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Deepika Padukone Appreciation

If you’ve never heard about Deepika Padukone, take a seat, and let me teach you a thing or two about our queen:

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Deepika is one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood

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In recent years, she has had a series of hit movies including (but not limited to) Goliyon ki Rasleela: Ram Leela

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Chennai Express

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Happy New Year

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And Race 2

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She is obviously stunningly beautiful

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Extremely adorable

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And totally badass

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She’s an extremely versatile actress, at this point there’s no role she can’t dominate

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But is that all?

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She’s also an advocate for feminism in India

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She openly speaks out about mental health and having suffered from depression herself

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She’s hard working and an inspiration

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And she is very out spoken in an industry where women are often expected not to be

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She is not afraid of stand up for herself

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And she doesn’t back down from a challenge

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So now that you know about this fantastic human being

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Your world just became a better place

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So let’s raise a glass to Queen Deepika

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Rock on, girl

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Keep on slayin’

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Let the haters hate

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You’re one of a kind

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Bollywood Period Dramas [Pt 1/?]

Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani

Ishq – joh toofani dariya se bagavat kar jaaye woh ishq – bhare darbar mein joh duniya se ladh jaaye woh ishq – joh mehboob ko dekhe toh khuda ko bhool jaaye woh ishq.

Love that battles stormy waters – love that fights the entire world – love that forgets God when it sees its beloved – that is love.

Mini Rant (it was cultural appreciation, not appropriation)

So I went and watched the Coldplay music video today and was incredibly confused by the comments. Let me start off by saying that I myself am Indian and am supportive of things such as reclaim the bindi. However, the music video was far from cultural appropriation. First off, people are complaining that Beyoncé was a Bollywood actress. #1, there are a couple of non-Indian Bollywood actresses. #2, Beyoncé SANG the song, why the hell would they put someone else as the female protagonist??? Secondly, there are people complaining about Beyoncé wearing an Indian outfit. That outfit isn’t mocking my culture, it is celebrating it. It was such a beautiful outfit and she looked stunning. She didn’t misuse the outfit and change the meaning of it. She was supposed to be celebrating Indian culture, what is she supposed to wear?? Jeans? NO, that’d be stupid. Also, people are complaining about showing poverty in India. COLDPLAY INCLUDED EVERY PART OF INDIA. Actually, there was something symbolic from each state from India and I think that that was beautiful to see. Seeing the poverty wasn’t bad, it’s what I see when I go to India. They included India in its raw form, not the glitz. It was real. I have never seen a music video display India so well and it’s so sad that people are turning this into a thing of cultural appropriation. It’s cultural appreciation and makes me very proud to be Indian.

side note: moment of appreciation for how amazing those shots were