bom only

  • Price: Look Arnold, I'm sorry for being so horrible to you at the beginning of our mission-
  • Cunningham: Kevin-
  • Price: No, really, I'm so sorry for being such a dick to you-
  • Cunningham: Kevin, we've been married for 8 years now, you don't need to keep apologising!

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idk who to complain about this to but i just saw someone say bom was completely irrelevant to the plot and that the only good thing about it was it killed shi////eth with the "you're like a brother to me line" and i just ????? they claim to be a keith fan to and i just don't understand how

I mean sure, if you only care about K/eith when he’s Gay For L/ance™ I can see how finding out about rebel organisations, spies, potential allies and K/eith’s Ga/ra heritage seems “completely irrelevant”


we’ve already determined that this is Elder Price right

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Do any of the Mercs have any tattoos? (Besides Scouts Sex Bom one)

Scout: Only has the Sex Bom one, would like to get more if he can find the time and a good tattooer.

Solider: Has the American flag and an egal all down his right arm, on his left arm has the image of Zhanna.

Pyro: Is covered head to toes in tattoos.

Engineer: Has a love heart on his right butt cheek. He got it when he was wasted back in college.

Demoman: Has none, never got around to it and was never able to find something he liked enough to put on his body forever.

Heavy: Has the name of his mother and sisters on his chest, where his heart is. To remind him of who he is and where he has come from.

Medic: On his back has a massive skull, thinks it looks cool.

Sniper: Has none. Would like to get one but with the job of an assassin having a tattoo might make him more identifiable.

Spy: Thinks that his infinite symbol on his wrist makes him stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t.