Apologies TN family but the videos turned out poorly. And I really don’t like how I look in them. When I’m relaxed I look more chubby(which isn’t bad) but I just don’t like it personally. Plus its a real strange angle since I’m using my cell phone camera propped up on an Amazon dot com box lol.

Also I don’t post too often because I work 40hrs a week. All of which are overnight shifts…. Its the most perfect cover story haha but just know I love y'all and hope to take better videos as soon as its my weekend. Until then here’s a still from one of my bad videos.

PS ask me some questions even if you don’t know Tina. I promise I don’t bite (:


Sorry for lack of dope content. So here’s my new bolo, the best vender note ever and her first few crackbacks. Amount is small because I wanted to gauge how long it takes to start vaporizing. Plus I always need to know what time it takes to start melting.

Don’t wanna waste my shards due to a bad bolo. But thankfully this is perfect even though I’m not used to big bulbs haha