimer: Description above may not resemble actual show.

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E3 2015: Bombshell Gameplay Trailer

From the creators of 2013’s Rise of the Triad and legendary game maker 3D Realms comes Bombshell, an isometric action role-playing game for PC and consoles. Bomb disposal technician turned mercenary for hire, Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison must strong-arm her way across 4 planets in an Unreal Engine-powered galactic adventure to rescue the president from an apocalyptic alien threat. With out-of-this-world enemies, a never-before-seen arsenal of devastating weaponry and a host of genre-crossing mechanics, Bombshell is set to blow you away.

Where The Engineers Are

    “So, senator, what do you think of the facility so far?”
    “Doctor, it’s all lovely, but you’ve really only shown me the administration’s offices,” he wrung his hands excitedly, “and what I’m really anxious to see is where the work gets done.”
    “Where the engineers are?”
    “Yes!” He beamed. “Where the engineers are.”
    Where the engineers are.
“Well, that would be in this wing, down here,” he gestured. “Where the engineers are.”
    Can we please just skip the assembly stations?
    The senator enthusiastically burst through the first set of doors he saw, ignoring the small “radiological hazard” sign to the left of it, on which somebody had drawn a caricature of Uncle Sam looking sassy with a bear.

    The room was surprisingly dim, and sparsely furnished; short, white workbenches skirted the edges, from which a rat’s nest of cables snaked into the imposing spherical device in the center of the room. Hunched over to the left of the device was a curious little imp with a soldering iron, wearing a huge pair of tinted goggles, a grease-stained t-shirt, blue jeans, and a vaguely predatory smile that made him look a bit like the Cheshire Cat.
    The senator happily charged right at him, heartily shaking the man’s free hand.
    “Hey man!” The imp’s grin somehow widened. “Watch out for the asbestos.”
    The senator seemed unfazed by the remark. “Hello to you too, young man!” He turned to the complicated-looking mess of wires before him. “My stars,” he shook his head, “son, I sure couldn’t do this. Wouldn’t know where to start!”
    “No kidding, man!” He cocked his head to one side. “Some days, I’m not sure why they let me do it.”
    The two shared a laugh as the administrator looked on, nearly hyperventilating, from the doorway.
    “So, what is it you call this…” his voice trailed off. “Thing?”
    “Bess.” He tapped the wires affectionately.
    The senator leaned in suspensefully. There was an awkward pause.
    “Bess! Bess the gizmo.”
    “But what does that mean?”
    He set the soldering iron on the small steel table next to him. “Well, there’s two explosions that happen when you set a bomb like this off.” He closed one hand into a fist, and wrapped the other around it. “The outside is a bunch of regular explosive, in a circle around the plutonium, or whatever the stuff is you’re using that makes the bomb ‘nuclear’.” He crunched his fist with his outer hand. “So you blow the outside stuff up, which crushes the plutonium into a really small space.”
    The senator nodded, struggling to keep up.
    “The plutonium doesn’t like that. It gets all 'aw dang, son,’ and really blows up.”
    They were both silent for a moment.
    “So this Bess business,” the senator gestured to Bess the gizmo, “is the bomb part of the bomb.”
    “Yeah! And Bess is the best one.” he nodded, and turned to Bess the gizmo, not noticing how white the senator had gotten. “Bess has gone critical twice, and killed a couple guys.” He smiled. “Sometimes I like to tell her how naughty she is.”
    “How – How naughty is she?”
    He gave a wry grin. “Very naughty.”
    With that, the administrator could stand it no longer. “Well, senator, there’s lots more of the facility to see, and hardly enough time to get to it all!”

    The senator was completely silent, and the administrator was completely pale, as they started down the hallway. But, as they came to the next set of doors, the senator brightened right back up, and, once again, enthusiastically burst through them.
    “Well, hello there, young man!”
    “Hi! Hey, mind the asbestos, will you?”


Murder Husbands Series: Incendiary AU: Will is a stay-at-home father, constantly feeling the anxiety of having an aloof husband who happens to be a bomb disposal technician. He spends many evenings alone, waiting for the man to return home while their young son sleeps. Night after night, he gazes out toward the luxury flats across the street, watching as a mysterious, handsome playboy brings home a different person multiple times a week.

One evening, while waiting for his husband to return from a job, Will grows restless, leaving his flat and asking an elderly neighbor to keep an eye on his boy. He goes to a pub nearby for a drink, and is approached by the playboy from next door. He discovers his name is Hannibal, and he writes for a newspaper. Hannibal is very open and welcoming, and Will finds himself telling him all about his life and the pressures weighing on him.

The two find themselves at Hannibal’s flat, and Will gives into his need for affection. He returns home before his husband arrives, showering and weakly hiding his guilt. 

A few days later, his husband takes their little boy to a highly anticipated football match, Will expressing his concern over taking such a young child. His husband dismisses his worries, and Will walks them to the station, returning to his flat to watch the game on television. He runs into Hannibal on the way back, who tells him he is going to attend the match, as well. Will incites him to forgo the game, and join him in his flat for lunch. 

Just as things begin to heat up in Will’s living room, the coverage of the match is interrupted after a large explosion. Turning to the news, the two hear that 4 suicide bombers had been in the stands, causing horrifying damage. Will is beside himself, and Hannibal takes him to the arena, where Will is injured by falling debris. He awakens in a hospital to find that his family was killed. Hannibal attempts to comfort him, but Will turns him away. 

Hannibal becomes obsessed with helping Will, dividing time between doing endless research with recovered video from the match, and checking in on the grieving man. He soon finds that the bombing may not have been an act of terrorism, after all, leading him and Will down a dangerous road to uncover the truth.