“The town that is dying”

Civita di Bagnoreggio is located near Bolsena lake (Lazio, Italy) and was founded by Etruscans more than 2,500 years ago. In Italy It’s famous for being called “The town that is dying” because the gradual erosion of the hill and the surrounding valley danger of make it collapse. Today, Civita is reachable across a pedestrian bridge and only 12 people live there.

Natale a sorpresa

Da quanto tempo non vi scrivo… intanto gli alberi sul lago di Bolsena  hanno perso  quasi tutte le loro foglie e ora dal giardino si vede quasi tutto il lago .Il Natale sta arrivando un pò di sorpresa… infondo mancano solo 10 giorni….e non ce ne siamo quasi accorti.

la raccolta delle olive è durata poco …  abbiamo fatto il primo olio e ora siamo quasi alle porte di Natale con  le piante cariche di olive nere nere, succose e pronte, entro una settimana saranno raccolte anche quelle e per Natale avremo tanto buon olio nuovo…


Untitled von Florian Thein
Über Flickr:
2015, Bolsena, Italy Yashica T5, Kodak Gold 200

It’s a theater, with different human stills that show the steps of torture on different stages inside Bolsena town. All is about Saint Christina of Bolsena also know as Christina the Great Martyr.

“While the accounts of her martyrdom vary widely, they seem to agree on some details: Christina was the daughter of a wealthy pagan magistrate named Urbanus who had his daughter tortured because of her faith, but God thwarted his efforts on several occasions. The nature of the torture varies with each telling, and can include iron hooks, grilling by fire, placement in a furnace, torture on the wheel, assault by snakes, assailment by arrows, drowning tied to a millstone, and other assorted methods which she survives. After her father’s death, his successor, Dion, continued to torture her. In all versions of the tale Christina eventually perishes, but not before God exhibits his wrath by lashing out at her tormentors.” (

Bolsena 2006