Day 18: Hit Me With Your Best Shot 

So I’m not ready to read for actual people yet (and probably never will be) and this task freaked me out at first, but when celebrities or fictional characters were suggested, the choice was easy. Introducing my favorite plushie, Bollan the hedgehog :) The best hog in the world!

A Reading for Bollan

1. What is your current state? The Star.

(Hell yeah, she’s a star alright!)


Well, it looks promising, whatever may be going on. We have high hopes for the future :)

2. What is something you need to know about the situation? 5 of Cups.

Don’t focus too much on stuff you’ve lost. No use crying over spilt beer, etc… You’ve still got some left, so be happy about that instead :)

3. What should your next move be? The Wheel.

Just go with the flow :) Things change, stuff will work out eventually.