boltons boltons boltons


You’re part of a very powerful house, and both Robb Stark and Ramsay Bolton want you. 

{ Open starter-Role call Ramsay }

“How did he survive?”

The man in black did not speak a word, did not give reason but did only of what she required. Wildfire eyes look up to him, trying to find anything in his face, emotion and yet it was nothing. Just an icy glare, awaiting for his dismissal. Feeling defeated she nods to him, allowing such, as her fingers would play at the rings of her hands. He bows just to make his way up the steps and out the door. Cersei watches the man leave before looking over to Qyburn, hunched over the Bolton boy who’s face has been mangled due to many hungry dogs.

“It will take a lot of work, but I am certain I can get him back to working order.” Concerned she watches him clean up the boy’s face who’s barely breathing. He’s lost a good amount of blood and perhaps due to the cold winter, he was able to survive the travel from Winterfell to King’s Landing. “Do all that you can. If you require anything, come to me–directly.”

Qyburn stands up and looks over to her. “I may need to obtain another body. If his face is badly torn.” It frightened her to an extent what Qyburn could do, what he wanted to do but the man respects her and all she could do is respect him back. He holds power that no other person has, after all he gave her Ser Gregor. “Yes, have Ser Gregor help with your needs.” There’s this low hum of mumble, as Qyburn pokes and prods at the man’s face. He had to clean it, and see what he could do with it. She left him to his work knowing there was nothing she could do.

Why did she bother bringing a almost dead boy here? Because Lannister’s pay their debts. The world needs monsters, and Ramsay is one of those types that shouldn’t be allowed to die so easily. The Queen always has something up her sleeve. Always.

Me, watching The Greatest Showman: Wow. What a beautiful piece of art, one that fits the word. Inspiring to all, songs like This Is Me that make you proud and inspired, like you are a part of something, makes you feel unashamed. Its a gorgeously filmed piece, stunning to the eyes and ears. Stories of overcoming social boundaries and stories of overreaching with fame, a story of interwoven family and love, a masterpiece of a film.

Me also: wow look at troy bolton and rocky blue go yay childhood