bomb point

It’s estimated that it would take dropping 23 nuclear bombs to make humanity go extinct. This is because the dust and ash kicked up from the blasts, and the ensuing debris, smoke, and other particle pollution would be swept around the world via air currents, blocking out the sun, cooling the earth, and killing off most surface lifeforms.

That’s what nuclear winter is. Dropping a bomb of that magnitude isn’t just a contained incident, especially not the bombs we have in the world today. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nothing compared to the capabilities of the nuclear warheads we have at our disposal now.

Dropping a bomb would not only kill tens or hundreds of thousands of people in the direct blast radius, it could reach the millions. Over the course of days and weeks, that number would only rise.

Any leader that threatens nuclear war is the enemy. Any leader that threatens nuclear war needs to be stopped. Any leader who thinks dropping a nuke in enemy territory is okay must be removed. We have seen what they do, and they must never be used again. Never.

The United States is not at risk here. It is extremely, EXTREMELY unlikely that North Korea will ever have the opportunity nuke mainland. We need to worry about South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, China, Russia, India, and the rest of Southeast Asia. That is where the danger lies. More than 50% of the world’s population lives within that region. If war came, if NK decided to drop a bomb (unlikely) and if the US government decided to drops bombs on NK, we’d have both China and Russia to worry about, what with our conflicts of interest in the region. Then there’s Japan and South Korea, two of our strongest, yet most vulnerable allies. South Korea, sitting on the end of the peninsula, and Japan, trapped on their island. If real war broke out, you can be sure as hell it will not be American civilians dying – it will be our Southeast Asian allies.

Going to war is not an option. North Korea’s leader WANTS to go to war. He WANTS the excuse to unleash hell. He WANTS to drop bombs and kill as many Westerners as possible. We can’t make threats. We need to be proactive, and shut them down. Enough is enough. He blatantly ignores sanctions. We need to strangle NK’s resources–its money, its industry, its trade, its allies. The world needs to show North Korea’s leader he is alone, and he has no power.

This isn’t about America. Our mainland is safe. Even if, by some accident, NK managed to launch a nuke-tipped missile that was going to hit the west coast, it has to travel an insane distance–5,600 miles. That’s almost twice the length of the mainland USA. We would have PLENTY of time, upwards of an hour, to react. Japan and the surrounding countries nearest to NK? They would have only seconds to minutes.

The fear of NK nuking mainland America has no substantial backing. This is about protecting our allies and their civilians. And that means not giving North Korea’s leaders the excuse they’re looking for to launch an attack. It’s what they want, because they want to legitimize a preemptive strike and blame us for instigating them.

“An Agate terrifies, a Lapis terraforms”

This line stuck out a little bit to me. Since Same Old World, we haven’t really known why Lapis was even on earth in the first place, and according to this line a Lapis’ purpose is to terraform. Now, if you’re like me and have no clue what this means, look no further:

“transform a planet so as to resemble the earth, especially so that it can support human life.”

There have been some theories that Lapis were meant to be messengers, which would explain the wings, but it seems to be more than that. I think that Lapis was sent to earth in order to study it. 

Now why would homeworld need her to study the earth?

But let’s not forget about the theory of Lapis being a messenger, it still has some validity to it. Lapis was on earth to gather information for the human zoo, but she still needed to relay the information back to homeworld and that’s where a different power comes into play.

The mirror thing she did with her eyes, wasn’t an accident. I think that it’s a power that all Lapis Lazuli gems have. The gem who put our Lapis in a mirror, clearly knew what she was doing, considering that’s likely how they transfer their information. 

Lapis was on earth to gather information for the human zoo.

Jin singing B1A4 Sandeul’s “Stay as you are” in a Bangtan Bomb 

You’re An Idiot || Steve Rogers

Relationship: AU!Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: Being in love with your best friend, Steve, isn’t easy. Doing favours for him isn’t easy either. But seeing him with another woman is the hardest. 

Warnings: It gets a little angsty, but then there’s fluff, and also like four swear words.

Word Count: 2094 words

A/N: holy shit i loved writing this so mcuh agh steve is a sweet, stupid boy

“[Y/N], please. I’m begging you,” he pleaded in a hushed voice over the phone sounding desperate. 

“You’re ridiculous for trying this,” you told him flatly as you held your phone between your ear and shoulder while focusing your attention to the array of shirts in front of you. 

“Remember the time I pretended to be your boyfriend to get rid of your ex,” he spoke only to be met with silence on your end, “you owe me,” he reminded as you groaned and stopped your foot like a child, “fine, but just this once,” you told him sternly as you bid a silent farewell to the clothing. 

“Yes! Thankyouthankyouthankyou,” he repeated over and over before hushing himself leaving you to assume he didn’t want to be heard, “I’ll be there in ten,” you told him and hung up your phone. 

You had been friends with Steve since university and although you two were long graduated by now, you still saw each other almost everyday. To say you had a crush on Steve was an understatement, you were in love with the man. 

So when he called you asking to come over and pretend to be his wife to get the hookup out of his place you had your reservations. For starters, you were going to see the beautiful girl he had shagged up in the first place and you weren’t sure if you could handle that. 

But Steve always came to your rescue whenever you called, without putting up a fight about it. Whether it was to help you out in your love life or your personal life, he was there in minutes. 

As you walked up to his door you quickly took a deep breath, pulled out the key he had given you, and mustered up your best fake smile before unlocking the door and walking in. 

“Stevie, babe, where are you?” You cooed as you walked through the threshold of the door, yelling far louder than you needed to, but you had to make sure he knew you were here, “Steve,” you said once more, rolling your eyes as you made your way towards his closed bedroom door. 

“Steve I brought - who is this?” You yelled trying to sound surprised as you opened the door to reveal a shirtless Steve and an equally shirtless counterpart on the bed, luckily they were inches apart. 

“Baby!” Steve jumped out of the bed to get dressed, “I said, who is this,” you repeated your question again taking the liberty of pointing to the very gorgeous girl in the bed. 

She had long brown hair and piercing brown eyes that made you self conscious of your own appearance even though you were the fully dressed one. 

“Who am I? Who are you?” The girl accused as you gave Steve a disbelieved look, “I’m his wife,” you dropped the bomb as you pointed to your left ring finger, a wedding band looking ring adorned it. It was just a ring you’d wear everyday but you decided to go the extra mile. 

Steve looked absolutely amused at the back and forth between you and the girl so much so that he stopped getting dressed to watch, “oh my God, I’m so sorry,” the girl apologised as she looked at Steve, “I can’t believe you didn’t mention your wife,” she spat as he just shrugged his shoulders. 

“She was pretty,” you commented as Steve shut the door behind the girl relieved she was finally gone, “she would not leave,” he said with a sigh of relief and made his way over to you, “thank you, by the way,” he said with a smile as he pulled you into a hug which you gave into, loving the way he smelled and felt. 

“And the ring,” he pulled away to look you in the eyes, “nice touch, doll,” he chuckled as you removed the ring and returned it to its original finger, “I tried,” you joked as he joined you. 

“Wanna grab some lunch?” He asked as he paced his kitchen finding nothing, “I could eat, yeah,” you said picking up your purse, “your treat though,” you joked pointing a finger at him, “of course, doll,” he said giving you a kiss on the cheek before opening the door for you. 

You still felt butterflied every time Steve called you ‘doll’ or kissed your cheek or lead you by placing his hand on the small of your back. It all made you blush and feel like a school girl all over again. 

Steve had asked if you wanted to grab some dinner and then catch a late movie since it was your Friday tradition. Twice a month, every month. 

You looked at the time seeing how you were going to be a little late getting to Steve’s and decided to let him know. You quickly dialled his number and waited for him to pickup. That’s strange, you thought as it went to voicemail. He always picks up. Nonetheless you decided to leave a message anyways, “hey Stevie, it’s me, I’m running a little late I’ll be at your place in fifteen minutes,” you said and hung up before picking up your pace. 

You were true to your word because fifteen minutes later you were standing outside his front door knocking on the wood. You stood there playing with your hands for a few minutes, but Steve never answered the door, “Steve?” You knocked again. No answer. You assumed he was just in the shower since you’d given him some extra time so you let yourself in with the key. 

What you weren’t ready for was the sight of him on the couch as a the same pretty little brunette sat atop of him, his face on hers. Something in your snapped and you hadn’t realised you dropped your keys until they made a sound on the hardwood floor startling both him and the girl. 

“[Y/N],” he whispered your name, pushing the girl off of his body and standing up to walk over to you, “I-I-I’ll get out of your hair,” you said, your voice quivering and slightly above a whisper. 

You could hear Steve calling your name but you forced your legs to keep carrying you until you finally lost the sound of his voice allowing a few tears to slip free. 

You didn’t know how long you had been crying, but the sun had now come up and you had only been falling in and out of sleep the rest of the night. 

You didn’t even know why that moment exactly made you crack and let everything just spill. Maybe it was because although you had always known that Steve hooks up, you never had to actually witness him doing anything like that. 

You sighed into your pillow and slowly got up to go to the bathroom to take the longest shower of your life. You didn’t even dare looking in the mirror because you had a pretty good idea of what it would look like. Red, puffy eyes, a red nose, and of course, all your makeup running and smudged along your face. You were okay with not knowing. 

The cool water felt nice against your hot body and you tried to scrub the image of Steve and her out of your mind you couldn’t no matter how hard you tried. You wanted to scream at yourself for being so stupid, for storming out, for letting it affect you this much. 

Once you had finished your shower you headed back to your room to check your phone, but you found it dead at the bottom of your purse so you plugged it back in and let it recharge. 

You got dressed in a pair of your favourite sweats and a loose tee shirt and hopped onto your bed again to check your phone. 

Unsurprisingly you had a bunch of missed calls and texts from Steve. You groaned knowing you’d have to face him soon to explain your behaviour so you decided to check your voicemail. 

Hey, it’s uh, me, Steve. I’m just calling to check on you and apologise for uh, well you know. Call me back as soon as you can please, doll. 

You dryly laughed at him calling you doll and shook your head. You didn’t wanna hear any of the other messages so you just left your phone to charge while you distracted yourself with a movie. 

“How could you be so stupid?!” Bucky yelled at Steve who was pacing his apartment in a frenzy, “I know Buck, I know,” Steve groaned as he fell onto the couch with his head in his hands. 

“Weren’t you supposed to, I don’t know, tell her that you love her last night,” Bucky said rhetorically as his best friend sat in agony, “what was she even doing here?” He asked referring to the brunette Bucky hadn’t cared enough to get the name of. 

“I don’t know, she came in saying how we should have a round two and she just kept cornering me until we were on the couch and started kissing me,” he said groaning at the thought again, “I’m such an idiot,” Steve muttered, “yes you are,” Bucky agreed as he took a seat next to his mourning friend. 

“You’re an idiot,” Bucky repeated as Steve shot him a glare, “but this is still a salvageable situation,” he assured as Steve perked up, “she won’t even text me back,” he told Bucky defeated, “that’s why you go over to her place, dumbass,” Bucky encouraged by dragging Steve to his feet, “go,” he urged again, “now,” he finally said before Steve finally got the message and bolted out of his door. 

You ignored the first knock, and the second, and the third. By the sixth knock you were irritated, annoyed, and angry that you had to leave your comfortable bed. 

You knew who was at the door and you knew he wouldn’t leave until you opened the door, “stop knocking already,” you groaned as you opened the door to find a very disheveled Steve. 

He took one step into your apartment as enveloped you in a giant hug holding you tightly, “I’m so sorry,” he whispered in your hair. 

You pushed him away to get a good look at him, “it’s okay, we can just move movie night to another Friday,” you shrugged nonchalantly trying to play off as calm and collected. 

“No,” he softly said before taking another step towards you, “I’m sorry about her. About all the girls. It was selfish of me,” he said looking into your eyes trying to read your expression. 

You shrugged, “you shouldn’t be apologising, it’s your life after all,” you said averting your eyes to the floor. 

The two of you stood in silence for a little while before Steve spoke up again, “I think I’m in love with you,” he mumbled almost too quietly for you to hear, but you did hear him. 

Your head shot up to meet his eyes, there was nothing cynical in his eyes, his statement showing true through his eyes, “I’m falling in love with,” he repeated once more with more confidence, “all those girls were just a lame attempt at distracting me from you,” he chuckled dryly at his own stupidity, “Bucky’s right, I am an idiot,” he said more so to himself than you. 

He was about to turn and leave but you caught wrist just in time making him spin and look at you one more time, “Bucky is right, you are an idiot,” you said, a tinge of humour in your eyes and voice, “but I’m glad you said that,” you confessed as a smile made its way onto Steve’s face, “why’s that?” He asked, a teasing tone in his voice. 

“This is why,” you whispered as you locked your arms around his neck and pulled him down onto your lips. His hands flew do your waist as he circled them around you to pull you in closer. The kiss was messy and needy and not at all as romantic as you thought your first kiss with Steve would be like, but you wouldn’t trade this moment for anything else. 

“I’m so glad you had the guts to do that first,” he admitted shyly as you pulled away, foreheads resting against each others, “I was growing frustrated,” you joked as he placed a lingering kiss onto your lips. 

“Oh and Steve,” you spoke up, “I know I’m falling in love with you.” The rest of the night was history.  

The Playbook (Jughead Jones X Reader) prt. 1

Summary- You help Reggie with his homework and he writes things in the playbook about you. When you find out, you are a mess. Jughead, your friend, tries to help you and stuff goes down.

Warnings- kissing, fluff, crying, angst?

A/N- hey hey hey! I’m actually really proud of this so I hope you like it! There will be a part 2 to this!!

It was a cold Monday morning. The clouds were drizzling rain and the air smelled of dew. You walked on the school grounds with your friend, Jughead. His raven hair was tucked inside of his beanie as usual, a few stray locks coming out of the sides. His clothes were dark too, as usual. 

“Hello Wednesday Addams! Hello Y/N!” A taunting voice came from behind you. 

You turned around to see Reggie, a player on the football team. He wasn’t very nice, he always made fun of Jughead. It made you sad to see.

“What do you want?” Jughead said with a bored sigh.

“Ah, nothing emo boy.” Reggie started, “I just wanted to know if I could borrow your girlfriend for a moment.” He pointed at you. 

“She’s not my girlfrien-” He said but was cut off by Reggie.

“Great! Hey Y/N, come here.” Reggie pointed at you as you mouthed a ‘sorry’ to Jughead and followed him a few steps away from the annoyed Jughead 

“What do you want Reggie?” You ask, crossing your hands over your chest.

He looked around awkwardly before saying, “Do you want to meet me at Pop’s after school?” 

“What? Why? You have never been nice to me or any of my friends.” You say.

He sighed and then explained, “Look it’s not gonna be a date or anything…  need a tutor. My mom is making me get one. You are the valedictorian, right?” 

You looked around as you hear the bell ring, “Yeah, whatever, fine. I’ll meet you there at four.” You told him before making your way to class.

You quickly caught up with your friends in the halls. 

“What was that all about?” Jughead asked .

“Reggie wants me to tutor him.” You replied.

Veronica scoffed, “Why?” 

You looked over at her and sighed, “I’m the valedictorian and his mom is making him get a tutor.” 

“Why didn’t you just say no? He’s a jerk.” Betty reminded you. 

“Yeah I know. But if I said no, he may have been mad and tried to get back at us.” You answered. 

Later that day at Pop’s you met Reggie. You helped him with his homework and tutored him on all the subjects. When you got done he thanked you and walked out. 

“Well that wasn’t so bad.” You said to yourself as you exited the diner. 

Little did you know what was coming next.

The next day at school you felt like everyone was staring at you. You didn’t know why. 

“Kev, I feel like everyone is staring at me today.” You tell Kevin who is sitting next to you in the library during free period.

“It’s probably not for anything bad, they’re probs just admiring your bomb outfit!” He exclaimed pointing out your casual floral dress with a bomber jacket.

“Yeah, I don’t know.” You say and continue to go through your chemistry notes.

All of the sudden you hear a whistle come from across the room. A group of football players are looking straight at you, whistling and cat-calling you.

“What the-” You begin to say before Kevin cuts you of with a shout at the boys.

“Leave her alone you Neanderthals! Go throw a ball or something!” He yells at them.

An eruption of  ‘ooo’s come from the boys as they walk out of the library laughing.

You were shocked. Nothing like that had ever happened to you before. Today was really strange. 

“What just happened?” You asked Kevin, your face bright red. 

Kevin groaned, “Just some idiots looking for easy pickings. Look, Y/N, don’t let it bother you.” 

But you couldn’t shake off the feeling that something wasn’t right. 

Suddenly, Jughead and Archie appeared in front of your table.

“Hey guys.” You said, looking up from your notes.

“Hey, Y/N, we need to tell you something.” Archie says looking at Jughead.

Your stomach dropped, what was going on?

“It’s about Reggie. He’s been spreading- rumors and stuff.” Jughead said uncomfortably. 

“What? What kind of rumors?” You asked nervously. 

“Rumors about you doing stuff… Like romantic stuff with him.” Archie shifted uncomfortably. 

“That’s not true right?” Jughead said quickly.

“No! of course that’s not true!” You exclaimed.

You couldn’t believe it. Reggie had played you. Reggie had made up horrible rumors about you.

“And that not all…” Archie said, “A bunch of the idiots on the football team keeps a record of points… for stuff like this. And your in it.” 

Archie pulled out a ragged book and flipped to the page that had been last written on . 

that smart one: 6 points. 

“oh my god.” You whispered, tears coming to your eyes. 

“Y/N im so sorry.” Jughead says reaching for your arm, but you jerk away.

You got up and ran out of the building. 

Tears streamed out of your eyes as you neared the parking lot. You quickly jumped into your car. You sat there for a while, letting tears stream out of your eyes. The tears soaked your shirt.

pat. pat.

Someone was tapping the window. You looked over to see Jughead bent over to the passenger side  window looking inside.

“Go away.” You sniffle, burring your face in your knees.

“Please let me in, Y/N.” Jughead said with a sad look on his face.

“No.” You croaked.

“Please.” Jughead pleaded, trying to open the locked door.

“Just leave me alone. I don’t want to talk.”

“Please Y/N.”

You sighed and opened the door, letting him in.

He climbed into the passengers side and looked at you.

“Y/N, im so sorry this happened.” He said and put his hand on your arm.

“I-I don’t know what to do,” You stammered, a single tear coming from your bloodshot eye. 

“It’s ok… I’ll take care of this.” He responded, softly.

He then took you into a tight hug, you sobbed into his shoulder. His jacket was soaked from your tears, but he didn’t care.

Once you could feel the tears letting up you looked up at Jughead. He was so caring. So sweet. He was there for you. 

All of the sudden something took over you and you leaned into Jughead, kissing him straight on the mouth.

For a second he didn’t do anything, he was too shocked. But then he kissed you back.

You then tore away quickly, realizing what you were doing. You were KISSING one of your best friends.

“Oh my god.” You whispered, “I’m sorry!”

But he didn’t seem mad, just surprised and confused.

He didn’t even respond, he fumbled with the door and got out of the car.

“Wait!” You yelled, getting out to.

But he had already run out of the parking lot, and into the school. 

to be continued…


Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond side views