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Post-Col/AU Tuesday

Philes, we’re going to do something a little different today, and we’re going to break a few of our own rules to do it.  But there’s a method to our madness, and we hope you stay with us because today’s rec is something that you need to experience, rather than read.

@all-these-ghosts is one of our favorite writers currently contributing to the fandom.  So when she started writing today’s post-col alternate universe fic several weeks back, at first we were intrigued.  Then, we were confused.  She posted only snippets of her story at a time, and posted them sporadically, giving us flashes of the life Mulder, Scully and William had built for themselves Before.  But the entries were laden with portent, warnings that something was coming.  

Then we were hit with images.  Photos.  Song lyrics.  Snippets of handwritten notes, like this one:

And that would be the only thing that was posted on the story.  For hours.  Leaving us perplexed.  Anxious.  What the hell is going on?  (If anyone lived through the television phenomenon that was Lost, this is eerily similar.)  

Then it hit us:  We’re being rationed out pieces of a story like a post-col survivor rations out food and water.  We’re given glimpses of lives half-lived, and it’s forcing us, as readers, to feel as though we’re experiencing the same off-kilter, survivalist sense of being, not sure what the whole picture is, not sure what’s going on, and not sure when the next blow is going to come.

So we did what any sane people would do…we turned on our notifications for @all-these-ghosts‘s blog so that every time she posts another portion of her story, we’d be right there, devouring every word of it as she posted.  And that’s what we are suggesting you do, once you catch up.  

A Note From Us:  Tumblr is not always the most ideal platform for WIPs, and we are going against our own rules NOT to post WIPs.  But today’s rec is truly MEANT to be read as a WIP, and the experience of it is something we are coming to appreciate with every post.  

Please Note:  Today’s link takes you back to the very first part of the story.  But what we suggest you do is go to @all-these-ghosts‘ blog, scroll as far back as you can to find the very first entry of this story, then start scrolling up until you catch up.  Then turn on your notifications so you get the next part of the story as she posts it.  And trust us.  She keeps you on the edge of your seat.  We have a mini-panic attack every time we get a notification that the next part of the story has been posted.

Title:  Then the Bomb

Author:  @all-these-ghosts

Rating:  PG-13

Length:  WIP

Synopsis:   Post-col alternate universe where Mulder and Scully got to raise William.  Includes flashbacks from before colonization.

Spoilers:  None

Possible Triggers:  None


Come witness true fear: the fear of God!

Chick Tracts always give me weird nostalgic Halloween time feelings. As a kid I’d always find at least one in my McDonalds-brand ghost-faced trick-or-treat plastic bucket.

They’re bizarre but I can never resist flipping through when I find one. The art is interesting to look at and the way they deliver their holy message is always hilariously over the top.

Happy Halloween!

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Your Secret

Dear Jesus What Have I Done. Aka Joker discovers Tumblr.

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anonymous asked:

Did you have fun at the concert? I read that it was amazing. - old hag sulking in Europe

I had so much fun at the concert!! It was super awesome, the 14 hour drive over a two day period however was not. 

Also I almost beat someone with my ARMY bomb because the chick next to me literally was jamming so hard that she almost elbowed me in the face and it was too loud to hear my screech screaming of “SIT THE FUCK DOWN SO I CAN SEE MY FREAKING BABIES BE ADORABLE.”

Also I got to see @g-d0818  and her sister and that was my highlight even though I was an awkward potato and kind of stood there like OMG MARIA’S SO CUTE WHAT DO I DO?! 

Other than that it was just me being a solo me and spending a good half hour trying to attach the GOD DAMNED STRAP TO MY ARMY BOMB. 

But yes fun times. I’m sorry that they didn’t go towards you this go around, I hope that you get to see them soon!!! <3 <3