2016 is a fucking joke I swear to God

We got multiple celebrities dead
A shit ton of bombings and shootings
The Turkey political thing
Emos return
North Korea declaring war (again)
Trump is a legit candidate
So is Hilary

Basically David bowie was holding the fabric of the universe together

  • North Korea:*declares war*
  • me:lmao okay bitch I've been waiting come @ me I dare u
  • bighit:yoongis mixtape about to drop!!1!
  • Exo:coming @ u with that repackaged album
  • me:
  • me:ok but maybe if u can hold off on bombing us for a few months
Steven Universe Isn’t Meddling

He’s learning how to heal. Oh, and before you start reading, SPOILERS for Steven Universe Season 3 through 3×15, “Alone at Sea.”

We’re more than halfway through season 3 and Steven has been doing a lot healing, as well as getting involved in other people’s business. He is Steven after all. Our favorite human/gem fusion can’t seem to stop sticking himself in the middle of other people’s problems (see also 2×04, 2×17). “Monster Reunion” (3×14) and “Mr. Greg” (3×08) might be the most blatant examples, but almost every episode has one or the other. It’s pretty safe to say we have a theme here.

I prefer to call his actions ‘mediation’. Why? And why pair it with healing? They’re two sides of the same coin. Mediation is really a form of interpersonal healing and reconciliation. Steven as healer has been a highly anticipated development in Steven’s arc ever since he healed Connie’s eyesight (1×24). Rose was a healer herself, so it makes sense that her son would inherit those powers, though obviously with his own unique twist (healing spit instead of healing tears). Many fans have speculated that a part of Steven’s power will be the ability to heal the corrupted gems in the temple. I mean, come on, they’re Chekov’s bubbles.

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