what part of “i don’t know how to dance” has you in the lead?

quick doodle!!! it looks rlly sloppy ik

i had this little scene in my head where at some point mckinley teaches kevin how 2 dance because kevin claims he doesnt really know how to and it ended up with them slow dancing and it turns out that kevin really just wanted to hold mckinley but fuck i suck at fics so i just drew the lil shits

also i copied the shit out of the first pic that comes on google images when u google “slow dancing reference” so have that lmao

anonymous asked:

o heavenly father, must i turn it off or turn it the hell on?

According to verse 3:25 of The Book of Arnold, Jesus encourages all of his followers to dance and shout and let all of their feelings out.

One of our fellow members of the church has stated he enjoys “turning it the hell on” and will never “turn it off” again.

I wanna say I kinda expected for Bommie to sign with the Black Label, because Teddy is a producer in YG and we know Bom autioned for YG many times and she holds everyone very dear including artists and staff, so of course she wouldn’t go to some company/label she doesn’t really know.

Anyway I am glad she confirmed which is her new label. I hope we get new music from her soon!