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i don’t ship mcpriceley

i ship nic and stephen friendship 


My friend said he felt attracted to this Deku

When he claimed to be straight as I showed him some HeroAca doujins I bought in Japan :-))) what a wonder

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leo-baskerville  asked:

please give me lotor disciplining white-hair bom keith or give me DEATH, poof ( aka whaaat is this AU )

as you wish ;3c

so this au is basically an alternate reality where the BOM aren’t a rebel organization, instead they’re assassins who work under the galra empire. keith is born and raised in the BOM (his mother raised him for a while before she left for an important mission)–he’s then taken care of by thace. years pass, lotor has returned back from his exile–haggar obivously doesn’t trust lotor so she asks kolivan to send his finest troops to watch over lotor. lotor is given the choice to choose who will be his bodyguard and he chooses keith.

I just want to give a few tips for people with super long hair.
  • When you shower, use whatever temperature you usually use but once you are done, turn the water cold and soak your hair in cold water. Get all the hot water out because this will make your hair shine and shit
  • Focus shampoo mainly near the roots. Shampoo is something that removes oils and your ends can be pretty dry so they don’t need that too much.
  • Focus conditioner at the ends. Conditioner is filled with oils which your ends needs, dont put it in your roots, it can make your scalp all moist and gross. (also dont use conditioner every day)
  • When you dry your hair with a towel, dont rub the hair together, squeeze the hair with the towel so you wont damage it further.
  • Blow dry your roots, this way it wont get moist and shit in your scalp which can result gross swampy shit or dandruff etc
  • Always brush your hair before sleeping/showering
  • Long hair can often be heavy and seem as if its glued to your face. To get a little lift, sleep with your hair up in a SUPER high pony tail and the tighter the better. Once you wake up and let your hair down, BOM BAM UR A GODDESS/GOD

Hope it helps. Remember some of these things works differently for different people but all these works amazingly for me, hope it helps you<3