no this is not islam
not chrisitianity
not judism
not hinduism
this is simply barbarism at its best
to take lives of children with dreams and aspirations and oh God so many things to see yet
this is not what a human being does

you have stones where we have hearts
you have water where we have blood
your bloodshed guarantees your victims heaven
but ever lasting hell for you

you are not a martyr in Gods eye
and i hope….i hope there is an afterlife
and i hope with every tear i dropped for the lives you took
that they will be there to watch you suffer 100 times than you made them suffer

—  fatima tariq
Take your time to heal. We are still going to be here through whatever and whenever. We will never think of leaving you. We are a family. You are not alone in this battle. It wasn’t your fault, and nobody wanted that to happen. Stop blaming yourself. You deserve nothing but the best. The love of the world is greater than hatred and violence. That’s what your music taught all of us.
We will keep those beautiful and innocent angels in our prayers. We will pray for the families who have lost their loved ones and send them comfort. Our prayers could bring change to our hurting and broken world. We will keep on praying.
We need you to be strong and hold on. We are so excited to see you again with a big smile on your adorable face. We will wait for the time that you are completely healed and ready to inspire people through your God-given talent. We will wait to see the moonlight in your eyes again.
This world can be a dark place, but fear will never control us. Even after the worst storm, the sun will shine again. Better days are coming. Just hold on, everything’s gonna be alright.
—  E.J. Cenita, An Open Letter to Ariana Grande
Yesterday, a bomb went off in Manchester,
In an arena, filled with women and girls and families,
Watching a show that was part of the “Dangerous Woman” tour.

What is a dangerous woman?
Is it a woman who brandishes a weapon?
Is it a woman who lacks empathy?
Is it a woman who reviles humanity?

To me, it seems, a dangerous woman is one who has autonomy,
A woman who owns her sexuality,
A woman who lives independently.

To me, it seems, a dangerous woman is a woman who thinks,
Or a woman who can read,
Or worse: A woman who likes to speak–

But really, a dangerous woman is one who is unafraid.

Do you know how dangerous it is to be a dangerous woman?

Because yesterday, young women, mothers, families, filed into an arena to watch a young woman perform.
She called herself a “dangerous woman” on her tour.
She wore a flashy costume, make up upon her face, heels on her feet.
She danced and she sang.
She moved her own body her own way.
And the girls in the crowd watched and they cheered for her as her music played.

Shortly after that, a bomb went off.

How dangerous is it to be a dangerous woman in a world that wants you to remain afraid?

Do we have a right to feel badly,
While babies wash onto shore,
While girls are raped and sold,
While bombs are dropped onto villages, on the young and the old,
While still, we want to deny them refuge–
We want to deny them safety from the pain we helped ensue.

Because, well, we are afraid.
We are afraid to let in the “wrong ones”,
And so, we’d rather let in no one,
Because no one is better than a wrong one,
And one less wrong one is better than saving a thousand right ones,
Because who cares if they’re right ones if they’re not white ones–


In India, a while ago, a woman was forced unconscious,
Beaten to death,
Run over by a car,
And disfigured,
All in an attempt to rob her of her humanity, rob her of her voice, rob her of any other choice–

Because a woman with a voice, a woman with a choice, a woman who is unafraid, is a dangerous one.

And those men were afraid,
So they “put her in her place”,
And, like cowards, they left while dogs ate her remains.

But in this world filled with dangerous women, this is commonplace.

Do we have a right to feel badly,
While refugees are denied entry, from the very attacks we fear,
While women disappear, so fucking frequently,
While we elect a demagogue to the highest position in this fucking country–
Do we even have a right to feel badly?

Because, yesterday, in Manchester, a bomb went off,
At a concert aimed at young women and girls,
For a tour called “Dangerous Woman”–
And as I read about the strewn bodies and the blood,
About the 22 dead, the 59 injured, the lives changed for good–

I looked at the president,
Who has made surviving abuse, or rape,
Who has made pregnancy, or, more simply, “Existing While Woman”,
A pre-existing condition that denies women safety
That denies women humanity–
Because all you dangerous women,
Should be afraid,
And if you aren’t afraid,
This president, or like those men in India, or like that bomber in Manchester,
Will remind you of your place.

I looked at the president,
Who refers to the perpetrated attackers as “evil losers”,
Who tells us to be afraid of those “evil losers”–
But also to be afraid of the ones running from those “evil losers”–
I can’t help but be filled with rage,
I can’t help but refuse to be afraid–

Because we are not the good ones,
Because we are not the better ones – not even close –
Because I don’t stand behind a country that is fueled by my fear –
Fueled by fiery, blazing fear –
Because those “evil losers”
Had a message last night,
In Manchester,
That seems to be very similar
To our own,
Not so loud,
Not so obvious,
Not so bloody,

Dangerous Women, a poem by, Dana Espinosa

RIP to all the victims of the Manchester bombing, and every other bombing taken place during this war, and RIP to all the women who have died at the hands of men, whether directly or indirectly. I am so sorry. © Dana Espinosa 2017


Asexual FAHC Jeremy Stimboard

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