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Some Tips for Salmon Run

Note: This is an EXTREMELY LONG post, so Iโ€™m just gonna say what I covered: Griller exploits, Goldie, Fog, Low tide, Cohock invasion and Mothership events tips, some small tips for general gameplay, the buddy system, a priority list of bosses using my experience, and a list of specials I believe are most useful for all bosses, even event bosses. All of this is under cut

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Things You Might Not Have Noticed About the Updated Theme Song

They’re on a warp pad in space…WAIT WHY ARE THEY IN SPACE?!

Connie is wearing the glow stick Steven gave to her all the way back in Bubble Buddies. (which definetly doesn’t glow anymore) How cute!

Looks like Jamie never found love

And then there’s this little demon


me nd my fave bath bomb drinking buddy :)

Tomboy Buddy (Tenten - Naruto)

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Out of the Konoha girls, I thought Tenten had the cutest design. I also loved the fact that she was such a little weapons nerd: clever, supportive, but perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

We didn’t get any of that damsel-in-distress stuff with that girl, and she made for the perfect “straight man” to Lee’s antics in the Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals spin-off.

I love her. Honestly, I love all of Team Gai. They were my favorite squad as a whole.

So, what on earth would I put into a bath bomb modeled after this spunky kunoichi? Let’s find out!

Lemon Essential Oil


  1. Boost your mood and put a little cheer in the air! Lemon Essential Oil is a natural antidepressant. The smell brings to mind a clean, uplifting atmosphere that combats any mental miasma that may be lurking around the room or office.
  2. Fight inflammation and the signs of aging! Lemon Essential Oil contains a high antioxidant concentration, which can be used to fight age spots, wrinkles, a weak immune system, arthritis, and swelling.
  3. It’s a powerful astringent! This essential oil speeds up the healing process for cuts, scrapes, and wounds because it kills any harmful germs that come into contact with the damaged skin. You can even add a few drops to your mouthwash to really freshen up your breath. I especially love to apply this oil to my back, where I used to suffer from sebaceous cysts (not that I’ve had one since I began using essential oils). You can brighten your dull skin and keep it clean with a natural, healthy glow.
  4. Flush out toxins and water weight! Lemon Essential Oil is a diuretic, which means it increases the amount of times you have to urinate. Your body will do this to flush out toxins and bacteria, but it’s also a great way to reduce swelling on your joints, muscles, or abdomen.
  5. Decongest your airways! Lemon Essential Oil is a known remedy for coughs, colds, and stuffy noses. Diffuse it or put a few drops of the oil in your bath water for maximum effect.


Since Lemon Essential Oil is derived from the peel, which is a photosynthesizing part of the plant, this oil has some photosensitive properties. As a result, it is best to avoid going out in the sun or hitting the tanning bed for the next 12-36 hours after using this oil. Lemon Essential Oil will temporarily make you more sensitive to UV lights, increasing your risk of sunburn or phototoxicity.

Other than this one note of caution, Lemon Essential Oil is considered to be universally safe and (when diluted with a carrier or put in a bathtub) is safe for children.

Lavender Essential Oil

Pros: Lavender is one of your best friends when it comes to restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. It’s great for loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, gas, and a fussy stomach. It’s also remarkable for pain relief in cases where you’re troubled by migraines, toothaches, sprains, nerve pain, and joint pain.

Some folks even apply Lavender Essential Oil to the skin for hair loss and pain.


  1. Lavender has also been shown to slow down the central nervous system when used on the regular. If you plan to go under for surgery or anything else with anesthesia, please avoid using Lavender Essential Oil two weeks ahead of the scheduled procedure.
  2. Lavender should not be used by prepubescent and pubescent boys, as it can warp certain hormonal reactions and greatly increase risk for gynecomastia (male breast growth).
  3. If you are taking a sedative, adding Lavender Essential Oil to the mix may create too much drowsiness. Exercise caution!

Rosalina Essential Oil

Rosalina is a member of the Melaleuca genus (along with Niaouli, Cajeput, and Tea Tree) and shares some of the same properties as its cousins. It’s even referred to in Australia as the Lavender Tea Tree due to its smell.

While Tea Tree personally gives me migraines, I’ve had good luck with other Melaleuca plants and this one smells the nicest out of the whole bunch. It’s slightly lemony, slightly camphoraceous, and a tad sweet. Rosalina blends with a lot of things beautifully, and is one of the safest oils you can buy.


  1. Fight off a cold and congestion! Rosalina’s properties are similar to that of Eucalyptus. Out of the Melaleuca family, it’s the best choice for diffusing in a room if your child has a cold, respiratory infection, or the flu.
  2. Calm your mind and relax! Rosalina has a chemical composition of about 2/5 linalool: one of the best chemicals for promoting a calming, relaxing atmosphere. I like to blend it with Blue Tansy and diffuse it at night to promote good sleep with a clear, unclogged airway. Linalool can also be used to tone and even out your complexion!
  3. Clear your skin and fight off microbes! Like Tea Tree and its many cousins, Rosalina has antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral) properties. It’s a perfect choice for skin care and massage oils on sore muscles.


Rosalina Essential Oil is considered to be universally safe and is one of the few essential oils considered safe for diffusing while pregnant or nursing. Plant Therapy also calls it a “KidSafe” oil, which means (when diluted with a carrier oil or in a bath tub) this oil is safe for use on children 5 and up. In fact, out of the Melaleuca essential oils, Rosalina is the safest to use with children.

The only word of caution for this essential oil is that you may want to perform a patch test and exercise some caution if you have experienced an allergic reaction to Tea Tree, Cajeput, Eucalyptus (Globulus or Radiata), Niaouli, or Fragonia. I’m lucky in this regard. Even though Tea Tree gives me migraines, Rosalina doesn’t.

Altar - Kaitlyn x MC

So, my goal for femslash week was seven fan fics this week. Here is my seventh one. I think I am pooped out after this oh well. Thanks, @hanaslee for being the genius behind this week. I think I did my part. Anyways, of course I would want to end it on a story about Kaitlyn. So I am biased what can I say. Based on the song, Altar by Sweater Beats 

Summary: How Kaitlyn and Emily (MC) get back together after breaking up when they were babysitting Rico.  

I let my feelings at the moment ruined the best thing I had in my life. Kaitlyn and I broke up when babysitting Rico. She told me maybe we could try again later on. Then I thought we could go back later. We could work out our problems or at least be what we were before getting together. Right now it just felt like shattered mess.  

So at the start of the sophomore year, I thought I was over her. I came to a party thinking I could meet somebody new. Every time I thought about what she would be like I started thinking about brown eyes, she would be really smart, and about 5 foot 3 tall. Then, I had to shake my head because wait that’s Kaitlyn. See I always do this to myself comparing them to her lips. I know I shouldn’t but, no one’s no good without her. I am no good without her.

I know I built her an altar in the corner of my mind. I never felt with anyone what it felt like to be with her. Now, I was stuck thinking about Kaitlyn every night. I can remember what it felt like to be loved by her when I toss and turn in my bed without her.

I still know her number like it’s burned on my fingers. The night of the party about 2 or 3 in the morning Zack finds me drinking, and I was muttering Kaitlyn. Come on Emily I need you to help me a little so that I can get you back to your bed. I tried to help Zack by trying to move my legs but, I just fell to the floor. “Man, I didn’t think you were that heavy,” Zack joked.

Then Kaitlyn walked in I must be a glutton for punishment by renting a house with my ex-girlfriend. I rather see her than not. I rather have people I trust helping me paid the rent of this place each month. I know now I was wrong to walk away from the relationship.

Zach looked up and asked Kaitlyn for help. She dropped her bag and ran to support me to my room. I was still drunk, and I had no filter and said, “Kaitlyn, I still love you. My biggest regret with breaking up with you.” Zack interrupted me from saying any more truth bombs. “Hey, buddy remember you don’t have a filter.” My eyes went wide when I realized what I just said. Kaitlyn just kept silent on our way to my room. I felt mortified about what I said, so I shut up my mouth. Needless, it was a quiet trip to my room.  

We reached the door and Kaitlyn said, “Zack don’t worry I got her.” Zack opened up my door. I think she remembers doing this for me a couple of time last school year. I laughed to myself remembering her calling me a lightweight. “What is funny, Emily?” She asked me. “Just remembering last year with you by my side,” I confessed to her. She sat me down on my bed. “Thanks,” I mumbled. “No problem,” she said. She started to leave my bed side as I wrapped my blankets around me. There was so much I wanted to tell her but, as a scary cat that I am, I watched her leave my room.

I started to think about why did I let her leave? Would she stay if I asked? I looked down at the mess I am right now. I was thinking back on how I met you with coffee stain shirt, and you still thought I was cute at that time. The door creaked slowly open. I was surprised that someone was coming back I thought Kaitlyn and Zack would be in bed already.

“I just thought you might need these in the morning,” Kaitlyn said. My breath hitched as she came closer to my night stand. I was working up the courage to ask her something. It was reminiscent of the evening at the club when she told me her feelings were about me. So when she was turning around to leave I grabbed her wrist and said, “Tell me you’ll stay.”

I looked up at her eyes. Was it wishful thinking but, I think I still see the love for me in them. She blew out the breath she was holding. Kaitlyn said, “Okay just make some room for me.” She got comfortable and my back was to her. I didn’t know how close she was going to get to me but, she got flush with my back and one of her arms she laid on top of my waist. I was feeling her being the big spoon also made me giddy. I can already hear her breaths evening out. Maybe this is as right for her as it is for me I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next day with coldness in my bed where Kaitlyn was sleeping. No warm spot behind I started thinking it was just a dream. When I see half of sheet of notebook paper on my nightstand I realized it might not be a dream. I recognized Kaitlyn’s messy handwriting “Remember to take some aspirin and drink some water. I did enjoy being the big spoon again. Maybe we can try again?  - Kaitlyn”  

I took her up on her offer to try again. Five years down the road Zack was building Kaitlyn and I an altar for my and Kaitlyn’s wedding. When Zack was giving his best man speech saying, “Thank goodness I was the one that found Emily drunk in the kitchen because I know Chris wouldn’t have needed Kaitlyn’s help to get her to bed.”

Parallels in the Flux Buddies saga and Blackrock.

Zoey: apprentice, kinda hyper, hears things from strange entities like barry.

Kim: apprentice, kinda hyper, hears things from strange entities like mother.

Rhythian: really powerful in MAGIC, mysterious history.

Duncan: really powerful in SCIENCE, mysterious history.

Ending of Blackrock: Castle explodes due to big bomb.

Ending of Flux Buddies 2.0: Evil lair explodes due to big bomb.

Also Flux Baddies Ending: Castle explodes due to big bombs.

What about Flux Baddies?

Specimen Five: apprentice/assistant/whatever, kinda hyper.

Lalnable: Powerful in both (blood) magic and SCIENCE, mysterious history.

I like how all the stories are kind of similar, especially with Blackrock and Duncan’s Castle, powerful guy lives alone, random girl falls from sky, best friends forever, base explodes/goes to the shitter after a while.