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Bolt from the Blue Preview

This was the last SI fic idea I ever really developed past ‘this’d be funny’; who knows if I’ll actually continue it or whatever. Thoughts?

“An intruder!”

“Have any of my Candies been harmed?!”

Looking out over his queendom, the one he has built from scratch, Ivankov comforts himself with the fact every last one is present, that they are all accounted for and none have been harmed.

But how intriguing!

Who would dare to attempt infiltrating the Marines’ greatest prison? Who would dare to try muscling their way into Impel Down?!

He pauses, crossing one leg over the other to try to recall any interesting characters that have been brought into containment during the last few months. Yet none springs to mind, no one struts onto centre stage. Unless it is an older arrest, and their intruder has spent their time building up their strength to reclaim their precious one?

How incredible, Ivankov is rooting for them already!

They are all sat on the edge of their seats, tracking this mystery intruder as they blast past Level One, Two, Three and then Level Four with something that can almost be called ease.

Whoever this person is coming for, they must be rather notorious to have landed themselves on Level Five, or perhaps worse, Level Six.

Ivankov can think of no soul upon those levels who would deserve such a friend, but perhaps those criminals have developed such loyal bonds before their incarceration. He may need to take a look at all of the other prisoners again, maybe he missed something.

It is his last thought before there is a flash as bright as lightning and when Ivankov’s vision clears from the dancing black spots, a man is stood before him.

There’s a wild look in the electric blue of his eyes, eyes that lock onto Ivankov and have a spike of caution zing through the Okama’s body.

That is the look of someone backed into a corner, someone at the end of their rope and desperate to gain any semblance of control over their lives once again.

“You’re the miracle person, right?! You’ve got to help me!”

The man scrambles about, ripping a bandana from his head as his fingers dig into the tightly coiled blond locks that explode free of their former cloth-binding.

Ivankov can only watch in awe, because for all that he’s been intrigued by this intruder, he’d never have even guessed that he would be the target, the endpoint. The eventual goal.

“Vat seems to be the problem, Vild-boy?”

That has the man flinching, palms pressing into the sides of his face as he drags them down from his skull.

“This is not my body! I’m not suppose to be a man!”

The man grasps the long lobs of his ears, wringing them between his hands with a comical look of frustrated panic on his face, almost tying the long skin into a multitude of knots.

He looks at his body as if it has betrayed him and Ivankov hops to his feet, unable to remain still in the face of the wild energy this man gives off. His skin is literally sparking, blood still running down from the upper curve of his back.

As if he’s been impaled, or even ripped something from his shoulders.

“You’re the Miracle Person right? I’ve fought my way through this whole place to find you!”

Ivankov claps his hands together, not even bothering to try and hide his joy. Such passion, such determination to reach their goal; yes, this person is indeed worthy of a miracle!

“Vat is you’re name, Vild-one?”

He will avoid addressing them by ‘boy’, after all, their guest certainly does not consider themselves one.

“I don’t- I- this body, it’s called Enel but I’m not-”

Ivankov has seen more than his fair share of identity crises, so he knows exactly how to handle this situation.

“Then Endesa it is! Now come, Endesa-girl! Let Newkama fix you up! Hee-Haw!”

Hopeful blue eyes meet his and the Okama queen reaches for his powers.


Characters by disneylori

“Be Sure to Like and Subscribe”

(( AU where the characters aren’t all spread across the world… :’ ( lol ))

“I can’t believe he has this much free time,” Yuri snorted.

“I think it’s cute that he puts so much effort into it,” Phichit said. “But he got kind of embarrassed when he realized we all followed his ‘secret’ accounts.”

The two skaters were huddled over their phones at the side of the rink, sharing a pair of earbuds.

Victor had to know what was interesting enough to get Yurio to lower his defenses long enough to talk to one of the foreign skaters.

“What are you watching~?”

He leaned in over Yuri’s shoulder.

“Fuck! Don’t sneak up on people like that!” the teen clutched at his chest angrily. Victor was like a ghost on the ice sometimes.

“A game?” Victor guessed, cheerfully ignoring Yuri’s complaining.

Phichit’s phone was flashing with images from some kind of alien fantasy world. Monsters were spewing out of caves in a bio-luminescent landscape, confronting a flurry of blue laser bolts coming from the character behind the camera.

“Wow, what is this? It looks fun,” Victor said, leaning in closer for a better look as Yuri practically did a backbend to get as far away from him as possible.

“What, you don’t follow his videos?” Yuri retorted.

“Whose videos?” Victor asked, blinking.

Phichit’s eyes slowwwly widened as realization dawned on him. He and Yuri exchanged dangerous grins.

“Oh my god,” Yuri was absolutely smug.

“It’s just this really popular gamer,” Phichit explained, easily recovering. Meanwhile Yuri looked like he was going to lose his shit any second. “We’ve all been following him for a while now. Me, Guang Hong, Leo, Emil, Mila, Sara… I just showed Yuri here last week!”

“I started following him as a joke, but… it’s actually kind of fun to watch,” Yuri admitted.

“I want to watch, too!” Victor decided.

“Oh, are you into this kind of thing?” Phichit asked too sweetly. “I would have told you about it sooner.”

“It’s ‘cuz you give off that uppity vibe,” Yuri said.

Victor’s shoulders stiffened a little.

Did everyone still think that?

“I want to watch it!” he insisted. “What is it called?”

Phichit scribbled something on a pink post-it note shaped like a hamster’s head and slid it over to Victor with a devilish smile.

“Let us know what you think!” he said.


Yuuri had a one-on-one training session with Yakov that evening, so Victor settled into the couch with his laptop balanced on his legs and Makkachin squeezed in around his feet. That dog was getting so fat. Victor always felt a bit guilty whenever training took him away from Makkachin. He devoted so much time to the ice, it was easy to get distracted from his other responsibilities. He ruffled Makkachin’s curly forehead.

“Tomorrow we’ll go to the park,” he promised.

Victor pulled out the pink sticky note and found some of the gamer’s old videos on a streaming site. Some of the videos were 6 hours long!

“Well, I’ll just watch for a bit,” Victor hummed to himself as he clicked on the flashiest thumbnail, which read:


Two hours later, he was gripping a pillow to his chest, talking enthusiastically to the screen as if he was giving the player direction from a command center.

“How can you make the jump from there- that’s not possible- y- Wow! He did it!!”

Makkachin’s ears perked up as Victor jumped in his seat.

“Ah, sorry- it’s okay, it’s okay,” he soothed, patting the dog on the back. “I became too invested,” he laughed quietly.

“Oh! It’s almost time for Yuuri to get home~!”

Victor clicked out of the video and saw that the main page was advertising a streaming event coming up that weekend.

“Hmm. I bet they’ll all be talking about it at practice… I shouldn’t miss it,” he told himself, nodding gravely as he subscribed to the gamer’s channel. Just as he closed the laptop, he heard the keys in the front door.



The weekend came quickly- the days leading up to it were mostly filled with training, but Victor did manage to sneak in a few drinks with Chris at a local bar, and he and Yuuri spent an entire evening at the dog park with Makkachin. The life of a professional athlete was hard. Victor was glad that he was able to work and play with fiancé every week. But of course, they needed their time apart, too. Tonight Victor had finally released Yuuri from a long, tight hug at the door-

“Victor, I’ll be late,” Yuuri had laughed after a few minutes had passed, but he was still squeezing back just as hard.

-so that Yuuri could go out with friends.

Victor was curious to meet these mystery friends, whom Yuuri had yet to bring over to the apartment, but he hadn’t pressed the issue. It would happen when Yuuri was ready. Besides, Victor trusted him completely.

With the place to himself, Victor had time to enjoy the quiet. It was so different being alone when the feeling was only temporary. And nowadays, those moments were few and far between.

Victor stretched out on the bed and Makkachin flopped down next to him, breathing softly. Victor was about to close his eyes when he heard his laptop ping!

“Ah, I almost forgot about the stream,” he said, arranging the pillows behind him and putting in some headphones so that the noise from the game wouldn’t disturb Makkachin.

A countdown began and the stream started. Hardcore gamers were sharing their commentary on the gameplay in live time. Some trolls were, too. There were apparently a few diehard fans watching as well. Messages like ‘marry me!’ and ‘you’re literally the best. I’ve been following you from the beginning!’ and ‘your tips have helped me so much!’ kept popping up on Victor’s screen.

Victor thought it was strange that the player had accumulated such a large following even though he never showed his face. He didn’t seem to be the only one who thought so- the chat box in the corner was full of people asking ‘when can we hear your voice?’ ‘how come you never show your face??’ He had to admit, he was curious, too. But that sort of thing didn’t really matter when it came to the game, and Victor found it interesting enough on its own. It was like watching a movie, but more intense.

The screen went red as the player’s character was beheaded unexpectedly, after he had progressed to the stage of the final boss in a single go. Victor let out a gentle, disappointed gasp. Some of the viewers in the chat turned nasty, pointing out all of the things the player had done wrong and using some …strong language. Victor’s brow screwed up and he pushed up his sleeves with a huff, taking to the chat himself.

“Don’t listen to them!” he typed. “That was really impressive. Don’t give up! I want to see more!”

The player’s character was frozen on the screen. …Had he left?

“Please keep playing. I’m your newest fan!” Victor added enthusiastically.


“Ohh no.” Yuuri was resting a hand on his flushed forehead, hiding his face. He pushed his massive headphones back around his neck and turning around in his chair to look suspiciously at Phichit, who was sitting on the floor in the corner, snapchatting memes back and forth with Leo. “Did you-” Yuuri’s voice cracked with embarrassment, “Tell. Him?”

“Hm?” Phichit looked up with big, innocent eyes.

Yuuri jabbed a finger at the computer screen where the username nikiforov-v was spamming the chat box with heart emojis.

Phichit shrugged unrepentantly.

“You thought I was going to let you use my room as a gaming office and not have any fun with this?”


“Okay, I didn’t tell him it was you. But he saw me talking to Yuri about one of your videos and he wanted to know what it was-”

“Yuri watches my videos?”

“And he’s bound to find out eventually, anyways~”

“Oh my god this is so embarrassing…”

“Why? I think it’s kind of exciting! I wonder how long it will take him to figure out that it’s you he’s watching.”

Yuuri grumbled something indecipherable and put his headphones back on, continuing the game from where he had respawned.

He didn’t miss the new flood of hearts popping up in the corner of his eye. His heart warmed a little.

Oh, but he was definitely going to get Phichit back for this.


Because I have written 21,000 words and 40 pages worth of Monsters so far this week, have two previews and two bloopers.

(All the stuff in blue has been added this week.)

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Well, think of this, Bendy - if you don't ask her out soon, some other guy might sweep her off her feet before you can! With someone as sweet as her, Alice probably has a line of guys wanting to date her. Ya gotta strike while the iron's hot, before it's too late!

He- didn’t consider that possibility.

But still, would he ever have a chance with Alice? Bendy had no clue where to even start…

It looks like he’s going to go in for it! Not confessing his feelings, but- giving her the flowers.

With a deep breath,

he bolts off.


Some early exploration sketches I made for a project about Usain Bolt for Gatorade. It was a lot of fun trying to capture his athleticism in a pretty simplified/flat style, and the short turned out awesome - check it The Boy Who Learned to Fly! Art & film property of Moonbot LLC

(Fun fact, I also ended up modeling teen & adult Usain. And the sweet sweet pupper who hits his head.) 

The Note Tree โ‹ L.H. Pt.5

Part F I V Eย 

Summary: A cherry blossom tree, residing at the farthest part of the schools courtyard. Nobody dwelled there, and you didnโ€™t care much for it. Until you kept hearing one song played over and over, with lyrics changed to touch at your curiosity. They knew you were listening, and one day you gave in and made your way to the pink tree. Waiting for you, a series of notes tied to a single strand of string.

Word Count: 3k+

AN: Iโ€™m back, hi!! so so sorry for being inactive and what not!! but thank you guys for getting the last part to 100+. like that is just so amazing, so thank you so much! i hope you enjoy this part and get it to 100 too aha. the next part should carry the story to be much more interesting xxย 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty.

I M A G I N Eย 


โ€œHey Y/N, wait up!โ€ย 

You didnโ€™t dare glance behind you to figure who it was. Nathan Holland, now intruding your life at random, wonโ€™t seem to leave you alone any longer. He accompanied beside you as you strode down the hallway, keeping your eyes forward to pass the crowds. Nathan was off beside you, hands in his jeans with his torso covered in a simple white tee. He had a pair of electric blue Jordans with his hazelnut hair incredibly messy.ย 

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Qui-Gon is busy cutting into a blast door with his lightsaber to get to the backstabbing Neimoidians that tried to gas them to death, while Obi-Wan is defending them against battle droids. We get a sneak peek of our favorite sassy boy.

“Obi-Wan!” he shouted to his companion, who wheeled toward him at once. “Destroyer droids!”

The younger Jedi nodded, smiling. “Offhand, I’d say this mission is past the negotiation stage.”

Oh stop it, you cheeky bastard. You’re pinned up against a partially melted blast door by destroyer droids and you’re still throwing out quips. 

I adore him.

And later, where they’re searching for a way off the Trade Federation craft, he makes his classic comment.

“You were right about one thing, Master. The negotiations were short.”

Qui-Gon smiled and beckoned him ahead.

I live for his commentary. I think Qui-Gon does too.

From The Phantom Menace by Terry Brooks

One thing that’s coming up for me with Food Wars this season is the lurching feeling this is just a little too shonen for me to get into. Is there an end goal, or are we just going to have an endless set of arcs until the steam is gone? Also, the point they bolted on every character we’ve seen in this show to make an appearance just feels a little - flat. Maybe episode 3 will turn me around on this.