Day 53: Ghost Eeveelution


The world of Pokémon is an utterly vast and often mysterious place, spanning not just a single planet, but numerous planes of reality. In some, humans and Pokémon work together in relative peace, while in others Pokémon are the single dominant lifeform, and in others still humans use Pokémon as tools to wage war. While for the most part these realms remain separate, they remain connected on a small, fundamental level, and on exceedly rare occasion an Eevee may become caught in the gaps between them. And as it turns out, an Eevee’s capacity to adapt is far stronger then anyone could have guessed.

As an Eevee developed to live in a world with different physical laws from our own, Lugubreon is, to put it simply, alien. Its anatomy is non-euclidean. The motion of its steps often does not properly correspond with its actual forward movement. Its methods of communication seem to blur the line between sound, light and telepathic contact. Lugubreon is just plain weird, man.

Due to their alien psychology, Lugubreon are rarely kept by trainers, and usually the only ones to even make the attempt are human psychics and spiritualists. However, it is not totally unheard of for a once-in-a-million prodigy to form a bond with this bizarre creature.

I’ll admit, I’m a little stuck as to what to give this guy as an ability. Some that I’ve considered are Magic Guard, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Pressure, Prankster, Unaware, Unnerve, and Wonder Skin. Feel free to make other suggestions, or to otherwise help me narrow it down.

Day 71: Steel Eeveelution


A particularly rare eeveelution in the wild, Eevee become capable of evolving into Ferreon after being coated in a layer of metallic dust. While this would be harmful to most creatures, Eevee just does what Eevee is apt to do, and incorporates the metal into its own fur, producing rough, wiry hairs that are sharp and abrasive to the touch.

The changes to Ferreon are deeper than just some new fur, though. Upon evolving, Ferreon’s mouth and digestive tract all but disappear, and instead it begins to feed by absorbing more ferrous powder through its skin. As metallic dust is unexpectedly hard to find naturally, Ferreon is capable of releasing a mysterious gas from its ears, capable of quickly oxidizing surrounding metal and reducing the now rusty mess to powder. For this reason, Ferreon are intensely feared by other Steel type Pokémon, and it is highly recommended that any trainers actively separate them.

To keep its own fur safe from rusting, Ferreon constantly preens and coats itself with an oily substance that it produces from the area where its mouth formerly was. Despite Ferreon’s destructive potential, they are frequently raised to harvest this oil, which can be used as a remarkably strong sealant. 

One of Ferreon’s abilities is Rough Skin, though I am not yet certain what the other would be.

So what next?

Alright! We’ve been running this blog for nearly half a year now, and we’ve just about reached the end of the list of all the unused type combos. So what comes next? Here’s how it will go.

Following our post this Friday, Wekhter and I will go on a hiatus. Not an exceptionally long one, mind you, just two weeks so we can rest our hands a bit, think up some new ideas, and get some time to focus on our personal projects. After that, we’ll be back and drawing new Pokémon again. (We’ll swap our previous lists for that.)

In the meanwhile, we’ll still be online and checking up over here, so if anybody has any questions, or would like to submit art, movesets, sprites, or anything else that I didn’t think of, by all means, feel free to do so!

Again, thanks to all our followers. This project has been a lot of fun, and we’ll be doing some more (hopefully) cool designs soon enough.