Police in Brooklyn, New York are looking for tattoo artist, Dakota Bond, 39, for the brutal beating of his girlfriend, Alexandra Rose Johnson, 22. The beating occured in January, 2015. After becoming angry with Johnson for not leaving work early, he beat her in the face with his fists, and in the stomach with a chain, for 5 hours. He didn’t let up until he realized her face was changing shape. She pretended to pass out thinking that would make him stop. He stepped down onto her throat and said “Good, die” She was able to get away from him after distracting him, by throwing a glass of water in his face.

Alexandra took pictures of her injuries 2 days after the incident, but she didn’t come forward for a whole month. She told a few close friends what happened, but she didn’t want it made public. She changed her mind when Bond began threatening her, and tried to break into her home. She was also told by a mutual friend, that Bond was telling all of his friends that “she asked for it” and “she liked it rough”. He later told some of his closest friends, that he had found out she was prostituting. Alexandra then posted the photos she took on facebook, and wrote up all the details to go with them. 

Bond has a long criminal history of assault, criminal mischief, and robbery. He had 10 cases against him in Oregon, and in total, he spent only 18 months in jail. There has also been 10 cases against him in New York, but those records have been sealed. Bond owned his own tattoo shop in Brooklyn called “Morningstar Tattoos”, he has sold the shop and left state. Police have been unable to find him so far. Alexandra says she didn’t know of his criminal history until the police told her.

If anyone spots Dakota Bond, or knows any information that could lead to his arrest, you are asked to call the NYPD. There is an active warrant out for his arrest, a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon

Dakota Bond

 6'5, 200 lbs

 39 years old 

Covered in tattoos 

He has a chest piece that says “Rose City King.”

Alexandra says he has a “strange” accent that sounds almost Southern, but he grew up in Colorado and Oregon.

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