bom bullying

Can "blackjacks" stop posting 🐍 on Minzy's instagram?

Its childish and not true. She didnt do anything wrong.

Now she unfollowed CL (who didnt follow her) and Bom (who isnt even using IG) who unfollowed her too, and some Bigbang members who unfollowed her too and everybosy is going crazy. Wth men grow up ugh x.x

you are all just looking for drama because you are butthurt over the fact that she left 2NE1 to go solo.

Support her or leave her alone. 

[CONFIRMED] Chanyeol will be part of SBS' new variety show "ROOMMATE"

together with 2NE1’s Park Bom..etc.!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!

Chanyeol you better get close to BOM as much as possible cuz that’s your only ticket to get closer to DARA!!!! XD But I hope he gets bullied by BOM though~ *evil laughs*