Being bi has given me what seems to be an unusual way to engage the world and empathize with those who see things differently. For me, that is a quality of spirit given by God.

-Rev. Dr. Janet Edwards

Today is Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Here are some of our favorite stories and resources on Christianity and bisexuality:

Image via flickr user Peter Salanki

My second coming out was more subtle, but deeply authentic. Slowly, I began to trade in the word ‘gay’ for 'bi.’ I resisted the urge to only ever use the word 'queer’ because I knew that I was avoiding the word 'bisexual’ out of fear. I was afraid that I would be rejected by both my straight friends and my newfound queer community. I was afraid that others would think I was just unsure or trying to have it both ways. I was afraid no one would accept me.