Bolivia logra mantener intacta y sublime su origen indígena, cambia su constitución política, acceso a internet gratuito por subsidio del gobierno, nacionalizó los servicios básicos como el agua y la electricidad, mantiene la cultura y educación como un tema vigente en su sociedad. Pero Chile le ganó 5 - 0 y eso es lo que realmente importa, grande Chile…
—  Lo leí por ahí.

This is Salar de Uyuni, a salt flat measuring 10,582 sq km located in Bolivia’s southwestern regions of Oruno and Potosi. Around 400,000 years ago this location was part of the great Lake Minchin, which has since dried out leaving behind two lakes, Poopo and Uru Uru, and two salt flats, this being the largest.

When it rains, the flat surface becomes covered with a shallow pool of water, this acts as a gigantic mirror reflecting the sky, and everything else effortlessly.

The area is so reflective it is utilised as a calibration tool for satellites, or more specifically, remote sensing instruments. It is considered to be 5 times better for calibration than the surface of the oceans.


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