like while I’m at it, that comic also has the two people who are suffering being “pushed” out of the frame to be bodies that are typified as male: a white dude with a fedora, and an old white man, the richest + powerful demographic in the world and by in large gets to define beauty standards in the media. The girl on the left who’s pushing the the fedora dude is a caricature of the ‘trendy’ sjw girl with pink hair, a half-shaved head, tats (one of which LITERALLY says 'trendy’ as if that’s what drives her!) etc. to caricature her as trivial and shallow. the other is a thin white girl who shoves the old dude away with her ass.

none of the other marginalized people (old, bearded, fat, nonconforming to beauty routines, skin condition, disabled, racially-de-valued features, etc.) are anything more than window dressing here. they aren’t doing anything. they exist to be co-opted as reasons why kevin bolk thinks we should include white fedora dudes and old white guys in womens’ self-affirmation. They could be cut out of the comic entirely and the real message is revealed.

what is this comic really mad about?


Guys omg I met kevinbolk and he is literally the nicest person ever. He’s such a big inspiration to me and my artwork and I finally got the chance to meet him. He’s a fantastic artist and a fantastic person and I could gush forever about him and this meeting, but I’ll keep it short for your sakes, and say it was definitely the highlight of my Zenkaikon.

Also he gave me some cake and that’s why that is there