Day 47: Rock Eeveelution


One ecological niche which hasn’t really been explored in terms of Eeveelutions is an urban environment. Tecteon are the result of Eevee that live on and around large pieces of architecture, and as such have become apt at perching on and camouflaging themselves against structures made from stone.

Though not made from rock themselves, Tecteon’s fur possesses uniquely fluid properties that allow it to expertly mimic the color and texture of any type of stone. If placed on a stone outcropping, a Tecteon will subtly change its appearance within seconds, making it virtually indistinguishable from the rock itself.

Using a set of suction cup-like structures at the bottom of its paws and at the end of its tail, Tecteon can perch on any stone structure, even vertically and upside down. Very difficult to spot, and even then, difficult to distinguish from a stone statue, wild Tecteon can remain fixed to one spot for hours, or even days on end without moving. Should its favorite prey (Pidove) come within range, Tecteon can pounce with shocking speed, or strike with power drawn from the surrounding rock.

Tecteon’s ability is Solid Rock, and its hidden ability is Unburden.

(Playing with textures is always fun. I got these particular ones courtesy of sdwhaven.)

Time to say goodbye for now

Wowee. We’ve been doing this for 8 months, with 48 type combinations for a full total of 189 Pokémon. That’s a lot. A lot a lot. So here’s how it will work now.

Next week we’ll take the time to answer any questions in our inbox that we previously haven’t gotten to, as well as any others people might have. After that, in the event that I end up drawing any other Fakemon, I’ll likely post that up here, however that certainly won’t be any sort of regular thing, and I honestly can’t say that it will be frequent.

But otherwise, we’ve been through our list twice now, and it seems time to call it quits. Thanks to everyone who followed and supported us over these past 8 months. It’s been a lot of fun drawing stuff for you guys. We’ve come up with some neat designs, and it’s always been great seeing your reactions to them.

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So what next?

Alright! We’ve been running this blog for nearly half a year now, and we’ve just about reached the end of the list of all the unused type combos. So what comes next? Here’s how it will go.

Following our post this Friday, Wekhter and I will go on a hiatus. Not an exceptionally long one, mind you, just two weeks so we can rest our hands a bit, think up some new ideas, and get some time to focus on our personal projects. After that, we’ll be back and drawing new Pokémon again. (We’ll swap our previous lists for that.)

In the meanwhile, we’ll still be online and checking up over here, so if anybody has any questions, or would like to submit art, movesets, sprites, or anything else that I didn’t think of, by all means, feel free to do so!

Again, thanks to all our followers. This project has been a lot of fun, and we’ll be doing some more (hopefully) cool designs soon enough.