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narwhalsarefalling  asked:

yo!! if ur taking promts for heith how bout some Homesick Angst if ur up for it (also u have a gr8 blog, i hope u have a nice day my guy!)

Thank you!! :)) So here’s my stab at it. It might not be as angsty as you were looking for but I hope you enjoy!

Whenever Lance talks about how much he misses the beautiful beaches of Varadero, Hunk feels the keen sense of loss within himself as well. For he, too, misses beautiful beaches of his own; the strong waves of the North Shore, the turquoise green of Lanikai— there’s nothing like it in the whole world; perhaps even the universe.

Over the past few years, through scientific experiments and a bit of magic, Hunk has developed the ability to replicate almost every earth flavor the other paladins request, as well as several that he misses himself. But while he’s managed to recreate the taste of home, there’s nothing he can do to recreate the scenic vistas that flash through his mind in the rare moments he isn’t preoccupied by a mission or a science project or an engineering task, and he’s never prepared for the sharp jolt of homesickness that comes along with it.

For although Hunk doesn’t hold back when it comes to complaining about almost anything else, talking about home is the one thing he doesn’t talk about to anyone else. It’s the one thing that’s off limits; the one thing that nobody knows cuts away at him

And why should he? It’s not like he’s the only one who misses home. Though Lance is the most vocal about it, Hunk has noticed the way the others express their grief in private moments that are meant to be unseen. The furtive glances, the solitary tears wiped away whenever a new alien planet seems just a little too familiar…he’s seen how everyone tries to tuck away their sadness for the sake of the larger group, and he follows suit.

There’s just one person he’s never seen express any sort of emotion or mention home at all…Keith.

Now it’s true that Hunk gives him shit about being part Galra all the time, but he still can’t help but wonder how that actually factors into Keith’s past.

In truth, though they’ve gotten to know each other pretty well, the fact of the matter is that he still knows very little about Keith’s life before they all became paladins.

Hunk isn’t afraid to admit he’s a bit of a nosy guy. He’s snooped into places that he probably shouldn’t and he collects facts about people the same way the mice collect shiny trinkets for Allura.

Lance spills most of his secrets openly— they’re best friends, after all. And Pidge, despite the fact that she’s secretive, isn’t so good at putting her things away. Shiro talks more in his sleep than he realizes, and of course, Coran is happy to overshare details about his life—and also Allura’s— that Hunk never wanted to know in the first place.

But Keith? He keeps to himself. Despite the fact that he’s seemed to have developed a sense of humor specifically around Hunk (a little annoying, considering nobody believes him when he tells everyone else that Keith can actually tell jokes now and the red paladin does nothing to back up his claims), he still barely knows anything about him.

So he’s not quite sure what to say on this night, when Keith is sitting alone by a window, staring aimlessly into space, absently rubbing the handle of his Marmora blade with the edge of his thumb. The pinched, vaguely sad expression on his face is a familiar one; Hunk often sees the others wearing it; but this is the first time he’s ever seen it on Keith.

He walks up to him and taps him on the shoulder. Hunk notes that his face goes immediately blank upon contact.

“Hey man, is everything alright?”

A beat. His gaze is inscrutable.

“Yeah,” he says, finally. “I’m good. Just thinking.”

“About home?”

Another beat. Hunk is starting to feel mildly uncomfortable, as though he’s intruding on a private moment and shouldn’t have said anything at all.

He waves his arms around, trying to bat away the tension with his hands.

“I’m sorry. You don’t have to answer that. I know it’s not exactly the same for you as it is for me or Lance.”

Keith cracks a smile.

“It’s okay. You’re right, I was thinking about home. I don’t exactly have one back on Earth. Not anymore, anyway.”

“Sure you do!” Hunk cuts in. “You’re welcome at my home anytime. My parents would love to have you. Have you ever been to Hawaii?”

Keith shakes his head.

“Oh. Well, you are always welcome. We love hosting friends and I’m sure you would enjoy it there. My cousins would love to meet a real life half alien. Like Stitch. Have you ever seen Lilo and Stitch? Kind of like that.”

As Keith stares at him, he grimaces and shrugs.

“I’m sorry. I tend to just spill out nonsense like a marshmallow dripping out of a s’more when I’m nervous.”

“Hey,” says Keith.


“Thanks,” he responds, finally turning the full force of his gaze to Hunk, placing his hand on his with a smile. “It means a lot. I’d love to come visit if we ever make it back to Earth.”

Hunk nods. His heart is suddenly beating far faster than before, but he doesn’t want to let on just yet— though judging from the twinkle in Keith’s eyes, he might be more perceptive than Hunk has given him credit for.

Still, he manages to choke out a dignified, appropriate response:  “Ok. Great.”

Hunk knows that there’s no guarantee that they will ever make it back to Earth.

To tell the truth, deep down inside, he is terrified that they never will.

But he does finally have a few facts about Keith: His palms are as warm as fire, and the fabric of his fingerless gloves feel far softer than he ever could have imagined.

And when he smiles, his eyes light up like the sun.