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Has this been done yet? Because I have a mighty need for Babysitter Rock Lee. 

“Naruto! Hinata! Welcome home!" 


"Mama, Papa! Welcome back!!" 


"we’re ho-" 



The Aftermath

Sighs of relief and celebration spread throughout Republic City.

The menace was gone. 

Shia LaBeouf was dead.

The City could now sleep at night knowing that the threat was over.

…But was it really?

His last words were “Not over. Never over.” How could anyone think much on that? An insane desperate man shouting out ridiculous cries. Who would think much on his words?

In a mysterious hideout, the very hideout Shia LaBeouf had spent the past week preparing for the battle, there was activity as the place came alive. Shia didn’t prepare by gathering all the weapons he could, or brushing up on his maneuvers only to fail. No, his preparation for the battle went much farther than that.

Within the walls of this secluded hideout there was a machine. A machine that would activate in the event of Shia LaBeouf’s death. Ever since his emergence into the Avatar fandom there had been shadows of him everywhere in askboxes, in separate accounts. They were only the start. They were all tests.


In the event of his death, the machine will activate, creating and releasing a new clone. And if that clone were to be killed, the machine would release another. Then another. Then another. Never ending.

Shia came to this battle prepared to die.

He planned to die tonight.

Not over.

Never over.