Happy Diwali and Bandi Chor Divas to all you beautiful souls!

The festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair. Those are some reminders we need every now and then!

We hope the light in your heart outshines all the darkness around you. xo. 



“According to me Salman is ahead of me.In the manner in which his film Bodyguard has got an opening, it has broken all records and today according to me, if there is anyone who is the number one box office star, then that is Salman.” Aamir khan

“We’re two different people, very happy in our spaces and very good in our spaces. And I think it should remain like that. But it’s not animosity, it’s not anger, and it’s not disturbing.People ask if we avoid each other at public places; frankly, we don’t. If we do meet, what are we going to do? I’m happy for his films and I’m happy if he’s at peace; because when I came to Mumbai, his family and he were wonderful to me and my family, and they still continue to be. They are amazingly nice and gentle people. Only two people amongst them have an issue and I think we’re too old and set to try and resolve it in any other way. Salman and I are settled “in” our differences; we have not yet settled our differences” Shah Rukh Khan

“Salman is a friend. He helped me out before I came into films and I’ll always respect him for that. Actually it’s all thanks to him that I am where I am! He’s like a brother.” Hrithik Roshan

“It has been a wonderful experience working with him. I remember Salman’s words, ” Akshay this is my last film with you. You arrive early on the sets and just to keep up with you, I too have to get up early and be on the sets.” But I am sure Salman and i going to work in other film soon. At least, I’d like to.” Akshay Kumar

“The best thing is, whenever we have met after that we have always picked up from where we left off. We did that again. We get along well as we are both very straightforward and are honest people who don’t care what others are doing. Salman and I are happy doing our own thing. We don’t plan or plot to harm others; that’s why we get along.” Ajay Devgn

“Salman is absolutely adorable. I really love him as he is always himself. I only laugh when I am with him, he is so entertaining. He is a rockstar. When he comes on screen, not only the common man but we actors also clap and whistle for him and say, ‘Star aa gaya’. He is so good looking. When he passes by, you actually stop to turn and look at him. When I saw the promos of Dabangg, I called him and both of us went completely mad. He is a cult figure. Just as the South has Rajinikanth, we have Salman!” Rani Mukherjee

“I have been able to achieve this position in Bollywood because of Salman Khan. When I came to Mumbai, I knew no one. It was Salman who held my hand at that time. The media unnecessarily hypes our relationship. The truth is that Salman is nothing less than Godfather for me.” Katrina Kaif

“He’s really just a misunderstood guy. He loves to give this image of being a big bully but he’s actually more decent than a lot of actors who pretend they are chivalrous and then turn out to be real cads.” Bipasha Basu

“Salman Khan is my idea of love.” Aishwarya Rai

“Salman Khan is nothing less than a greek god; one that hasn’t let his good looks get to his head. I will always cherish the experience of working with him.” Dia Mirza

“He was most helpful since I was very new when we started work on the film. Initially, I was a little distant but being a romantic film topped with large doses of comedy, it was important for us to build a rapport. Salman went out of his way to break the ice and we became very cordial. In person he is very different from the image that is portrayed of him and what I learnt about him in this short span, is that he is highly misunderstood.” Priyanka Chopra

“Salman is very cute. Thanks to his spontaneity and cuteness, he can make the silliest thing look normal and believable. If he looks at you, he looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. But he has this naughtiness and that’s what lights up his face!” Preity Zinta

“My mom always said that Salman Khan was godsend.” Arjun Kapoor

“He’s the only one who can still make me blush.” Madhuri Dixit

“Salman Khan has always been very encouraging towars me.” Ranbir Kapoor

“As an aspiring actor, my father only gave me one advice, ‘do it the salman way!’” Varun Dhawan