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I’d like to remind people of this video’s existence because everyone deserves to watch this

Musical Boots

-Hey so I decided to upload all my bootlegs to a google drive, here’s the link- 

message me if you have any problems (or if you just wanna chat im down)

Here are all the boots included (I’ll try to update this regularly):

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we love to dance and shout, and let all our feelings out

all of mckinley’s yells/shouts <3

(he’s not in the last shot but i’m guessing that’s him)

  • every other musical fan: oh yeah i see a musical every month and have seen a broadway musical 2907 times but that's not much
  • me: yeah i've seen 4 west end shows, i've never seen a broadway show and i would die without the existence of bootlegs

Some of my favourite photos with my favourite Elder Price, KJ Hippensteel!

He’s the loveliest guy, plus he’s so good with my gender identity and pronouns which makes talking to him feel so comfortable and special.

things i noticed when i went to see book of mormon london


-the airline was called airfrica airlines

-they had a stand of neck pillows in the airport lmao

-connors gang signs all the time!!!! all the time!!! it was wonderful he was trying so hard

-they lift price up during all american prophet its great

-theyre all so bouncy!!! all the time!!!! its like they’ve all had 12 cups of coffee

-they also all have such weird accents its amazing like u spend half the show thinking theyre putting them on its wonderful

-cody is so so funny bless him

-the mcpriceley lean in™ was gold tbh

-arnold tries to vlog the carcass bless his heart

-connor holds prices hand leading him to his room

-also when arnold goes “we get to sleep next to each other!” connor looks rly sad he just goes “,,,,yeah” its adorable

-the whole thing is adorable they’re all so into the choreography its so pure they’re bouncing constantly

-the board that tracks elders progress has “come on elders!” on it with three underlines it was obviously connor that did it

-making things up again was so pure cody really went for it and the ugandans all looked so bored lmao

-then spooky mormon hell dream was gr9 the choreography was amazing and the mcpriceley???? pure like connor is wearing this red glittery suit thing and hes so so camp and he got like 3 bits of the song just for him and there was a point where price runs after him and con puts his hand on the back of kevins head like hes gonna kiss him then he gets taken away

-they keep lifting price??? like is kj really light or something lmao

-i believe is funnier irl it all is i couldn’t stop laughing

-baptise me was so funny bless

-also naba so knows what’s going on she kept like going up to him and getting rly close and at the point where they both turn around and arnold freaks out in this she just like,,, stood behind him for ages waiting like this girl knows

-i am africa iconic tbh

-joseph smith american moses was obviously hilarious but the best bit was the elders like mckinley looked so hype at the start he was like jigging around and dancing bless him and then it got bad and he just like gasps and held his hand over his mouth for most of it and at one point he got knocked by a bit of cloth and he looked disgusted

-also whilst we’re here mckinley??? so camp. like, whenever he moved he was like flourishing his hands and shit god bless

-also throughout jsam price was like openly laughing and actually looked interested and arnold was horrified he kept dabbing his face but also at one point he was laughing behind his cloth and trying to hide it lol

-the mission president was a mess he hated it

-then salt lake city reprise was so good leanne is such a good singer

-tomorrow is a latter day!!! its so gay connor is so gay

-its all so pure and the audience were all standing up and clapping along it was great!


nabalungi names:




nicky minaj

nigel farage


then!!!!!!the cast!!!!!!

met some ensemble and they were all rly rly nice like they all want to chat and see how i liked it it was great

side note i was the only person at stage door who wasn’t one of kj’s friends waiting specifically for him kms

but leanne was lovely we had some bants and she looked so pleased when i told her it was my first time seeing the show

and then!!!!!!!!! i met cody jamison strand and kj hippensteel,,, the stars,,, the best,,,pure

kj is so tall like its a bit intimidating but hes also lovely and he was great

cody was the best i walked away crying bc he was so nice like he looked a bit awkward bc kj was meeting friends and i like,,, waved and he came over and we had a full conversation like he asked if he could sign andrews legs and said he always asks and i was like yeah go for it, deface andrew rannells,, and it was so good and i said i want to play cunningham when im older and he said and i quote “you go girl you just gotta be crazy” and he looked so pleased and was so supportive i love him so mucj

essentially it was such a wonderful show 10/10 would recommend, the people next to me were seeing/hearing it for the first time which was so funny to listen to and yeah!!!! the best!!!!! the performers were wonderful and the band was great and it was just amazing go see book of mormon