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Things to avoid in High School.

So the problem with schools is that no one prepares you for it and even tho everyone’s experience of High School is different there are some core things that don’t change and by knowing them you will make your life a lot easier.So today I’m going to be discussing the truth about High School and more specifically things that you better avoid during these three years👇🏻👇🏻.

• Purchasing your meal: So there is this unspoken rule that buying food from the cafeteria or snack bar or whatever it is, is cool, LIE.Unless you go to a very good school, school food sucks; it’s not good and it’s not good for you. I mean, I know that most of you guys can prepare a really bomb meal WAY better than all these gross foods that they serve you at school,plus don’t forget that it’s much healthier and it saves money.

• Distracting people: Okay so I know that many of you guys want to meet other people during your High School years and stuff and that’s completely fine really, BUT, please be very careful about who you’re hanging out with.Many times we can’t see the damage that a person is doing to us before it’s too late.Avoid any encounter with children that aren’t a good influence to you,that don’t inspire you or motivate you to become better,that don’t challenge you to try more so you can be in the same level with them.

• Rumors/Gossip/Drama: You’re already “You ask for too much now”. Alright, let me tell you something in High School at least once a week there will be a huge thing going on that everyone will talk about like “Olivia kissed Stefan” or “Jack got expelled”, please don’t get too involved (or not involved at all).I don’t think that who Olivia kissed last week is a very useful and important information for you right now so just forget all about it and focus on your school, you don’t have time for that 😒.

• Sitting with friends in classes: I know that when you walk in to your class and just scan over to see where to sit you feel very tempted to join the corner where all of your friends are, but don’t.Believe me I’ve done this so many times and I ended up not finishing my work and getting in a lot of trouble because of talking, just sit whenever you think you will be able to just stop any thoughts for an hour and focus on this particular assignment without any distraction.

My Professor. (2/?)

Part 1

-Hanbin x Reader (Professor!Hanbin)

-It was universally known that friend with benefit between best friends would be a chaotic ride from the start till the heartbreak of either one or both party. No one says anything about being in one with your dear professor…

-Rated M for language, mention of sex (secretly rated B for bullshit 😏)

-Here is the second part!! Sorry this took so long to finish even though I pretty much had it drafted out. I know this part is a bit boring and long but please bear with me as the story is setting itself up for more.

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As the young professor near skipping his way toward the meeting, he couldn’t help but notice the strange way everything seems to be glowing so brilliantly tonight from the silvery wisps of the moon caressing the normally dimly lit, shabby hallway of the billion years old math building. Each of his step feels as though he’s walking on air, on the bounciness of the most expensive mattress money could buy. Something about knowing that you do listen to every lecture leaving his heart elating amongst the twinkling stars. 

Hanbin had wasted many restless night letting his thought roamed upon the realm of what exactly is the nature of your relationship. As much as he loves you for everything you are, he couldn’t help but let a minuscule part of his heart ache in the thought that he might not be as special as he thought. Love was being use very loosely here because even with all the strange turmoil in his heart when he sees you interact with boys, the hair raising chill he’d get whenever he catches your vivacious giggle as you pass by in the hall, the knots in his stomach when you crack a smile so bright that it casted shadows of doubts if your feeling for him is even real… With all that, he still wasn’t sure if love is really the word. 

Perhaps possessive? Of course he would be possessive when it comes to you. It was part of the agreement that for as long as you both agree to this fuck up relationship, neither of you will let your eyes, or hands for that matter, wander on anyone else. That had to be it, but why was it that as your breathless moan became an all too familiar sound at his place, he felt a dire need that surpass just terms and conditions you both had so carefully woven for this relationship to work. Yes, he was absolutely besotted with the way you worship him in bed, relished in the ways you made him feel like a million dollars with your perfect touches and endearing words. He still is for all intended purposes yet he couldn’t help but feel that nagging itch in the back of his mind for something more. He doesn’t just want you to like him for his body, he wants you to like him for everything he is and for everything he isn’t. More than one occasion you had so provocatively reassured him of just how good he is at his job but he needs you to understand his passion for it. Suddenly it matters what you think of his seemingly lame profession compares to that of your model friends, or that kid that hangs around you way too much with the really nice voice and the, unrealistic to Hanbin, dream of becoming an idol. Is he too boring for your taste, much too old even if the difference between your age is a mere 3 years.

Hanbin didn’t think much of your simple action of skipping class when you both started simply because all this was supposed to be no string attached. Who cares if you skip or sleep in class, all that mattered was you were making your grade despite your unwillingness to show up. Now, it irked him to look up and see you happily snoozing away at your desk, not minding one bit that he was pouring his heart out at the front. Slowly he found himself taking his frustration out on you without even knowing. Until one sweat filled night, he snapped out of his lustful trance to find darkening blossoms fluttering across the flawless skin of your back as you laid there, hair wet, heavy pants, fingers twisting at the sheet, ass was even in worse condition. He was never this rough on you, ever. Even with the surfacing of “daddy”, he was truly taken back by the extent of abuse subjected on your body as you took it all without a single complain. He scared himself shitless until a breathless moan for more reached his ears like heavenly music. 

You wanted this. 

So of course, selfishly, the only thing that would make sense was for him to take advantage of your seemingly unbound sexual limit to sooth himself of this deep seated discontentment. After all, you were the source of it all, it would only be right if you take the punishment the way he wanted you to.   

Slowly even the hours of rough housing between the sheets couldn’t satisfy his hunger and guilt was beginning to eat him alive from using you in such way. How long could he keeps up with this charade before exploding on you. He was in no position to go atomic on you with his emotions, he has no right. So before it could get out of hands, he brought it up so gently his concern as you happily agree to be more careful of his feeling. You had that fearful glint in your eyes at first. Hanbin guessed you thought he was breaking the number one rule of this relationship, of not falling for each other. The second you realized what he was rambling on about, you simply took his hands in yours, pressing soft kisses on them whispering about how inconsiderate you must be to ignore a very big part of his being whether if this “relationship” really mean anything to him or not. For the first time in months he took note of the tone your voice takes whenever the big R word was said. “Relationship”. Why did you always have to say it in such a exaggerated way, why the air quotation. For the first time in months, he realized he was in far too deep to back out as he resented you for ignoring his passion, for saying the R word the way way you say it as if it’s shameful. Most of all, he resented that you think he would be capable of looking what he and you have as a joke. He decided that for now, he would say nothing of it for as long as he still uncertain about your feeling. For now, your promise of being delicate with his feeling and going to class was enough.

However, nothing change even after making you promise to come to every class sadden the young professor because you’d just show up to sleep. He couldn’t help but feel like a grain of dirt beneath your shoes as days pass and you just use his class as a peaceful place to sleep. 

Now that he knows the truth, he rejoices knowing the extra effort he puts into make joke during class isn’t completely missed out. Now that he had come to term with his heart, things from here on out will not be as simple as fucking. He was ready for the next step.

Taking a seat in the conference room, Hanbin notices everyone else also brought food due to having such a late meeting. He had feeling slightly guilty for bringing food into the meeting but now seeing how everyone else also brought some, he proudly pulls out the sandwich box you had got him. Another young professor, named Jiwon, next to him leans over and starts chatting.

- “Wow, that’s some bomb ass looking meal. You had time to go get food and didn’t get me any?”

- “I didn’t…”

- “Wait, free meal plus that smile. Your girlfriend brought you dinner!”

- “Shut up! I’m single… but something along those line, yea.” He couldn’t help the grin that was spreading on his lips, completely boastful of the implication of who you were even if he couldn’t say it. For just a few moment, he’ll just pretend that you both aren’t under iron clad agreement, that your relationship is much simpler and from the heart. For just a few moment, even if fleeting, it feels good to let the world mistaken you as his girlfriend. 

Before his workmate could answer, the dean stands up and initiate the start of the meeting. Being so well prepared, the long hours didn’t seems so long after all. The meeting was over in a flash and he thank god you were so thoughtful in packing him dinner. Rushing out of the room, he couldn’t wait to get home knowing you’d be there waiting for him.

It wasn’t long before you reach the familiar driveway of his house. While entering the passcode to his garage, you mumble under your breath about the irony of him being a math genius but having his birthday as the code.

Seriously, he’s just asking to get rob.

Once safely parked, you make your way into the house… his very messy house. You knew he’d get busy during exam week but nothing prepared you for the incredible mess that is everywhere. Dishes were piled up high in the sink, a pile of clean laundry on the couch while another pile you assumed dirty is on the floor. Next to the front door is a conga line of mismatching shoes that was probably just kicked off in a haste and left there. Dropping your bag onto the floor, you let out a loud sigh before heading off to his bedroom to change. If the living room and kitchen were a dumpster after spring cleaning, his bedroom is the dumpster after a 3-days music festival. Stacks upon stacks of graded schoolwork lined the floor. His clothes strewing messily everywhere on the bed and draping down around the base. Dirty dishes and stained mugs stacked atop the nightstand. You were in for a long night of cleaning. Changing into the the PJ short you packed, you grab one of his t-shirt out of the drawer to use as sleep top. Aside from the stacks of paper, you fold every single piece of clothing then neatly line them on his bed. Making your way downstair with all the dirty dishes in his room, you begin in the kitchen. After what seemed like half an hour of washing dishes, you finally move onto the living room. God know how long this would take. His car finally screeches to a stop in front of his the home sweet home, he quickly makes his way inside as to not keep you waiting any longer. Walking in, his jaw drops and hands rubbing his eyes a few times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. The dump he left this morning had somehow turned into one of those immaculate room in those fancy home magazine. All his shoes were now neatly paired up and back in their home inside the closet. Walking further in, he realizes that all his dirty clothes had somehow made it in the hamper while his clean clothes were in tidy stacks on the coffee table. The kitchen were now spotless and the pristine dishes shine under the light. Dropping his bag next to yours, his eyes begin to wander around to find any trace of you. After a few seconds, he spots a curl up body flushes up so tightly against the backrest of the couch. Happiness radiates from his heart as he walks over to place a kiss on your lips. Your eyes flutters open and your smile spread even more joy his way.

- “Yay, you’re home” you groans weakly, still fighting your heavy eyelids.

- “I can’t believe you cleaned the whole house… You didn’t have to.”

- “I can’t be having sex on dirty surfaces… that leads to diseases you know.”

He chuckles at your playfulness despite barely able to form coherent sentences. Sitting up from the couch, you slouch over and rest your head onto his shoulder. He places another kiss on your lips before asking you to stand up.

- “I’m assuming my bedroom is spotless as well?”

- “Uhm, everything except your endless stacks of paper. I don’t touch your work, you know that.”

- “That’s my good girl. Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

Pulling you along to the bedroom, his arm holds your body close. He clears out the bed before sitting you down on it. Seeing clearly how tired you are, he tucks you into bed.

- “You asked me to stay over so you can tuck me to bed?”

- “No, but you need rest. We can worry about my needs later.”

Nodding quietly, you close your eyes once again before feeling the bed shift from the lack of his weight. Thank goodness he decided on holding off the intended purpose for you stay over as you knock out not even a minute later. 

Waking up to the annoying alarm and the toasty sun, he thought about the dream he had last night and how lucid it all felt. Even now, he swears he can still feel your pretty lips around his dick while your hand rummage around his body. God the way you so lazily drag your nail against his soft skin, the groan only you seem to be able to produce from his mouth just drive him crazy. He loves the way your dainty hands wrap tightly against his hip bones as your thumb gently swipe against the vein protruding from the rushing of blood to his overly sensitive part. It’s cute that you really think those small hands of yours could really pin him down from the sudden jerks of pleasure but he’d never tell you that. No, he enjoys every bit of how you grip on tighter as he lose all control, thrusting deeper and deeper until your natural reaction is to gag around his thick girth and digging your nail into his skin to brace yourself.  

Opening his eyes slowly, his brain suddenly is wide awake when a seductive moan reaches his ears. Pulling off the blanket, all he could do was cuss in satisfaction. The sigh of you bobbing away at his harden member sends the young professor into nirvana. He lets out a loud groan at the perfect sight before his fingers sink deep into the knots of your bedhead hair. Finally realizing that he’s no longer asleep, you break contact and smile up at the sleepy face.

- “Good morning, did I wake you? I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.” You whine as if he really would mind waking up to you sucking him off, a small pout playing at your lips.

- “No, please continue… I thought I was gonna die last night going to sleep without touching you.” He groans, because your lovely warmth no longer shielding his sensitive tip from the cold breeze of morning, and also because you’re impossibly cute the way your lips frown despite doing the most sinful thing to his body.

Smirking at his desperation, you pull your short off and straddle him. Looking up in anticipation, he tugs at the hem of your shirt and you throw it off to the side. Slowly grinding your wet slit onto his hard shaft, you put on your best show massaging your own breasts disregarding your horrible morning state. He relaxes back onto the pillow and bit his lips in enjoyment. It wasn’t long before you couldn’t take your own teasing anymore and slowly lowering yourself onto his dick. He lets out a low raspy “fuck” before holding your waist to help you get into a rhythm. soon enough, your body start shaking out of the overwhelming pleasure. He buckles his hips upward to help you ride out your high while he shoots his load deep inside your body. A few more bounce and you collapse back onto the bed, panting heavily. Beaming brightly at your sweaty face, he cuddles you closely while kissing whatever part of your face he could. Unfortunately the moment was cut short by the angry alarm that he snoozed not too long ago. Hopping way from him, you playfully run toward the bathroom while yelling “race you”. The young professor only laughs while slowly getting up from his bed thinking he could definitely get use to seeing your silly ass every morning, even if it’s without the sexual favors. 

Unlike the reassuring warmth the young professor felt having “his” girl nearby, you on the other hand completely perplex borderline going crazy. Not once in the whirlwind months of benefits did he ask you over to just sleep. If the cute comments and the sweet gestures were some sort of sign, this was full on bat signal in the sky. If you hadn’t initiated sex that morning, you were sure he’d just get up and start the day as usual without needing to resort to wrestling round naked. Driving yourself nuts trying to figure out whether you’re overthinking or there’s something more, you completely ignore your best friend who was now saying random things hoping you’d notice her.

“Hey, you’ve dated a lot of guys right?” Your passing comment strikes your friend like a missile had just fallen out of thin air.

“Wow, thanks for making me sound bad.”

Your best friend nearly spit out her coffee while scrunching up her face in protest. Not paying the least bit attention, your eyes wander off to the passing cars outside the coffee shop.

“Your welcome. My point is, if a guy ask you over and doesn’t even try to, you know, what does that mean?” Chin resting on your palm, you tilt your head in discomfort at the way your question sound. It just seems so ridiculous saying that out loud as compare to the hours of sleeplessness spent on decrypting what his action meant. Why does things always sound much better in your own head.

“Meanie, why am I even friend with you.” Hani quips but nevertheless, intrigue.  “I mean if you’re dating that’s normal but knowing your single ass, dating is not the case. SO! if not, It is a little bit weird if he has no alternative motive. Unless you’re like friend zoned. but you know how guys are, they’re simpleminded. It probably doesn’t mean anything.” The way she munches on the fork, eyes sparking with curiosity make you almost regretting asking immediately.

Swirling the half drank mug in circle, your lips pursed up nodding quietly. At the inquisitive eyes that’s burning onto your skin, you continues.

“I mean what if they asked you over to fuck then let’s say you’re too tired and they just let you sleep instead. Not even trying to force you into it. Like I’m talking not even making a pass, pressing a hard-on onto your back rubbing it in sort of thing. Not even that. Just simple sweet innocent sleep.” 

“That does sound like the guy actually care a lot. What is this about, Y/N? Someone new?”

You bit your lips debating whether it’s a good idea to let someone in on this secret tornado of a relationship you’re on.

“I don’t know what it is… that’s the problem. It’s hard to say.” You’ve thought about what Hanbin is before, of course. Never once did you really analyze it with such details before… Fuck buddy would be correct, the first few months of it. Now, why does everything has to go and get so complicated.

Ugh, feelings… You groan internally.

“The relationship, or the guy? Like I said, he could just be… oh i don’t know, nice. Actual gentleman. It’s rare but it’s not like they don’t exist.”

“Yea, you’re probably right.” You admit, eyes trailing of to the calm world outside the large storefront, almost hesitant to continue. “It’s just this thing started out as just benefits. Quid pro quo, nothing more to it. Now, certain things he does I just can’t explain it” You sigh, hissing through your teeth at that strange ball of uneasiness that you can’t put your fingers on. “There’s like this gut feeling that’s driving me insane. That and we have to keep it on the down low. It could really jeopardize both our lives if this thing gets out.”

“Okay, that changes things a bit.”

Hani’s nose scrunches up a bit and eyes suddenly brighten up. You’ve been friends for too long to let these gestures go unnoticed. Couple with the way she smooth one hand over the other repeatedly, you can tell she’s getting serious. Leaning forward in your chair, you listen intensely hoping the relationship expert might shed some light.

“This might be nothing but if you want my raw gut instinct…”

She pauses for a moment glancing back at your captivated eyes waiting for permission to continue. With a nod of your head, she goes on.

“If you guys are in such a position that would be compromising to both your lives, then it could be that he IS hiding his feeling. It would only make sense right. He tries hard to keep it strictly business but as with love, you can’t hide the genuine moments that your feeling slips free. Thus explaining the tender, caring moments. However, he knows if he lets his heart show then there’s 3 ways this could go. Firstly, you love him back and you guys continues to hide. This in itself might be bad as it could that strain on the relationship with the constant lying and deceiving. Secondly, you don’t love him back then he would’ve lost any chance to be in contact with you. Thirdly, he will just love you one sided and protect you from any potential danger until you grow bored of him or when you get an actual boyfriend. But like I said, most likely he’s just a nice guy taking care of someone close to him.”

Humming in acknowledgement, you fall back into daydreaming ignoring the nagging of your friend. The more you think about it the more this make sense. He clearly knows all he had to do was being within 3 feet of you and your panties would automatically drop themselves yet he still tries so hard to compliment and take care of you. Chalking it up to you being the over-analyzer, you temporarily shove the confusion to the back burner.

He probably didn’t even think that much into it. Why do you have to overcomplicate everything, Y/N. You just give yourself 3 years worth of headaches. ugh!

It had been a good 2 weeks since the talk with Hani. At first you felt light, almost overjoyed of just being able to talk it out with someone other than the figment of your imagination. Then, as the day past, her words sunk in deep and you begin to question every gesture, every passing comment. Even the most innocent of words were being tear apart in your own mind. You can only disregard the constant nagging in your mind for so long before it burst out with life. If only you could ask him…

Another boring lecture wasted on staring at your professor, you completely disregard his motion to dismiss the class for the day. Still sitting there spacing out, you nearly jump out of your seat when a pair of strong arms embrace your body from behind.

“Spacing out instead of sleeping today? that’s new.”

His words ring out like a freight train having you near heart attack.

“Damn, Hanbin. You scared me.”

Pressing a quick kiss on your cheek and a breathy “sorry”, he steps away holding out his hand for you to follow him. Packing up quickly, you grab the hand and trail down the steps behind him like a lost puppy. Staring at the broad shoulders, you wonder how long more will this continue for, when will paradise collapse leaving you alone in a storm.

“Maybe I should prepare myself for the worst”

You mumble to yourself perhaps a bit too loudly as he stops in his track and turn around.

“D’you say somethin’?”

Faking ignorant, you smile and shake your head hoping he hadn’t heard what you said. A small smile spread across his face before he reaches up to ruffle your hair. Turning away, Hanbin’s smile drop, eyebrows furrow in confusion trying to decipher what your words meant. Deciding to let the sleeping dog lie, he pushes it out of his mind to the best of his ability before you both take separate ways back to his house yet he couldn’t help but let himself repeating your words on the usually short drive home.

“The worst…” 

A few more weeks had passed and everything was just as usual. Late nights in his office turn into sleepover at his house. You worry about his health while he worry about yours even more with midterms approaching. Slowly he forgets about what he had heard from the sheer consternation of the fate of his class, however, you remember everything clearly. When you’re with him, it’s as though there’s a spell that enchanting you to forget everything. The second he’s gone, it all comes crashing down like an avalanche, drowning out any sense you got left to make out which way is up until you black out from the anxiety of it all. 

Unknowingly, the hatred for feeling lost pushes you further away from the young professor. Your night meetings less frequent, the sex had lost its spark, your smile perhaps a bit less genuine. Even when you pass by Hanbin during the school day, the usual wave had turned into a simple nod.

“Class is dismissed. Ms. Y/N, could you please see me for a second?”

Groaning a bit, you know he’s desperate to be calling you out in class so publicly. You might’ve push the distance a bit too much as the last time you’ve really had a one on one with him was over a week ago. Just a simple one on one about homework, no kissing, no fucking, just a few glance stolen by the panic stricken Hanbin.  Glancing at a few lingering students, Hanbin fakes a conversation about some contest or another until the last shadow passes the big door. Leaning back in his chair, he wears a matter of factly expression as if his question really pertain to the class.

“Okay, what’s going on with you?”

Sighing loudly inside your head, you cuss at yourself for being so obvious with the attempt to distant yourself. Feign a smile, you softly reassure the young professor.

“Nothing. what makes you think there’s something going on?” 

Clearly bemuse by your nonchalantness, he definitely know now something is up. Your added touch of trailing your finger along the veins of his arms obviously wasn’t working as he’s more focus than ever to fish for answer.


“I’ve just been busy and I’m tired. Hanbin, midterms were coming. I can barely breathe let alone think about anything else.” You retreat back, finger carding through the ends of your hair frustratingly hoping he’d just buy the excuse and move on.

Seemingly falling into your lies, his visage soften back to the Hanbin you know. Reaching out determinedly, his fingers gingerly lacing through yours, thumb rubbing your skin absentmindedly.

“Well now that midterms had passed…”

Groaning, this time aloud, you roll your eyes hard at his ever permanently horny state. Bending over close to his ear, you sigh seductively in his ear, enticing a frustrated moan of him.

“This is hardly the place for that, professor Kim” Enunciating his title clearly, you intentionally letting your hand brushes pass his thigh that’s threatening to burst out of his slack just enough to send shiver down his spine. Continuing your sentence, your hand trails dangerously close to his growing bulge. “If you’d like, I have some time on my hand for a bit of after class curriculum. Location is up to you, we could do this at home…” You press a quick kiss to his cheek “… or in your office. I’ll be quiet, I promise.” You drag your tongue lazily from his jaw up to the lobe of his ear before backing away, straightening yourself. Smirking proudly at the melting mess, you turn away toward your desk to collect your thing but not before getting pull back into a tight hug. Pressing his problem against your backside, his lips instantly latch onto your neck, lapping, sucking and no doubt proudly marking you as always. There was a point in time where Hanbin was more or less discreet. Marking you had always made him weak in the knees but blatantly displaying it across your collar bones and neck, well that came to be after an accident as with everything else in your relationship. 

It had been his birthday when you decided Hanbin needed a little more than just the usual. So you had gotten up early that day despite your body clinging onto the bed with all its might to sleep in on a weekend day. Grocery in tow, you made all his favorite and even gotten a cake from that bakery in your neighborhood he raved endlessly about. The highlight of it all would have to be the matching delicate lavender set you bought just for him. The way the gentle lace fit softly around the curves of your breasts, the shimmering stars adorning in no particular pattern atop the pastel fabric, and the intricate ribbon secure neatly just below the underwire of the bra hugging your ribcage perfectly, pairing with the fact that your matching bottom can’t even begin to try and cover your ass even if it wants to.  It had drove him insane the second you stepped out of the kitchen holding the cake with nothing covering your bare skin aside from what little fabric the set offer. He blew out the candles, pushing the cake aside as his arms constricted around your body pulling you close. A fervid kiss found itself onto your lips so suddenly it quite literally took all your breath away as you gasped, surprised by the coldness of his hand reaching your near bare bottom. Taking the chance, Hanbin latched onto your neck as you craned it backward from struggling to acclimate to the spreading cold of his hands smoothing over your whole body. So lost in the high, he sucked enough bruises that there was no point in your covering it up with make up the next day. 

The walk to his class the next day felt like the walk of shame, turning heads in a very different manner than the usual norm as you struggle to keep your hair covering the worst of the bunch. Hanbin had been unlocking the door to the lecture hall when several boys from the football team more than enthusiastically debated about your sudden acquiring of flowers on your skin.

“Damn, is this why you never let any of us make a pass at you in practice? By the look of those you had some fun.” One of the boy flicked the hair around your shoulders away, revealing even more deepening bruises as they winced a bit, whether they were feeling bad for you or feeling second hand pleasure from overactive imagination you had no idea. 

“You know, if you had told us you got a man earlier, we wouldn’t be so crude with you half the time. Did you pissed off the dude or something? I’m scare to think what he’d do finding out we flirted with you…” Another boy whispered, catching Hanbin’s attention wholeheartedly judging by the subtle turn of the head toward your way. That all knowing smirk appeared on his face and you knew you were in trouble. Despite not liking the fact that boys hit on you at cheer practice when you prance around in that damn short skirt, his anger subsided when with the new found knowledge of how to keep the boys at bay.

“You can’t just say something like that then walk away, baby girl. I think as your professor, I deserve a little more respect don’t you think?”

No matter how hard you try, that victorious grin can’t be contain knowing after all this time, your lack of attention only rile him up more. Temporarily lost in his trance, you let his hands roam freely along your body, feeling the warmth as they disappear under the hem of your shirt, fingers grazing the underside of your breast gently. After a particular harsh love bite, you snap out of your lustful daydream, uneasiness settling in as you realize where you both were.

“Hanbin, I’m serious. We can’t do this here. HANBIN!”

Hardly able to pull himself off your body, he cough out a low apology before whispering for you to meet him in the office. Something rises in his chest. Something warm and wonderful. Something completely and utterly amazing yet he couldn’t help but feel strange. Was it simply you’re his rain after a long drought. Along with the magnificent rush, something sour, something indiscernible as your words ring out in his mind. You were preparing yourself for the worst but what is this “worst” you speak off. Blaming it on the drunken stupor you had put him in, he stumbles out the back door of the large lecture hall, heart excitedly watch as you exit the front.

Crashing his body onto yours pinning you against the wall, his lips messily engulf yours in a heated kiss.

“Damn, baby girl. Don’t ever give me the cold shoulders again.”

Hands firmly grabbing your ass, he swiftly carries you over to his desk, lips never lost contact. His body molds against yours, hips resume its rhythm as if no time had lost. For now, this “worst” will have to wait as his body and mind revert back to their primitive self. All he needs is the touch your providing and the moan you let him discard on your body.

curtis-x-winston  asked:

can you do some cute Steve Randle headcanons bc i need some in my life tbh

Yes I can sweetie. There’s relationship ones and general ones because well 🤷🏻‍♀️

-He sings in the shower


-And his playlist is questionable like it goes from Issues to How Far I’ll Go to Jailhouse Rock there’s no consist theme he just likes what he likes

-This means he has a lot of practice so needless to say…expect to be serenaded

-Steve’s such a bean like he will roll himself up into a burrito when he’s over your house and you’re like

-“Where are all the blankets??”

-“Heey, babe.”

-There’s Steve…on the couch, struggling to eat chips because he wrapped himself too tight and he’s too comfy to take his arms out

-If you ever get mad at him, guess who’s getting called by this first name? Yep, Steven Lucas Randle, that’s who

-He’s low key embarrassed about it but he lets you call him that •half because he knows you like it so much and half because then he knows you’re being serious•

-You can call Steve at any time of day and he WILL drop whatever he’s doing to help you

-or use it as an excuse to talk to you

-whatever the situation calls for

-No matter who you are, he just loves to help people

-He’s literally the easiest person to talk to like Soda gets a lot of credit but honestly Steve is the exact same way

-Where do you think Soda learned the skill from??

-He goes out of his way to make things a little easier for people no matter how much it may inconvenience him

-He cooks himself these bomb ass gourmet meals but never tells the guys because he can’t mess with the stuff he knows he just gotta stick to the status quo

-Steve knows you like to wear his oversized sweaters so he buys them like that just for you

-He has lectured Soda so many times and told him to keep an eye out for you when he can’t be there or to make sure that Soda knows if he ever made a move he’d lose quite a few fingers


-Steve always says “call me when you get home” to whoever he was hanging out with because he’s a considerate young man

-Plus the good morning and night texts every single day because he got his priorities straight

Okay so I went a little crazy and the list got a bit long but I’m sure you won’t mind. Thanks for requesting!!

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Can I request a headcanon about being Damian's school crush???

@litbatboys 😜

- he would be so ashamed of himself at first

- how dare damian wayne let someone make him weak like this

- this attitude is why he ignored/was rude to you for the first couple of months of school

- however, this ended when he realised that if he kept treating you like this then he would never get you

- so he would go to the only person he knew could give him advice on this

- dick

- dick helped him out by giving him advice on how to approach you

- jason heard this conversation and was offended that damian didn’t come to him

- so after gathering as much advice as he could he set out to win your love

- he took flowers into school and waited by your locker

- when you arrived you nearly died (you had such a crush on damian wayne)

- You and damian talked for a while and then he finally asked you out

- of course you said yes

- He invited you round to Wayne Manor where Alfred put together a bomb ass meal for the both of you

- the date went extremely well

- until jason came along and embarrassed the fuck out of dami as revenge for not asking him for advice

- You didn’t care, you though damian was a sweetheart and so far you loved all his family too

I hope this is alright! Thank you for requesting :) x

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So there's this one bitch at my school. And she always tweets like "fuck veganism, I'm gonna enjoy some pig intestines" and random shit like that.... And it fuuuucking gets to me, I rlly want to go off on her. I can't make her change her diet, but I want to start being more outspoken about veganism, but obv without being hella preachy. Any tips on how to do tht?

That’s so annoying agh. But tbh before calling her out (unless she personally *attacks* you then call that gal out) I would live by example!! Teen girls will respond better to that. Be the bigger person and try to be nice before you lash out which is difficult I know!! So maybe post more about veganism like hey guys you should all watch what the health or something because it’s awesome and informative ya know?? Or post some bombs ass lookin vegan meals and tag it like vegan power or plantpowered or something ya know?? Like plant lil seeds and show her how cool it is ;)



Okay, I honestly have no idea if you realise how much you mean to me but one of my biggest fears in coming to uni was knowing I was leaving you (and others but the emphasis on you) behind. I already miss you so much but there couldnt have been a better way to spend our last times together (for a while at least) then escape room races, cinema and a bomb ass meal.💕
I can’t wait to see you again and redo it all over again. 💕💕
Another thing (but maybe one you probably realise?) is how UNBELIEVABLY excited I get whenever you message me about BTS (or you know, just Namjoon). Not only because of how much I love them but bc of how much you mean to me too!! Its just that one of my favourite people talking about my other favourite people… 💕💕YES AMAZING.💕💕 THATS ALL I WANT.💕💕

(but also sorry bc i know I kind of assaulted you with their albums and stuff that time :S).

Anyway, we have PLANS ON PLANS ON PLANS come christmas time so BE READY because I’m already super excited to see you and partyyyyyy.💕

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LISTEN I was just fuckin around in the kitchen and I made. A BOMB ASS MEAL I made roasted garlic smoked steak and pasta with red wine tomato sauce and I'm legit crying rn cause I finished eating it and it was so good and now it's gone and I want more but I can't make more cause I'm out of garlic and steak and tomatoes I'm finna cry more byyyyeeeeee

oooh sounds good. btw,, i answered this late op,, cry again

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Hi Chris this is kind of weird, but can you send some positive/ motivational energy my way? I'm at a bit of a low right now and you just seem like you have such great energy and vibes haha :).

Hi baby :) YES!!!! SENDING YOU SO MUCH GOOD ENERGY RIGHT NOW. TONIGHT AND THE DAYS TO FOLLOW THIS WEEK/WEEKEND :) Get out in the sunshine, be productive, get shit done, dress up in clothes that make you feel good, go out and run to a kick-ass playlist (I suggest my “run” playlist on Spotify @ Christiana Rutkowski, hehe), make a bomb ass meal for dinner one night soon, take yourself on a date, get your nails done, put it in the hands of the universe :) ilysm

8 Weeks Out

This the point where every day counts towards the BIG day, and the pressure is on.

My current schedule:


  • Two a day workouts, with morning weights before work alternating a three day split of back/tris, chest/shoulders/bis, and leg day, plus 45 min cardio after work.


  • Posing class & Rest day - Although I’m considering moving rest day to Saturday and getting in my workout before posing so then at least I’d have one day not completely consumed with competition prep? (LOL. What a joke, right?)

Diet: Keto results!

Keto is such a weird diet. Like hey, let’s cut out all grains, fruits and 99% of veggies, and fry all our meat (or “meat”) in oil. So backwards of everything I’ve ever known. But I have to say, it sure did what it was supposed to.

On a one week keto run I:

  • Went from 21.6% body fat to 19.64%. 
  • Down 5 lbs (4.3 of fat, 1.2 of muscle). 
  • Down 0.75 inch from my waist circumference.
  • Down 1 inch from my stomach circumference. 
  • Up 0.25 on my biceps.

All while eating the same amount of calories as usual. Crazy.

Also all those fats did WONDERS for my skin! I’ve always had issues with acne and even with trying all the washes, creams, pills, tricks, this is by FAR the most dramatic improvement I’ve ever seen. Like what the heck? Come back!

But staying on a keto run risks losing too much muscle (and my sanity) so I’m transitioning into carb cycling with high days being 50c/30p/20f, medium days being 25c/40p/35f, and sticking with keto stats on low days at 5c/30p/65f. I’m alternating High Med Low Low Low, repeat.

High Carb Day:

Pre Gym/Meal 1-

  • 2 tbsp fresh ground peanut butter
  • 1 slice whole wheat bread

Breakfast/Meal  2-

  • 1 scoop vegan rice protein
  • 1 tsp maca powder (Incan Superfood!)
  • ¼ cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/3 cup gluten free rolled oats

Lunch/Meal 3-

  • 1/3 package Seitan “Chicken”
  • 1 cup broccoli, steamed
  • ½ a medium sweet potato
  • 1 medium banana

Snack/Meal 4-

  • 10 Large baby carrots
  • ¼ cup spicy hummus
  • 1 medium gala apple

Dinner/Meal 5-

  • ½ block organic tofu
  • 2 cups stir fry vegetables
  • 1/3 cup brown rice
  • ½ medium sweet potato

Snack/Meal 6-

  • 1 scoop vegan rice protein
  • 1 tsp maca powder
  • ½ cup frozen berries :)

Totals: 1,680cal, 131g protein, 218g carbs, 42g fats (50c/30p/20f)

Medium Carb Day:

Pre Gym/Meal 1-

  • 1 slice whole wheat bread
  • 1 tbsp fresh ground peanut butter

Breakfast/Meal 2-

  • 1 scoop vegan rice protein
  • ½ block organic tofu
  • ½ bell pepper chopped
  • ½ cup chopped mushroom
  • 1 cup spinach

Lunch/Meal 3-

  • 1/3 package seitan “chicken”
  • 1 cup steamed broccoli
  • 5 spears asparagus, grilled or steamed

Snack/Meal 4-

  • Homemade Quest Protein Bar
  • 1/3 cup Sprouts mixed nuts trail mix

Dinner/Meal 5-

  • ½ block organic tofu
  • 1/3 cup brown rice
  • 1/3 black beans
  • 1/8 cup cilantro
  • 2 tbsp spicy hummus
  • ½ cup mushrooms 

(This is called a “Power Bowl”, a recipe taken from a local restaurant :)

Snack/Meal 6-

  • 1 scoop vegan rice protein

Totals: 1,646cal, 172g protein, 105g carbs, 67g fats (25c/40p/35f)

Low Carb Day (Keto):

PreGym/Meal 1-

  • 2 tbsp fresh ground peanut butter

Breakfast/Meal 2-

  • 1 scoop biochem vegan protein
  • ½ tbsp flax seed oil
  • ½ cube organic tofu
  • ½ tbsp olive oil

Lunch/Meal 3-

  • 1/3 package seitan “chicken”
  • ½ tbsp olive oil
  • ¼ large avocado

Snack/Meal 4-

  • 1 serving (About 5 candies) Lemon “Fat Bombs”

Dinner/Meal 5-

  • ½ package oragnic tofu
  • ½ tbsp olive oil
  • 1 cup spinach

Snack/Meal 6-

  • 1 scoop biochem vegan protein
  • ½ tbsp flaxseed oil

Totals: 1,615cal, 122g protein, 21g carbs, 122g fats (5c/30p/65f)

ianhecox: Spent the whole week at #campsmosh with people I can truly consider family. I’m so lucky to be able to work, play, and laugh with these fools.
We all finished the week bloody, bruised, sore, exhausted, sick, or a combination of the things mentioned. But through the struggles and the laughter and the bomb-ass meals after every hard, long day of filming, we all came out of it closer together than we were five days ago.
I love Smosh and I love everyone that makes Smosh what it is today. And I love you guys for making this all possible.
Can’t wait for you guys to see what we did and share in all the fun we had.

Raw Stuffed Peppers with Orange & Beet Hummus

chopped veg (radish, celery, tomatoes, red&green onion, sprouts, pomegranate seeds, basil, walnuts & shredded beets) dressed with rosemary, olive oil & a big squeeze of fresh grapefruit juice. the beet hummus was just raw beets, zucchini, sesame seeds & orange juice blended. I stuffed the leftover dip into some cukes.

so fresh & crisp bursting with tons of varying flavors & textures. I made this up as I went along. raw stuffed peppers are so versatile - just make a chopped salad with whatever you have on hand, scoop mix into bell peppers, whip up a tasty dip to accompany it & you have yourself a flavor bomb of a meal packed with nutrients.

List of Positivity

I know that sometimes it’s hard to think of the positive things in life. Here’s a list to make you remember. :)

  • the sunrise/sunset
  • cuddling with your pet or a cute animal
  • drinking a hot drink on a cold day
  • spoiling yourself at your favorite store
  • walking barefoot and feeling the textures underneath your feet
  • smiling at a stranger
  • spreading kindness and receiving it with a smile
  • sharing your passion with other people
  • baking something yummy and having your house smell like sweets
  • trying a new hairstyle 
  • listening to music
  • feeling the sun on your face
  • receiving complements 
  • giving complements
  • being surrounded by the ones you love
  • taking a bath with a yummy bath bomb
  • cooking a legit meal and feeling like a gourmet chef
  • wearing a unique outfit
  • buying new candles according to the season