am i cool yet: musicals i like edition

musicals as haikus

i was technically supposed to be doing schoolwork today during 2nd period but 🤷🏼‍♂️

dear evan hansen

hey look it’s a fucking tree

connor murphy’s dead

hamilton by lin

everyone’s shipping dead guys

made musicals cool

falsettos oh no

jewish homosexuals

oh my god he’s dead

“newsies stop the world”

race, albert, elmer, and specs

eighteen ninety nine

the book of mormon

hasa diga eebowai

book shoved up the ass

be more chill (is gay)

take a pill and then you’re cool

“you’re keanu reeves”

long ass fucking name(s)

andre who i don’t know her

names in the titles

21 chump street

“what the heck i gotta do?”

give me some drugs please

we’re not gonna pay

five two five 600k

no day but today

the greatest showman

why don’t we rewrite the stars?

sweet sweet tailor boy

mean girls musical

she’s the apex predator

barrett wilbert weed

the signs as musicals

sorry if i gave your sign a musical you hate, if your favourite music isn’t on this list, or if you disagree with my opinions, but remember: they’re just opinions!

airies: newsies. fiery + passionate.

taurus: hairspray. outspoken + stubborn.

gemini: falsettos. energetic + smart.

cancer: spring awakening. gentle + emotional.

leo: hamilton. boisterous + ambitious.

virgo: legally blonde. determined + witty.

libra: bonnie & clyde. charming + romantic.

scorpio: heathers. cunning + secretive.

sagittarius: tuck everlasting. adventurous + light.

capricorn: waitress. hard-working + structured.

aquarius: the book of mormon. quirky + fun.

pisces: natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812. dreamy + mellow.

Destiel is as straight as (musical theatre edition):

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apparently this

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bom on yg future strategy office 👢