Endless List of Reasons to Love High School Musical

🐾The movies all teach us important lessons like be yourself; don’t stick to the status quo; follow your heart; you are not just one person.
🐾The music is damn good and even more addicting.
🐾Bet On It.
🐾Also the memes based off Bet on It.
🐾Also the parodies of Bet on It involving Pokémon and Let It Go.
🐾Consequently, how much Zac Efron gets into the aforementioned songs.
🐾The dance moves.
🐾Kenny flipping Ortega choreographs AND directs.
🐾Also, his doggy is in two of the movies and is adorable and awesome.
🐾The OTPs. Whether you ship cannon like Troyella or Chaylor, wanted something different like Troypay, wanted to see Chyan become something or are all about BROTPs like Boltforth there’s multiple pairings for everyone.
🐾The Wildcat chant.
🐾Zanessa chemistry is off the charts every movie, therefore making the Troyella pairing off the charts.
🐾Ryan and Sharpay’s vocal exercises.
🐾The bloopers. Bloopers are always some of the best parts of everything.
🐾Nothing bad ever happens in any of the HSM movies…except for when Troyella breaks up but it’s ok cause they get back together and we know they’re meant to be so it’s all ok.
🐾What time is it?
🐾The chemistry between the entire cast - how much they all enjoy being around each other, how much they all get along and how happy they always are with and for each other.
🐾East High is an actual school. You can visit it in Utah.
🐾The characters; they’re all relatable to someone, they’re all uniquely different and there’s a character for everyone. Added bonus, every actor really gets into their character.
🐾When the casts posts pictures whenever they get together.
🐾Also, I Want it All.
🐾Having no idea what the point even was of Twinkle Towne or what happened.
🐾Corbin Bleu’s hair.
🐾They represent the time when Zanessa was still a thing and super strong.
🐾You get the feels during some of the songs and scenes that you just can’t get with anything else.
🐾Chad’s shirts.
🐾Ryan’s hats.
🐾Kelsi’s hats.
🐾Sharpay’s pink and bedazzled everythings.
🐾Darbus’ detentions. You can’t get those anywhere else.
🐾All the times Troyella’s first kiss got interrupted.
🐾Troyella actually kissing.
🐾Mini Troy and Chad during The Boys are Back.
🐾Sharpay’s pink locker and knowing they’re actually a thing.
🐾The fandom.
🐾We all got to decide a handful of things they put in HSM2.
🐾The fact that Boi graduated high school with the Wildcats.
🐾The Wildcats have all pretty much completely been awesome role models and continue to be awesome despite being mega celebrities and not only never let that go to their heads but also never once forget what HSM meant to any of them or to all of us.
🐾There’s a guy like Ryan in the movies who’s not afraid to flaunt his love for theater/Broadway/musicals or to wear pink.
🐾Why am I feeling so wrong? Spoiler - cause his head’s in the game but his heart’s in the song.
🐾Everybody loves a good jazz square.
🐾The Boys Are Back.
🐾The fact that two of the main six are non-white girls who are absolutely brilliant have (presumably) graduated at the top of their class.
🐾The main character is a popular jock and probably the most sought-after guy in school yet does not let that go to his head and seems to overall remain a good guy.
🐾Knowing Chad’s mom keeps a picture of Michael Crawford in their refrigerator.
🐾Also wondering how he successfully hid that from Troy until junior year if they’ve been best friends since preschool.
🐾Creme brulee!
🐾Never once seeing Chad carry around his own books around school.
🐾Darbus dancing with Wiley the mascot at the end of the first movie and then starting a conga line.
🐾You were always right there next to beside me.
🐾One of the nerdiest girls in school who secretly loved dancing was actually able to become the head cheerleader in senior year.
🐾They play an Aly & AJ song during the afterparty in HSM3.
🐾Also you can hear Lucas Grabeel singing when Ryan and Sharpay are drving to Lava Springs.
🐾I Don’t Dance.
🐾HSM was so awesome that the cast of Camp Rock dressed as them for Halloween.
🐾Robo Rob.
🐾Remember when we first sang together? Like kindergarten.
🐾We’re not Charlie’s Angels, ok?
🐾Go dra…go dra…go dray…? Dray…? Dray ma…?
🐾Knowing that whenever Gabriella calls Troy blushes.
🐾Troy’s red and white shirt that appears in every movie.
🐾The obligatory shirtles Zac Efron scenes.
🐾Knowing that East High randomly keeps posters of its current basketball team in the halls.
🐾Every single line of the song High School Musical.
🐾Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.