bollywood movie challenge


so the lovely brainyisalwayssexy tagged me in “your top 6 bollywood movies” challenge! (this was really hard to choose omg) here you go, in no particular order:

kuch kuch hota hai:

this is a no brainer. shah rukh khan is the first bollywood actor i have ever loved and still love & my entire family and i are obsessed w/ him so it’s really not surprising that half of my fave movies are his. this movie is the quintessential kjo all rounder of loveliness & amazingness and it never fails to make my heart smile.

hasee toh phasee:

this movie just asserts the fact that i am a sucker for romcoms. i can’t get over how the chemistry between sid & pari is literally crackling and how sid is actually so gorgeous in this. furthermore, there’s a great plot centred on a man who’s lost in love and a girl who wants to get back to her family and a lot of chaos ^-^


*chuckles* came to watch this for the impossibly hot fawad khan and left crying over the oh so sweet plot and the chemistry between milli & vikku. some of my favourite characters ever and i just want to see more of their royal adventures (which is satiated by amazing fanfiction ;-)) it’s bound to be great when disney & bollywood come together.

yeh jawaani hai deewani:

one of my all-time favourite movies! i spent a good month or more watching this religiously every single week. i relate to the character of naina a LOT, and the whole travel aspect of the movie is so wonderful. deepika is simply beautiful in the movie and once again the chemistry between her and ranbir !!!! (i love good chemistry between actors/actresses) just a great movie. 

kabhi khushi kabhi gham:

the no 1. movie of my childhood. the ultimate kjo masterpiece. this movie formed my obsession w/ srk & kajol together and gave me the impression that they were happily married when they actUALLY WERE NOT UGH!!! (resulting in a sad child questioning life) everything about it is just so good and it’s so larger than life & i simply love it. fave song to dance to as a child was ‘you are my soniya’ bc poo is the greatest we must all aspire to be her 


the darkest movie in this list. highway touches on so much intense topics and it is the only movie that has me crying constantly throughout the movie. it is heartbreaking but if you watch, you will be changed for the better. a true cinematic masterpiece imo, that is just a massive social commentary on the injustice and perversion of life. also it will erase any previous misconceptions you have on alia bhatt from student of the year bc she was so good in this. 

i’m going to tag my fave bolly blogs so baawri koffeewithkjo hotshahrukh chaandaniya jhanak deepika-face-appreciation  ❤


Bollywood Photoshop Challenge (x):

28) Most sensual song picturisation

So I really had no idea what I was going to do for this particular prompt but then sonakshisinhas came to the rescue and gave me the perfect song for this prompt!


Bollywood Photoshop Challenge (x):

10) Favorite villain
So this was a hard choice to make because I really like a lot of villains but then, I thought about if any villain had actually scared me and there was only one that really freaked me out. Also, let’s be real: psycho Ritesh was the best part of this movie.

The Bollywood Movie Challenge

So I saw the Hallmark Movie fic post and I have my own take on it.
Bollywood Movies.
Yes these movies are notorious for its length and fairly predictable plots and I have watched quite a few of them. Let me tell you, there are some hits and some misses. Either way, its pure, sappy, melodramatic gold. So I have made a similar plot list (I might make another part).

  •  Two sporty college students who rule the school have been best friends as long as they can remember. But what will happen to their friendship when the dean’s daughter, a pretty polished lady, decides to transfer to their school?
  •  The spunky daughter of a fairly wealthy family just graduated from college. Her high comes to a short halt when her mother reveals that her daughter’s sister knows the CEO of a major company. The CEO is from abroad and needs a place to stay. This ofcourse, gives the mother to play match-maker and get her daughter married off. Chaos ensues.
  •  A surly cop has his work cut out for him when a cunning, international thief is out and about stealing the world’s treasures. The cop sends in a double agent, a sexy and mysterious woman who seeks to beat the thief at his own game. But things get complicated when she ends up falling for the thief and her mission becomes compromised. 
  • A fun loving guy and a serious studious girl are best friends who go to college together. Things go topsy turvy when a charismatic goofy guy moves in next door and shakes things up in the neighborhood. But ofcourse, he has a serious secret he is hiding and as the three become friends, it gets complicated in the realms of life and love. 
  •  A rich business man has two sons. One is adopted, the other is not. When the adopted son finds out years later, things take a turn. And not for the better either. 
  •  A wealthy CEO has 3 sons and a daughter. The daughter is married with a little girl. However, his three sons are still single. one of them has a bad arm and thinks that no woman will accept him for that. the middle son is studious and the youngest is a mischievous one - both have childhood sweethearts. Through love and loss, they learn what is means to be a family. 
  •  Set against the backdrop of a political conflict, an unfortunate star-crossed romance occurs between an air-force pilot and a daughter of a rich political family. 
  • Three childhood friends find themselves at a crossroads when the boy must go abroad to study. The two girls, the outgoing one and the shy one, stick together. Things get complicated when he comes back years later and finds out the girl who wrote to him may not be the one he thinks it is. 
  • A Mughal emperor born to the throne finds himself in political turmoil and is strongly advised to take a Rajput princess as his wife. She finds herself with no other choice but to accept. To both of their surprise, the queen and king find their love growing after marriage. 
  • A blind girl and her dance group is invited to the capitol of India to perform for Republic Day. Things go awry when their tour bus driver ends up falling for her. But he hides an dangerous secret - one that can potentially destroy the country of India itself.
  •  A neuroatypical young man is left with his father’s scientific legacy. He forms a friendship with a girl visiting the town and together they find the computer that his father created in an attempt to attract extraterrestrial life. What happens the aliens visit but one is left behind? (this one has ET written all over it).
  • A beautiful village dancer causes controversy when she runs away with an American photographer. Years later, she gets a call regarding the health of a former teacher which takes her to a trip back to her motherland with her daughter. However, nothing is as she remembers it. 
  • A wealthy law graduate returns from his studies abroad to marry his childhood sweetheart. However, the rejection of this marriage by his own family sparks his descent into alcoholism, ultimately leading to his emotional deterioration.
  • 3 boys who revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them “idiots”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Think of all the possibilities.