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I honestly think it’s much more likely that the reason tumblr hasn’t been removing Nazi blogs is that they’re just that incompetent and out of touch with their userbase and the definition of what a functional website is. I’m not completely disregarding the idea that some of the staff are Nazi sympathizers, but incompetence seems much more likely as the direct cause. I mean, they still haven’t switched to https, and they took years to even start to try to deal with pornbots.

And in this case, the obvious hate blogs are just a symptom of a greater sitewide problem. Tumblr is definitionally memetic. It also has a fairly young userbase. Combine that with a lack of administrative moderation or competence, and use of the site as a radicalization tool happens very, very fast. You get Nazis that way, but most people who are old enough to use this site do have a basic awareness that Nazis are considered bad and that many people consider overt racism to be bad. Meanwhile, other radicalizing hate groups or ideologies fly completely under the radar. TERFs and SWERFs, for one. People don’t generally know what their ideology is beyond what is apparent in the name, so it is easy for it to spread memetically. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be entire organized groups; remember when everyone was convinced that all emotionally abusive parents had NPD (because of one post that spread a lot), or that otherkin were transphobic (because of nounself pronouns, a couple people freaking out, and general confusion about what exactly an otherkin was)? Ideas roll around in any environment, but tumblr is like an ideological tennis court where every time you hit the tennis ball, you get two identical tennis balls, and they’re all bouncing everywhere, and some of the replicating tennis balls are filled with explosives. And if there’s no moderation, there’s no bomb squad.

It’s definitely possible for a site to have too much moderation. (Writscrib, to give an example of an upcoming alternative, seems to be against both sex workers and fictional media depicting underage characters in sexual situations, the latter despite being based in the US.) However, specifically in a memetic environment, it’s probably better for there to be a slight excess of site moderation that can be negotiated down, than too little moderation, especially if what isn’t moderated is negative exhortations or hate speech. We’ve seen the result of too little.

Yes, it could also be leveraged against people doing good. However, it’s harder to create and spread a shutdown campaign when memetics is regulated, or, for that matter, if the regulators and moderators are actual people. One of tumblr’s many problems is that it keeps trying to do what little moderation it does have via algorithm. Algorithms are a lot easier to trick than humans. (It’s not just about abuse report abuse. Tumblr’s new safe mode algorithm tries to identify nudity based on the percentage of flesh-toned pixels. This has led to numerous instances of sfw pics being flagged because they showed beige furniture or carpets, and probably nudity could avoid being flagged by simply using a color filter.) Having moderation done by carefully vetted real people, with good diversity training and with a focus on harm reduction and anti-bullying rather than moral panic, would be the best idea.

Note that the level of acceptable moderation for a site is directly linked to its reliance on memetics. Tumblr? Highly memetic; most posts are reposts, not original content, and memetic spread is very fast, with memes and even discourses often becoming passe in a matter of days. Twitter is similar. AO3 or WordPress? Low memetic. WordPress has reposting capability, but the format of its posts means that it does not have rapidly spreading memes or slogans. AO3 has no reposting; the closest thing it has are the “inspired by” field and the ability to post to collections, plus its tagging system. Both allow users to moderate comments on their own posts. Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, and AO3 all have similar levels of staff moderation—fairly low, especially in terms of moderating content (most of AO3’s moderation in particular is concerned with searchability formatting). Guess which of these sites have more problems with harassment? The memetic ones, tumblr and Twitter.

A Nazi is still a Nazi wherever they post, but their ideas will spread and be reinforced more on a high-memetic site than a low one, so letting them alone on a high-memetic site is much worse than on the low one. Advocating for more moderation of content on tumblr and advocating against more stringent moderation on AO3 is not hypocritical; it’s simply acknowledging that the situations are different and that they require different actions, and that the real harm of hateful ideology, on the large scale, is not “does someone have it,” but “is it being reinforced and how fast,” and “what capacity do they have to spread it?” Moreover, ideological memetics on tumblr and twitter, tend to be presented as philosophy that one should believe, whereas the closest thing to memetics on AO3 is erotica tropes that are specifically presented as fictional and often as things that should not happen in real life, and that is an important difference as well.

Probably, someone with more experience in sociology and/or web design should take over this topic from here, but that’s my onion.


Raw footage showing the ATF Bomb Squad seeking out the apartment of James Holmes to disarm the explosives he had set up prior to heading to the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, where he opened fire at the midnight showing of Batman; The Dark Knight Rises, killing 12 and injuring more than 70 people. Video obtained & edited by

Charlie Bravo Sierra | 1 | YUTA

Genre: gang!au | fluffangst

Member: Yuta / Reader + ensemble NCT 127

Word Count: 9,700

Warnings: extreme language, graphic depictions of violence, brief mentions of mental illness, secondary character death

Part: one | two | finale

Important Note: this series is in collaboration with @melonnpie, based on her amazing cherry bomb squad universe. the art accompanying each part of this mini series is done by her, and I can’t thank her enough for letting me bring this au to life! check out her CBS art here, here and here if you haven’t already!

Events were not always dictated by choice. Sometimes they transpired out of necessity, or a lack of alternatives. Sometimes it was convenience, sometimes it would just have to do. That was the sort of situation you found yourself in.

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There’s been posts on my dash about Tony’s involvement in the Maximoff parent’s deaths so I thought I’d throw in my own two cents with a comparison.


1. Tony Stark might have designed the bomb, or someone else at his company might have, or somebody could have made a copycat bomb and painted the word Stark on it.

2. Tony only knowingly sold bombs to the american government, which means even if he did design the bomb it was probably sold behinds his back on the black market. 

3. Tony did not personally fire the weapon, and the person who did fire the weapon is far more culpable for the deaths it caused.

4. Tony regrets his involvement in the creation of any weapons that were used against innocent people. 

Now the Comparison

1. Albert Einstein was loosely involved in the creation of the A-bomb which was dropped on Japan at the end of world war 2

2. Albert Einstein wrote a letter to the president urging him to have the bomb built.

3. The A-bomb was dropped on japan killing a lot of people.

4. Albert Einstein later regretted writing that letter, and his involvement in building the A-bomb

The difference, if someone had tried to kill Einstein for his involvement in the Atomic bomb we would think they were crazy, the blame clearly lies with the war itself, and the person who ordered it be fired. How is the situation with Sokovia any different?

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What exactly do we know about Eric and Dylan's suicide?

We know the following things for sure or are able to deduce the following from evidence given:

  • Dylan and Eric returned to the library and exchanged shots with law enforcement. Shots were fired between 12:02h and 12:05h, after which no more shots attributed to Dylan/Eric were heard.
  • The only survivors left in the library were Lisa Kreutz and Patrick Ireland, with an additional small number of people hiding in the back rooms adjacent to the library. Both Lisa and Patrick were critically injured and reportedly slipped in and out of consciousness at the time.
  • Because of the cover fire that was ongoing during the rescue operations outside, the witnesses in/near the library were unable to pinpoint the exact moment in time on which Eric and Dylan killed themselves.
  • The smoke alarm on the ceiling in the library was activated at 12:08h. It was located directly above the area where the bodies of Eric and Dylan were later found.
  • The fire that triggered the smoke alarm was reportedly caused by a molotov cocktail that had been placed on a library table near their bodies.
  • A CBI arson investigator later concluded that there was evidence on the table and near the bodies of Eric and Dylan that indicated that the suicides took place prior to the molotov cocktail catching fire. (I believe they found human tissue as the ‘evidence’ they indicate here.)
  • Eric died instantly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the roof of his mouth. He was located in front of the bookcase in what is assumed to have been a squatting/crouching position, leading him to slump over against it after his suicide. Both the bookcase and the ceiling above him were splattered with his brain matter.
  • Dylan died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the left side of his head, though it is assumed he did not die instantly due to the presence of aspiration blood in his lower airway and lungs. He was positioned in front and to the left side of Eric. It is assumed that he was the one to light the molotov cocktail. A small pile of his belongings was placed in his bodybag, which indicates that he removed them at some point prior to his suicide.
  • Eric died before Dylan. There are quite a few indications to this, but one of the strongest is the fact that Dylan’s head landed on/near Eric’s left knee when he toppled sideways post-gunshot. You can see some of Dylan’s remains on and near Eric’s leg in the suicide photos.
  • There are no released photographs of the original positions the boys were found in, nor are there many detailed descriptions from law enforcement concerning the exact positions and circumstances the boys were found in. Some evidence and unused weaponry found on their bodies are described in more-or-less detail, but the same cannot be said for their positions. It is assumed that no photographs exist of the original positions they were found in, due to the fact that bomb squad and other officials searched their bodies for booby traps and explosives prior to the arrival of the forensic specialists.
  • Investigation confirmed that Eric and Dylan were dead by 12:30h, though their bodies were found only three hours later.
  • The “one-two-three!” report from Patti Nielson was guesswork and not factual reality. (See also this post.)
  • Lisa Kreutz reported hearing “are you still with me? we’re still gonna do this, right?” at one of the instances where Eric and Dylan were about to enter the library, but the lack of other witnesses confirming this has led myself and others to suggest that it may have been upon their second and not their first entry into the library.
  • Patrick Ireland heard someone coughing after the fire alarm jolted him back into consciousness. Seeing as Patrick was located near table 15 where Eric and Dylan killed themselves, it might be proof of Dylan having lived for at least a brief while after the gunshot wound to the head.