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This should go without saying, but this will contain spoilers lol

And you guys have been great! I never thought I’d get thousands of notes on my posts! Feel free anytime you’d like to add on, point out something i missed, please do!

Anyway, this was a great episode. I love when we get Gem Lore, and boy, we got a lot 

First off, and what I’m most excited about, ROSE 100% IS NO WAY PINK DIAMOND! 

Jasper: “after what you did to my Diamond…your Diamond”

Steven: “Yellow Diamond?”



We don’t know exactly what happened but we assume Rose killed her.

EDIT: as pointed out to me, we don’t know what happened to PD as Jasper just said “What you did to PD” that could mean tons of things.

Ok, let’s breakdown what we learned:

  • Jasper served PD first
  • Jasper only started serving YD after PD was gone
  • SMOKEY QUARTZ, they’re so awesome!
  • ITS FUCKED UP  that Jasper fuses with corrupted Gems, they can’t consent. 
  • Wait til Garnet finds out, she’ll hate Jasper even more.
  • Steven gave Amethyst a good pep talk, hopefully she feels better
  • Apparently you can catch corruption, like a virus, from fusing with corrupt Gems
  • Jasper has caught Corruption 

I’ve never really liked or disliked Jasper, but man she needs help. I stand on Jasper the same way I do with Bismuth, I don’t agree with them, but I can see why they choose the things they do. Bismuth, because she was tired of seeing her friends die and wanted to shatter HW Gems and the Diamonds for payback, but that doesn’t make it right. Jasper, because she had to fight because of the Rebellion and Rose killed her Diamond. ‘an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind’ being blinded by revenge is a terrible thing.



EDIT: I really hope whenever Jasper comes back (the show doesn’t just throw away a character, we finally got closure on Centipeedle) that her and Amethyst have a sisterly bond…after Jasper is done being cray cray 

EDIT #2: as pointed out to me, we don’t know what happened to PD as Jasper just said “What you did to PD” that could mean tons of things.
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If you haven’t watched the early airing of Beta, spoilers below:

That was a great episode! Lots of cute moments and some Gem lore! I’m going to breakdown the new information we got from this episode

I will be talking alot about the Kindergartens, for ease I will refer to them as KG’s, BKG = Beta Kindergarten (the one showed in this episode, Jaspers KG) PKG = Prime Kidergarten (Amethyst’s KG)

Jasper was made on earth

 in yesterdays episode ‘Bismuth’ we learned Rose was made on earth too and we already knew Amethyst was. Earth must have the prime conditions for Quartz’ specifically.

to dispute a theory real quick: since ‘Bismuth’ aired people have been saying Rose lied about being made on Earth because shes a ‘old’ Gem. Being made on Earth doesn’t mean she was made right before the rebellion. I say it took hundreds or thousands of years for Homeworld to make the progress on Earth that they did before the rebellion happened. Remember “Rome wasn’t build in a day”, the Earth colony wasn’t either.

Beta Kindergarten isn’t as good as the PKG

It is made of sandstone (Peridot; “it will do in a pinch) it’s small for a KG, the holes are randomly placed and don’t line up.

The PKG is a well thought out KG

Peridot said that the PKG was a great KG. And that even though Amethyst emerged 500 years late, that the conditions was stacked in her favor for being made there. in ‘Bismuth’, Bismuth mentioned that not all Quartz can make a whip like Amethysts’ and was impressed, maybe the conditions at the PKG is why she has a good weapon?

Homeworld was desperate for soldiers

The BKG was rushed because in the middle of the rebellion HW needed more soldiers.

Peridots statement on that disproves the theory that HW doesn’t tell new Gems about the rebellion. I don’t think they tell them about the Corruption Bomb though 

Things we learned about Jasper

Jasper's exit hole is perfect, so perfect that Peridot, a certified Kindergartner, has never seen such a perfect hole. And Peridot says she’s the ultimate Quartz. 

Other things we learned:

  • Peridot ripped the bowtie off the alien she won in ‘Too Short to Ride’ and now wears it
  • Peridot and Lapis like to make meepmorp (art)
  • Lapis now likes Camp Pining Hearts
  • Peri said her tape recorder art makes her feel sad, she still misses it
  • Peridot is getting better at moving things with her mind
  • They have done alot to the barn

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Why Lion isn’t Pink Diamond

*the idea for this post come about from conversations between me and @wewillprotextyourearth, he deserves equal credit!*

-Beta, Earthlings and Back to the Moon spoilers-

A popular theory going around since the ‘Rose is Pink Diamond’ theory is debunked, is that Lion is Pink Diamond.

I’m going to discuss why i don’t think that’s true and give rebuttal to ‘evidence’ showing he is.

-The show uses he/him pronouns when referring to Lion

SU is a extremely progressive show, it’s about the only show that uses they/them pronouns for characters. Pink Diamond goes by female pronouns, I don’t see them calling Lion by male pronouns just to be like “BOOM LION IS PINK DIAMOND AND WE’LL BEEN CALLING HER WRONG PRONOUNS FOR 3 SEASONS” if anything they just could’ve made Lion a female from the start.

-He doesn’t have a Gem

We’ve never seen Lions Gem, if he had one i don’t see why we wouldn’t have seen it yet. On the Gem monsters we’ve seen, even ones with alot of hair, we’ve seen their Gems.

-”Lion is a Corrupt Gem that Rose tamed”

The Crystal Gems bubble Corrupt Gems for a reason, because Corrupt Gems are in pain. I highly doubt Rose would let a Gem that’s in pain roam around just to store stuff in it that she wants Steven to have. “Maybe Rose healed Lion enough that he’s not in pain” in ‘Monster Reunion’ Garnet mentioned that Steven healing Centipeedle is the best they’ve seen healing a Corrupt Gem work, so we can assume that Steven is better at healing than Rose. If it didn’t work with Steven, it wouldn’t work with Rose.

-In ‘Steven’s Lion’ no one was surprised he existed, just that Rose apparently had one.

The Crystal Gems know they are the cause of magical things on Earth. They even commented on it in ‘Keep Beach City Weird’. None of the characters have ever questioned why Lions magical abilities.

-”Steven is 50% of Rose, Lion is the other 50% of Rose”

Rose is half of Steven because Greg is the other half. Rose is a Gem, she isn’t like humans, she had to give 100% of herself to become half of Steven.

-”Pink Diamond was shattered and Rose put PD’s Gem Shards in Lion”

We’ve seen Gem Shards bring Frybo to life in ‘Frybo’ but Frybo didn’t have anywhere near the  intelligence or capacity for thought that Lion has, and like i stated about Gem monsters, Gem shards are in pain, Rose wouldn’t keep a Gem in pain for thousands of years just so Steven could have a pet.

So, what is Lion?

I’ve made a post on this before; What if Gem animals are a thing? Like said above, the Crystal Gems was never surprised that Lion existed or had magical powers, just that Rose had one and they didn’t know. Homeworld is very advance and animals would come in handy. Lion has a pocket dimension like Pearl so maybe they was used in battles to carry weapons.  

What is Lion?

I haven’t posted a theory in a few days so i’m getting back into it. Since the Rose is Pink Diamond is finally dead, alot have moved onto Lion is Pink Diamond. I haven’t read into this much so I don’t know how i feel about that (if you’d like to give me the evidence for it please message me!)

For now I’m going to offer a different theory:

The Crystal Gems know nothing on Earth except them and their technology is magic. In ‘Keep Beach City Weird’ when Steven is showing Pearl and Amethyst all of Ronaldo’s ‘evidence’ they point out all that stuff is from them, and how they cause all the weird ‘magical’ things in town. They might not know how to interact with humans but they know what humans are capable of.

One thing I’ve always found odd was in ‘Rose’s Scabbard’ is that no one was really surprised that Lion was magical, only that Rose had a Lion.

They’ve been on Earth for about 7,000 years. They’ve had a lot of time to interact with the species on this planet, and I’m sure they’ve seen that animals here don’t have magical powers like Lion does.

So that gets to my theory, what if gem animals are a thing? Again no one was surprised that Lion exists, just that apparently Rose had one. Maybe there is animals on Homeworld and they make them like they do Gems.