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Payback Playtime [Joker x Harley Quinn]

Day 1 of JokerxHarley week: Pride

Yeah, I’m the female monster
You know that, everybody let’s get crazy right now
I’m the crazy girl around here like gossip girl
If you don’t believe me, alright, hey, call my boyfriend

 “Hi guys!” Harley Quinn called as she sauntered through the bombed door, doing a twist on her high heels and placing her bat on her shoulder. She made a full spin at the mafia members who sprung up from their places, immediately drawing their weapons.

Frost closed in behind Harley as a group of the Joker’s men entered behind them, assault rifles ready. The bombed hideout looked a complete mess, broken glass and playing cards spilled on the floor. At least six men stood in front of them and Frost wished she would move out of the way.  

Nowadays, his ticket to survival was to keep the Joker’s girl alive. Quinn’s psychotic desire for adrenaline rushes was even worse than the boss’, and unlike him she never had a plan. She improvised as she went, coming up with the most insane ideas.

Her sexual appeal had fooled many, except this kitty had a thing for grand theft auto and armed robbery. She liked him to speed the car in oncoming traffic on the highway and she was the type of person who waited for the very last moment before leaving a collapsing building, skipping out on the street just as the first concrete blocks hit the ground.  When involved in arson, she would much rather take the fire escape on the tenth floor and do dramatic acrobatics on her way down before jumping three stores and landing gracefully on the fire truck.

Sometimes Frost wondered if she couldn’t comprehend the danger she constantly thrust upon herself, or if she just didn’t care.  As time passed, he had come to realize it was the latter. Harley Quinn didn’t have a care in the world, except when it came to her precious boyfriend.

And this mafia boss had been annoying her man for quite some time.

Harley grinned, a wide red smile that was unsettlingly similar to the Joker’s, as she stepped closer, looking for anything valuable to take.  

“Who are you?” one of the men shouted as he took a step forward, his accent thick and foreign. “Don’t come closer!”

She stopped and got sight of the jewelry chain around his neck. With sparkling eyes she popped her sugary pink bubble gum; the pop was the only audible sound in the room. The man pointed his gun straight in her face and she laughed.

“Aww, you gonna make me suck that off for you? Come on, shove it down.”

Frost cocked his Colt at the man, standing directly behind Harley. A part of him was thankful that the Boss wasn’t present – he would not appreciate that kind of statement from her.

On the other hand, if the thugs decided to kill her, he would rather not they did it on his watch – it was a bloody play of Russian roulette; exactly what would happen if Harley left the scene with a single scratch. The Joker was busy in the building across the street and since he had assigned Frost to go with Harley, it meant that he was taking precaution.

For a moment the two groups remained completely unmoving, weapons drawn. Frost realized that the mafia members were starting to recognize them, so they hesitated.

Harley stood in the middle with a devious smile on her face, chewing her gum. She tilted her head and pointed with a black nail at the goon in front of her.

“I want that.”

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