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↳  “Here’s the deal, ladies: you do fine embroidery, you can assemble a time fuse. If you sew buttons, you can thread a detonator. If you can pour tea, you can pour amatol. It’s no big whoop. Except some folks don’t see it that way. The guys are crapping bullets, afraid they might not get their easy-street jobs back after you’ve helped them win the war.”


I’m five years late but this absolutely destroyed me. The whole season Betty was so careful expressing her love for Kate, one small daring step at a time. Kate kept responding positively, which made Betty only fall deeper and believe her feelings were mutual. 

Except, Kate had been sheltered her entire life and obliviously thinks this is how friendship between women is expressed. Not picking up on the underlying implications and signals she’s giving to Betty and Betty gives her in return.

Even before it all comes crashing down, Betty makes absolutely sure there’s no other reading. Kate rubs her shoulders and Betty takes her hand, kisses it and confesses her love verbally. Only when Kate tells her “she really likes her too” Betty goes in for a kiss. 

And that’s the moment everything Betty thought was possible - getting the girl - was all in her head. But it’s not just a rejection of her affections, it’s a rejection of who she is.


“Wherever you are, wherever you’ve been, he’s at your side. He sees you, he knows you. Accepts who you are. All he asks is that you be true to your heart and accept God’s grace within you.”


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for bettymcraae ~ you’re an amazing friend and person and i’m so happy to know you!! happy birthday!!!


When an explosion at Victory Munitions is linked to HYDRA, Agent Peggy Carter is sent undercover to investigate. Already with her suspicions about the blast, Betty immediately pins the new girl poking her nose where she shouldn’t be right to the top of her list of suspects. After a tense confrontation, Peggy is forced to reveal herself and her mission, but with HYDRA closing in, she has to take all the help she can get.

kendralynora​ I do believe you requested something along the lines of an Agent Carter/Bomb Girls crossover.