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Ahh I swear, Ranveer Singh is sorta the best thing. He's seriously perfection.

OMG hello! I am essentially in love with Ranveer Singh & I would totally get with him if I could but unfortunately he is countries away and about 10 years older than me. But it could still work, Saifeena you know. I love his CHARMING, entertaining personality. Not to mention what an amazing actor he is. Also have you seen his hair? It’s pretty amazing how thick and luscious it is. If he were a girl, everyone would be so jealous. Plus he can rap. Really well. And dance really well. He is just perfect.

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So I just ended up on your blog today cause I found out that you and I share the same birthday and I freaked out cause I only know like 1 other person who was born on the same day. But then I ended up creeping on your blog cause let's face it, I kinda had to and then I saw your gifs and edits. And they both are SO PERFECT, like they're freaking amazing, and I LOVE them. So I thought I'd let you know those two things cause I can, but anyway that's sorta it for now. Bye! <3


OMG:O we do , that’s awesome yaar :) . you know sushant he share the same birthday too. he is one of my fav actors.That’s so sweet what you said about my blog , thank you so much dear for droping by <3

bollywoodteen- actually it’s for another idea I had yesterday! By the time I’m done with it, there will be 100 gifs :’D

Still working on the AU meme, probably won’t get a chance to finish it until this weekend though, as it involves digging up old episodes and thanks to IWPL, that means downloading flash vids and converting them and that takes forever!

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I came on here to tell you how your edits are so freaking amazing and I seriously love your blog and then I found out that it just so happens to be your birthday as well. So Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic day :D

THANK YOU, Jarui!!! :D

WOW! I think I can’t handle so much happiness … :’)

This means so much to me. So SHUKRIYA again! ♥

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this absolutely stunning; literally its soo beautiful how do you even:’)

Thank you so much!! as for how…lots of madness and a few moments of lucidity :’D

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waaaaah waaaah waaaah

thank youu shanzil <333 :’)

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THIS IS SO GREAT, I LOVE IT. It’s seriously awesome!

Thank you!!

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And you still know it perfectly, now that’s what I call skill ;) but don’t worry I know the preamble by heart and have known it since the 4th grade hahahaha

ahaa I memorized the preamble in 4th grade also and still remember it till date. I don’t know but our teacher made everyone do it