bomb buddy





Do you see how worn Steven looks? What if that wand Aquamarine has isn’t her weapon–what if it’s a destabilizer created specially for Steven, and he’s feeling the effects?!


Things You Might Not Have Noticed About the Updated Theme Song

They’re on a warp pad in space…WAIT WHY ARE THEY IN SPACE?!

Connie is wearing the glow stick Steven gave to her all the way back in Bubble Buddies. (which definetly doesn’t glow anymore) How cute!

Looks like Jamie never found love

And then there’s this little demon

Parallels in the Flux Buddies saga and Blackrock.

Zoey: apprentice, kinda hyper, hears things from strange entities like barry.

Kim: apprentice, kinda hyper, hears things from strange entities like mother.

Rhythian: really powerful in MAGIC, mysterious history.

Duncan: really powerful in SCIENCE, mysterious history.

Ending of Blackrock: Castle explodes due to big bomb.

Ending of Flux Buddies 2.0: Evil lair explodes due to big bomb.

Also Flux Baddies Ending: Castle explodes due to big bombs.

What about Flux Baddies?

Specimen Five: apprentice/assistant/whatever, kinda hyper.

Lalnable: Powerful in both (blood) magic and SCIENCE, mysterious history.

I like how all the stories are kind of similar, especially with Blackrock and Duncan’s Castle, powerful guy lives alone, random girl falls from sky, best friends forever, base explodes/goes to the shitter after a while.

I can’t believe myself it’s like 2 weeks after my breakup and I already have two bomb fuck buddies. I don’t know whether to be ecstatic or ashamed that I’m back on my bullshit so I’m settling for a little of both