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ok, so I finally saw the latest ep of game of thrones. I had read the comments about the Theon-jumping-ship thing before. The entirety of the conversation around ‘Theon’s decision’ is that it was a decision.

Speaking as someone who has lived with PTSD for quite some time, now, I want to clarify that that isn’t necessarily the case. PTSD, (C-PTSD, in particular,) is a very very powerful disorder.

 In that situation, Theon most definitively WANTED to help his sister, but when you have PTSD, wanting to do something and actually being able to do that thing are two very different things. 

 You can’t fully understand that mindset if you have never experienced it, but believe me, Theon in that moment, did not have a choice.

draco loves high school musical
  • *watches all three high school musicals for a week straight while harry is away on auror business*
  • Harry : draco! im home! *flips on the living room light*
  • Draco : *hissing dramatically, decked out in a Wildcats jersey, with a 2006 HSM blanket around him*
  • Harry : draco...?
  • Draco : *whispering* what team? wildcats. what team? wildcats....

anonymous asked:

what do you think abt euron greyjoy? he seems to be giving off a slight ramsay-esque vibe, especially after the recent 2nd episode

I have joined Team Euron for the rest of the show hahaha.

Yea, I mean the actor even said he will be “worse than Ramsay”, though the only way I could see THAT happening is if they include things from his latest chapter… (and not even then, for me personally…)

What I think is meant is not worse as in the things he is doing to single characters but more dangerous and damaging to the world. Euron is very experienced in warfare and knows how to control and lead an army/crew, he already has a lot of power (and had it from the start). Ramsay was not that privileged.

I also get the feeling Euron wants to conquer and dominate THE WHOLE WORLD and be worshipped and even become some sort of god himself, while with Ramsay, it seems to be a lot more personal after what he is going (and that’s also the reason I like him better).

For the differences Show/Book Euron, I did not like his introduction, but now I like him very much, good job. They mixed in a bit of Victarion in the show too, which is cool.

I’m just waaaaay more relaxed about changes for characters when I’m not that extremely invested. I try to enjoy the show now, and with Euron I have a new fav. character to watch on screen. And he will hopefully give us many more nice scenes.

Look I am fully aware that Theon just did a shitty shitty thing there

But those shots were not just for scenic effect

Seeing others cut up, or in the process of being tortured, clearly brought back memories of the deep trauma Ramsay inflicted upon him

Theon may be weak and cowardly, and to an extent he has always been that way

But he is also a deeply deeply traumatised man, and it’s very very clear that to him Euron is not just a terrifying uncle - Euron is another Ramsay, another person to torture torture torture him.

So he flees. Is it cowardly? Yes. Can I blame him? No. I can’t.


‘The Return of the Living Dead’ by Chris Bolton aka Savage Zombie Art