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Bolton Wanderers Football Club is shocked to hear that Georgina Callander has been the first victim named in the horrific attack at Manchester Arena.

Georgina played in the club’s Under-11s ladies team in 2010 under the management of Jayne Jackson, who still works at Bolton Wanderers Community Trust.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family during this awful time of loss.

Georgina and all will be remembered at our Annual Memorial Service tonight.

There will also be a minute’s silence before the first team ladies’ friendly against Wigan Athletic tomorrow evening at Macron Stadium, where the team will wear black armbands.

lady-heart-stonecold  asked:

Hi! I'm loving your blog, especially your headcanon with Theon because he's my baby. hahahaAnyway, you could maybe do another, where the reader is Ramsay's sister and Theon / Reek is totally attached to her, because she's the one who keeps him sane?ps * Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian and I'm doing the best I can, whatever

  • They escape to the forest to spend time together when Ramsay is busy with something. They kiss slow between little anecdotes about his life, he does not talk about himself as Theon, but he likes to talk about what flavours he likes the most or which season is his favourite. 
  • She’s a bit cruel when Ramsay is present, nothing humiliating, for example, she lets things fall over and over so he has to pick them up. It keeps Ramsay thinking she considers him her pet and Theon prefers to be close to her than the young Bolton. 
  • He wanders around the halls near to her bedroom and sometimes he just spends time watching her. That’s why they talked alone at first, she caught him staring into his bedroom. He expected her to punish him or to tell Ramsay about it, but she just prepared a bath for him. She usually makes him take a bath if anything more intimate could happen. 
  • Intimate things are mainly Theon pleasuring her (for obvious reasons). That made him think she may just be using him since there was no chance of marrying and the relation was more sexual than affective. 
  • He decided to just push her away and avoid her as much as he could, which made her think Ramsay had done something serious to him. Her worry made Theon realize that she did appreciate him. 
  • He spends his days waiting for next time he will be able to see her or which excuse he could use to go find her. He goes to sleep thinking about the way she laughs, how her hair smells, her lips…

Okay, I can’t believe that I haven’t written about this before! Also I’m not that good at writing stuff like this so imma try now.

So the date was 17th Of January 2015 and it was the Sheffield Wednesday match against Bolton Wanderers. My Uncle had just turned 50 and wanted to go in one of those executive boxes, so my Mum and Grandad paid for this trip to Sheffield. Downfall for me was I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans… :( but the fact we got our own personal waitress made up for that. We arrived all suited and booted and headed up the stairs of the stadium, and into the main lobby. Sharron (our guide) lead us up to our box (number 27) and told us the stadium tour was in a couple of minutes. Everyone sat down while me and my Dad went to get the drinks.

Nothing much happened till the tour. We were in the Sheffield Wednesday changing room where Arctic Monkeys were blasting out. I remember me and my brother Ben singing along to Do Me A Favour while my cousins Harry and Matt were looking at the different football tops.

We left the changing room when Sharron announced a mystery celebrity guest was coming to the match so everyone began trying to guess who it could have been. Sheffield Wednesday lost 2-1 after they played a bad first half but absolutely smashed it in the second half, making us all be proud to be supporters. The day was over and it was time to go back to the hotel.

I was just finishing my drink when my Mum came back from talking to Sharron to tell my Uncle that David Hurst was coming to talk to him and that the mystery guests were Alex Turner and Jamie Cook from Arctic Monkeys. I nearly choked on my lager before slamming my glass down on the table and running out the door. Me, Matt, Ben, my Dad and Auntie were heading down the corridor and waited by the lift in the hope of seeing my idol. 

We were just about to leave when my Dad notice this short man with long-ish slicked back hair a little like Dracula stood in the middle of a crowd. “If you’re going, you better go know cause he’s getting in the lift.” and after my Dad finished speaking me and Matt had unlocked our phones and were cautiously approaching this ‘A list’ celebrity. Jamie was stood there too and I don’t think I had ever seen anyone so shy in my life! It was cute! Me and Matt were so starstruck we couldn’t speak, so my Auntie had to ask if we could get a picture. Alex said it was “al'reyt” yet me and Matt and probably Ben too were scared about whether we were allowed to touch him or not, that Alex began doing stupid poses by himself before saying “Is it just me on me own like?” which at that precise moment I handed my phone to one of the men with him who had offered to take the picture and headed over to Alex, who then put his hand around me. Alex Turner had his arm around my waist! If it wasn’t for him practically holding me up, I’d have probably been on the floor… I was going to get a picture but Jamie had sneaked into the lift to avoid us, and me being quite shy myself, I decided I better leave him. Looking back now, I wish I’d had the courage to get a picture with them both…

So yeah, even though my team lost the match, a met one of my musical inspirations, and succeeded in one of my main life goals. :D