On September 18th, 1980, Americans came very close to nuclear disaster. During maintenance on a Titan II missile in an Arkansas silo, an airman dropped a wrench, which plummeted 70 feet and punctured the missile, spraying rocket fuel everywhere. The incident was quickly covered up, but had the bomb exploded, millions would have been killed or irradiated. Source

Ahmed Mohamed ('Clock boy' who was arrested after bringing a home made clock to school) Said His Family Was Forced to Move to Qatar

As reported by the LA Times, he and his family fleed to Qatar from the U.S. because of racial and religious persecution.

“For the safety of my family, I have to go back to Qatar, because right now it’s not very safe for my family or for anyone who’s a minority," Mohamed said.

Attorney Christopher Stoy told the LA Times that they received death threats for representing Mohamed and his family. Stoy said this is a burden that Mohamed had to bear since the minute his arrest went viral.

"This is something Ahmed has experienced from the beginning,” Stoy said to the LA Times. “He told me, ‘When all the hate starts coming at you, you can’t let it affect you. Promise me, Chris, you won’t let it affect you.’”

Despite the racist and Islamophobic backlash, the young boy’s passion for science is still going strong.

“Creating things … it’s not something he wants to give up on,” Stoy said. “He’s got a great spirit for a kid involved in a situation like this.”

I want to thank all the racist white guys on here who have bravely stood up to a 15 year old boy and told him to get out of the US for building a clock. #Hate it!