I just thought everyone should know that bolinmpregg’s icon is still stuck at the top of my tumblr and I don’t think it’s ever leaving I’m not even freaked out anymore it’s like a part of me.

foscully-gone-deactivated201406 asked:

ahhh so do i u_u;; thats why most my rp blogs onlyu last for a week before i delete them b/c i get too nervous to talk to other rpers and stuff. its a hard thing to overcome, but if you find the right rp partners it'll b fun u vu (i'd b willin 2 make a rp blog to rp w/ you)

I guess the main reason why i get so nervous is that i normally play with independent accounts

whenever i app into a group i just kinda NOPE all over and end dropping out

i’m just a big dumb 8(

bolinmpregg replied to your post: sigh what was I even thinking when I reserved…

shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! we all think we cant rp u wu but its fun to experiment and try!!! you wont know if you cant rp if you dont give it a shot! and i bet youre gonna b a good rper!!!!!!!!!!

i’m just

bluh i get so anxious when it comes to rp groups

actually just rp in general



rp is supposed to be fun but whenever i try it just gets

not fun

because i stress over things a lot