More Rebel!Holly Blue…

My AU for Rebel Holly is that she was there when the Famethyst were popping out of their holes, helping some out and welcoming them. But when she saw our amethyst’s hole still not opened, she got concerned. Holly and the famethyst kept waiting for her. Holly did not want to leave until she popped out but the kindergartners told her to forget about that one. Holly was so upset! She told 8xG,L,and J to go back to earth and get the amethyst that was left behind. But they came back empty. They told Holly that when they got to her hole, she was gone. She had to go see it herself. She was afraid, thinking the worst; What if she got shattered? lost? her cubby hole was smaller than average she was the baby of the kindergarden. But when steven and the gems came to their facility. One of the famethyst told her to come to their room and there Holly began to tear up and embraced Amethyst, relived to know that this whole time that she was alright. 


For all those times I threw my bomb out and did nothing. This was my redemption.

yeah no i still wake up every morning — and the soft sunlight trickling in through my curtains and the birds chirping outside and my crops already watered by the early dawn rain — because lance is cuban, yes.

guns-ships-bombs  asked:

On the whole Inej thing, personally since Inej's culture is mostly fiction (though it is parallel to real life), I mostly see her on the South Asian spectrum. I'm South Asian myself (Sri Lankan), so IM SO FRICKIN HAPPY with the representation. But I also hate it when theres a brown/South Asian character, and people just assume they're Indian. Haha, I think I'm just petty about being mistaken for it. But ya, I think as long as they are SA, fancasts are fine. But that might just be me

you’re not being petty, let’s be real there is a huge stigma around asians in general and i deal with it so often irl it’s annoying. sometimes people are extremely ignorant when it comes to how diverse the spectrum actually is. 

but….damn i guess i was guilty of assuming her race too bc like i said i’d already seen neelam gill everywhere and the more i read i had this thought process of oh, she must be indian and that’s why the fancast is so popular. and that was before i was even aware of leigh’s tweet confirming neelam was an ideal fancast so yikes™. i didn’t realize until now, but that was actually pretty gross of me :\ 

anyways, thanks for the insight!