‘The Return of the Living Dead’ by Chris Bolton aka Savage Zombie Art

Life after DWTS! Ch 2

Bonner’s P.O.V.
He was less than an hour away from his plane landing in LA. For some reason he is nervous and his nervousness has nothing to with the modeling it has to do with the red head that he knew that he was going to see while he was there. He still hadnt told her that he was going to be there…he wanted to see her but he was just so damn nervous. His plane finally landed and he got in the car that was sent for him and was headig for the hotel. He knew he had to call her or at least text her and let her know. He pulls out his phone and scrolls through his contacts until he sees her name
Hey Shar I know that it has been awhile but i was just going to let you know that i am going to be in LA for 2 weeks. Was wondering if sometime while I am here if you wanted to grab dinner and catch up.
Now all he has to do is wait!

Sharna’s P.O.V.
I was in the middle of tour reherseals and everything was going great..the dances were coming along great and they felt amazing. But something was tugging at her mind and apparently her face was showing it because she was approached by one of the three people that could tell when something was bothering her by the look on her face.
Babe, is something bothering you
No, Everything is ok Val
You know that i am here if you need anyone to talk to
I know, thanks babe
No problem at all, love you
love you too!
She went to check her phone and see if she had missed any calls or texts and the person that is on her mind is the name that she saw on her phone! BONNER! She read his text message and she knew that she was going to get her chance a whole lot sooner than she thought that she was going to.
Hey B, I would love to have dinner just let me know which night is best for you and we can go.
She had sent the text and set her phone down in her bag and was getting ready to go back and dance again.. PING
I cant wait to see you!
I know, I miss you too B
She just smiled at his last message and then sit her phone down. And then she heard the boys HEY so she turned around and saw the last person she expected to see. Especially not this soon…Bonner Bolton
She stayed back while everyone else greeted him and said their hellos. She would have her chance and she didnt want to have to rush, she just wanted to take her time with him. After about 10 mins of waiting she was sitting on the couch on her phone. She looked up and saw those beautiful blue eyes that she missed looking into so much. She got up and just wrapped her arms around his neck and she felt his arms go around her waist and she never wanted him to let her go but all to soon her pulled away and kissed her on her head.
Bonner’s P.O.V.
It just felt right having her in his arms and he never wanted to let her go but he knew that she would get curious if he held on to her to long!
How have you been?
Ive been good just been busy getting ready for tour. How have things been back in Texas
Everything has been great, just been working on the ranch getting back into the routine of everything.
So about dinner, how about we go tomorrow night if you are free?
Tomorrow night sounds great I will pick you up about 8 tomorrow. That gives you time to do everything that you have to do.
Alright that sounds great.
They just stood there smiling at each other and their eyes wouldnt leave each other. One person in the room with them was watching and could tell even from the beginning of the season that there was something between them and he was going to make sure that they both got their happily ever after because Sharna had been family to him for years and he became close with Bonner throughout the past season and he knew that they would both be perfect for each other. This a time that the saying Opposites Attract is so very true!

Next Chapter will be them both getting ready for dinner and the dinner date

What you should know about Riverdale:

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Betty Cooper

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Veronica Lodge

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Archie Andrews

Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Cheryl Blossom

SINNAMON ROLL: Jughead Jones