bollywood song posters


Bollywood Song Posters: Celebrity Edition
 ↳ Katrina Kaif

Happy birthday to, hands down, the sweetest person in the Bollywood fandom and dear friend…my lovely Malika. You know I must love you a lot to spend all this time on Katrina…but as a birthday present to you I must also admit this was kind of fun! You deserve all of the happiness in the world I hope you get it today, bb. <3333


Bollywood Song Posters: Celebrity Edition
↳ Aishwarya Rai

Happy birthday, @emknightleys! I’m so glad I was able to make you something this year know..your imminent death. I’m totally proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year from KWK getting praise outside of Tumblr to your work with Urban Asian! I know it may not seem like it now, but these seemingly pointless efforts are going to lead to bigger and better things for you and I’m excited to see where someone with such a brilliant mind and kind heart yours like is headed in this new year. No matter what the haters say, you are truly a queen and a dominating force of this fandom and a powerhouse of knowledge of Bollywood pop culture along with your incredible personality. Therefore, I’m grateful to have kept such a close and lasting friendship with you (as well as running a total of 3 blogs alongside you!!!) that I hope only grows deeper as time goes on. Happy birthday, my little Capricorn!

Love, Destini