bom bom pregnant

On the topic of Kevin buying baby clothes. In the style of notlikelionking.

Aisle I.7 is the last place Connor McKinley thinks he’ll see one of his elders again. Kevin Price cuts a striking figure against the baby blue backdrop of onesies and pacifiers. There’s a Gerber jar in his hand.

Connor approaches before he stops to think.

“Hi,” he greets.

The erstwhile Elder Price turns, narrows his eyes, then- “Oh! Hi!”

Connor smiles. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“Here, Provo?”

“Here, Walmart.” Connor waves to the bleached-out walls and yellow rollback tags. “Here, in… with this. Stuff. Baby things.”

Kevin blushes, like he didn’t realize where he was. “Right. Walmart isn’t my usual, um. It’s not classy.”

Connor shifts his shopping basket. “You care about that?”

“Well- No, I- No, I don’t. My mom… She used to care. I’ll take the tags off, though, so…”

So Elder Price still talks to his mother. Lucky him.

“For my sister.”

“Beg pardon?” Connor asks.

Kevin holds up the jar again. It’s peach puree.

“It’s for my niece-to-be. Or nephew. Becca wants to be surprised for some reason. I don’t get why. It makes it a hell of a lot harder to buy anything for the little guy, but…” Kevin shrugs.

Connor smirks. “There’s the Elder Price I know. Does your mother know about that dirty mouth of yours?”

Kevin doesn’t take that well. “‘Hell’s not bad,” he grumbles, shoulders hunched. “There’s worse words.”

“Yes,” Connor replies cautiously. “You’ve said those, too.”

“Do we have to talk about this?”

“Of course not.” Connor backs up. He straightens up and smiles, and suddenly hopes the rainbow flag on his phone case isn’t visible from his pocket. “It was good to see you.”

“Oh.” Kevin smiles, too. Politely. There’s a cart beside him, with baby washcloths and a stack of diapers inside. “You, too. Do you-”

Connor’s already backing away. “Sorry, I’ve got-”

Kevin shakes his head. “No, I get it.”

“I’ll see you around?”


Connor reaches the end of the aisle and stops. There’s bowls and utensils down here, technicolor and small.

“I have a Facebook,” he offers. “Look me up.”

Kevin meets his eyes. “Yeah?”


“Yeah. Okay, I will.”

Connor smiles. Waves. Turns around and strides back towards the paper goods section. He’ll go have a little freak out, and sneak around the front to get to personal items instead of taking the back way, where Kevin Price currently lurks.

Kevin Price. Huh. Who would’ve thought.