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ok so i have a random headcanon: what if cordelia gave whizzer the blue wings for his skates as a celebratory gift for him finally learning how to skate around the diner without stumbling ("thanks delia, but idk if that's really necessary" "oh, if you don't like them i can always take them bac-" "no shut up i'm wearing them forever")

I love this, omg! This is totally canon.

Cordelia: Since you finally taught yourself to skate- *hands Whizzer a super over the top gift box*

Whizzer, opening the box to see the little wings: These are a little… over the top, don’t you think?

Cordelia: I can take them back, I don’t min-

Whizzer, snatching the box away: Hell no, these are mine, and I hate them. I can’t wait to wear them forever. 

It’s a tradition now - to everyone who learns to skate, you all get little things to put in the laces. I don’t make the rules.

i saw a bunch of ignorant comments on fb on a sportsnet article about jt brown and racists always piss me but like you’re fucking white canadians getting butthurt over what a black american chooses to do during HIS country’s anthem like you don’t even live in the us so you shouldn’t give a fuck about their anthem and like he’s the one living there and doing it to protest the inequality his race and other poc face and he’s trying to get conversation started in a league that’s been far too quiet on political issues like when the world is as fucked as it is and athletes know they have a voice and can make a difference you shouldn’t tell them to stick to sports ffs we’re on the brink of nuclear war and the leader of the most powerful country in the world is a fucking imbecile who doesn’t believe in climate which has caused some of the most deadly hurricanes, he’s barely doing shit about puerto rico, has done nothing for mexico who had two (or 3?) major earthquakes, and ofc random civilians can purchase machine guns and kill dozens of people but the us government doesn’t want gun control, like if we’re not supposed to talk about politics when are we