bomb detectors

he accidentally hurt you when he supposed to shot another man

Anonymous said: Bts mafia reaction to he accidentally hurting you (like trying to shot one man of the rival gang and shooting u instead) and u end up dying in his arms :(

This probably sucks, sorryyyy!! I was in hospital while doing this..

Kim Namjoon : 

One of the rivals caught you and Namjoon couldn’t think straight because he’s scared for hurting you. You were reassuring him by giving him your soft smile and tender eyes. 

“It’s okay, look, I won’t die that easily okay?” 

“N-No, y/n, you know I can’t do this. Dude, tell me what do you want and leave her alone. You can take me instead.” His hands were trembling. “Shoot him. Well, it’s okay if you got me, if I die, just…you know, listen to Jin oppa well and something. Oh, forget about me. Okay?” You smiled even though you were holding your tears. You don’t want to make him feel guilty.

It’s not his fault. 

When he pulled the trigger you stumbled because the bullet got you, as you fell down he shot the man and ran towards you. He cried silently as he saw you lifeless. He remembered when you said to forget about you, Namjoon shook your head, “how can I forget you when I’m the one who shot you?” 

Kim Seok Jin : 

It was a chaos. The rivals attacked Jin’s office you were there and Jin’s priority was protect you at all cost. He grabbed your arm and pulled his gun to the rivals. You trembled because you hate to see blood and any kinds of violence. 

Jin also noticed that your expression get darkened. “Hun, re-” Someone beat him up and Jin accidentally pulled the trigger and shot you. He widened his eyes as he saw you cried. His eyes wandering your body and found that he shot your heart. “N-No, No, y/n, I’m so sorry. No, please. It was an accident.” 

You stared at him softly, “you shot me,” you said softly. 

It was the last words he heard from your mouth, obviously he would in a big trauma which make him crazy. He won’t replace you with anyone because the nightmares you being shot by him was haunting him. He feel guilty all day all night and missed you. He would cried as he left alone in his room. 

Min Yoongi : 

You were told to betrayed him so he would live peacefully. You were the one who makes Yoongi’s company in mess so no one trust you. Yoongi would never think that you were behind all of this because you disguised with all black outfit, hat, gloves, and shoes. You also tied your hair and put it inside your head and wear black mask. 

“You did this!” He yelled to you. Now, he cornered you in a warehouse as a guy. You didn’t answer him and keep your mouth shut. He pointed his gun to you. “Do you know how much my people killed because of you!? What do you want?!” You didin’t answer him. 

At that moment, you thought you deserved to die. In his hand. You didn’t move you didn’t say anything, just stood still. Yoongi scoffed, “what a coward.” Yup, he shot you. You smirked as you felt the pain on your stomach, you deserved this. But then, your hat accidetally fell and showed you long and brown colored hair. 

Yoong iwidened his eyes, didn’t believe for what he saw. “y-y/n?” He trembled and ran to you. He took off your mask and cried as he saw you. “But why?” He cried. You smiled, “he told me to or he will kill you…” He scoffed, “you didn’t tell me you were threatened? Holy shit, y/n. I shot you.” You nodded your head slowly and closed your eyes. “I deserved this.” 

Jung Hoseok : 

He was drunk. The man from the rivals put some drugs to him and you were with him, in a room. He became crazy while yelling to the man and shot him. Well, he thought he shot him. He passed out for a several hours. 

“What the hell…” He opened his eyes and tried to get up, he glanced at the gun on his right hand and sighed. “y/n, let’s go home,” he said. But you didn’t answer, “y/n?” He turned around and saw you lying on the floor lifelessly. He walked slowly towards you and found a note, you killed her. You shot her, Hoseok, You missed. 

He fell on his knees and hug your lifeless body, “I-I’m so sorry, oh Lord. Why did I kill you?” He cried and stroking your hair. 

Park Jimin : 

It was a trap, you told him many times but he won’t listen to you. He mad because the rivals were messing around with his business. You knew this is a bad idea because you heard from the rivals that there was a bomb. 

“Jimin, this isn’t a good idea.”

“Stop being coward, y/n! Let’s go inside!” You know a lot about bombs because you always make one for Jimin if he needs it. This time, you realized it’s very dangerous because it used a sensor detector. There was an LED around the building. Jimin didn’t notice that so you pulled him and he pushed you out of reflex. 

You stared at him, “okay, Jimin, listen to me. I’m stuck in this LED and I cannot move at all.” He looked at you confused, “what? Why?” He asked. You banned him to walked more further. “Don’t touch the LED. It’s a bomb detector.” He widened his eyes and tried to pulled your hand but you denied it. “Don’t. I cannot go outside, okay? There are a lot of sensor here.” He trembled, “what?”

“I need to blew it up, Jimin. Go outside.” He shook his head furiously, “no, no, I’m staying here.” You shook your head, “get out from here, Jimin. It’s dangerous.” He scoffed, “dangerous? For me? You’re risking yourself right now!” 

“It’s because you didn’t listen to me, Jimin,” you said, “now, go. Forget me,” you said.” 

Jimin put his earpiece, “I’ll tell you once I get out from the building.” You nodded and and turned on your earpiece. He walked outside and you cried. 

‘I-I’m sorry, I just want you to know how much I love you and I’m so sorry,’ he cried, ‘this is all my fault,I should be the one who in your position,” he cried.

“Jimin,” you said through your earpiece, “this isn’t your fault. I love you so much, Jimin, don’t forget that. Okay? Don’t forget to be nice with your hyungs and Jungkook also Taehyung. Help them, and…”

You could hear that he’s outside. You chuckled, “I love you.” And the building blew up. Jimin cried as he fell on his knees. 

Kim Taehyung : 

You walked beside Taehyung, he got his gun on his hands. Both of you were on a mission. A dangerous one. You also had a gun on your hand and turned your head if you see anything suspicious. 

“Oh, they sent you?” The lights suddenly turned off and both of you couldn’t see anything. Someone pulled you, “Taehyung!” You yelled. He also panicked because he was separated by you. 

“Taehyung, and y/n, let’s do something about you, alright?”

“Don’t touch her or I’ll shoot you.” You squeaked as you felt knife on your neck. Taehyung turned his head to your direction, prepare to shoot. The man laughed, “let’s see how Joker saved his Harley Quinn.” 

“y/n, get down!” He yelled. But the man pushed you as Taehyung pulled the trigger, you stepped back as you felt pain in your chest. The man laughed and walked away from the scene. The lights on for several minutes later, Taehyung eyes widened as he saw you lying on the floor with blood everywhere. You coughed in blood and stared at him. “N-No, this is a mistake, no, no, y/n, I-I’m so sorry. Shit, I just shot you.”

“It-It’s okay, Taehyung.”

“Yah, this is my fault. Oh my God, you’re bleeding a lot,” he tried to covered your wound but you stopped him. “It’s okay, as long you’re the one who shot me.” He hugged you and stroked your head, “I really am sorry, please, I love you so much.” 

You smiled and caressed his cheek, “I love you too. This isn’t your fault, okay? It was an accident.” 

Jeon Jungkook : 

Yoongi assigned him as the sniper, he waited for signal from Jimin downstairs. They told Jungkook to shoot anything suspicious. He kept his eyes on the target until he glanced at another building and found someone in full-black and looked very suspicious. 

“Is there any people beside us, hyung?” Jungkook asked. 

‘I don’t think so,’ Jin answered. Jungkook prepared to shot the person and he did. There you were, dropping the food all of the sudden and fell on the floor. Yoongi ran to Jungkook’s place, “what the hell, Jeon Jungkook!” He screamed.

“What?” Jungkook asked. 

“You shot your girlfriend!” He widened his eyes and ran to your place, “she was supposed to be our con and you ruined it!” Jungkook trembled as he saw you bleeding and breath heavily. “I’m so sorry, oh my God, y/n.”

You turned your head to Jungkook, “y-you” He dropped his gun and fell on his knees, “I din’t know it was you, I’m so sorry.” You frowned in pain, “it’s okay, but….” you chuckled, “you shot on the right place Jungkook.” He didn’t laugh at all. 

Jin gasped and moved Jungkook, “bring her to the car.” You shook your head and coughed with blood, “I don’t think I could make it.” Jungkook cried while his head down. He caressed you hand, “I’m so sorry,” he cried. 

“I love you, Jungkook. This is not your fault, it’s a pure accident. Okay?” 

He nodded his head and hugged you until your last breathe. 


Concert security in the wake of Manchester Arena bombing: “We can’t keep you 100% safe”

  • “In terms of large, structural changes, in terms of how people go in and out of these facilities, I don’t imagine there are going to be huge changes,”  Brian Nussbaum, a former employee of the New York State Office of Counterterrorism, said in a phone interview.
  • The modern concert arena is already a fortress, surrounded by several rings of security, metal detectors and bomb-sniffing and vapor wake dogs, whose noses can follow the scents of hazardous chemicals like a trail of breadcrumbs. 
  • Venues have been making great strides when it comes to tightening their security protocols, a direction that’s become frighteningly necessary following a number of violent attacks.
  • That space is the “staging area,” Mark Herrera, member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Public Facilities Subsector Council, said. "That’s where attackers stage,“ Herrera said. "That’s where heavy focus needs to be — in that outer layer.” Read more (6/1/17)