bomb h

concept: the entire smh crew + friends working at the disneyland parks.

bits is working as a chef at the jolly holiday bakery cafe who occasionally visits jack, an animator who works at the animation academy and is best friends with shitty, tho he’s referred to as mr. knight at the parks.

shitty doesn’t work at the parks but is involved at disney animations a lot since his girlfriend lardo is both an animator for disney shorts and an occasional imagineer for the parks. she loves going to the parks bc a) her work is there woot woot and b) ransom & holster are performers in the parade and shows. (occasionally they’re seen at  Le Salon Nouveau in D33 but shhh no one knows that).

nursey and dex are apart of the college program, along with chowder. nurse is always operating rides and somehow, dex is always there to fix it. chowder is an assistant to all face characters and loves hanging out with farmer, who plays belle in the shows and at meet and greets.

they definitely have a blast closing down the park occasionally 

Making Sense of it All

Well, it happened. Despite all our efforts and tireless campaigning first for Bernie and then for Hillary Donald Trump won the election. The American people have spoken. What they said is “we are entirely clueless”. Still, we must play the cards we were dealt, aces and eights. None of the so-called  “experts” saw this coming. One person called it perfectly. Way back in early August, when Hillary was polling 8 points above Trump, filmmaker Michael Moore said Trump would win. He said middle America would vote for him, not because they love him, but as a giant f**k you to a political system which is out of touch with mainstream America.

Is Trump going to go to war with a newly belligerent Russia or China? Drop the bomb maybe? Nah. Contrary to popular belief there is no “button” for the H-bomb. He will have to deal with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In fact, Trump is going to discover that being president is a lot like being a prisoner. His movements are controlled by the Secret Service. He can’t have a Twitter. He can only have a government issued Blackberry no personal cell phone. Heis going to have to go to work and Trump hates to work. He is a delegator so we might expect that Vice President Elect Pence will get the lion’s share of the work while Trump will do the high profile ceremonial stuff. That’s fine with me. Pence has some ridiculous opinions such as denying evolution but he is an able executive administrator. 

Trump is an old man. 70. He is overweight and tires easily. Who knows what might happen. I hear that people on Facebook and Twitter are suggesting that he be assassinated. That is stupid. America is not supposed to work that way. Besides the Secret Service has greatly refined its techniques since the attacks on JFK and Ronald Reagan.

No, what we do is stay calm. Just accept it for what it is. Trump is restrained by a little thing called the United States Constitution. Presidents are not kings. We survived invasion in 1812. We survived a bloody civil war. We survived two world wars and a depression. We survived the resignation of Richard Nixon and we will survive a Trump administration. We will be fine.

Oh, one last thing. To the rest of the world: I’m sorry that we let you down.