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The “Honor” Count

Man, I really SHOULD be more timely with these (I have most of my word counts which I want to make graphs for done, I just need to get off my lazy butt and do them.). 

Anyway, much like the word count I did for “Avatar,” I just went through the Avatar episode transcripts and found all mentions of the word “honor,” and made a nice little excell sheet with all the mentions. However, unlike last time, where I had everything graphed, I’m going to forego the graphs for this one due to how infrequently the word is used. Instead, I’ll just tell you guys the numbers in the same manner I did last time. 

Top Users of The Word “Honor” in ATLA Book 1

Zuko has the highest with 4 mentions, with Aang in second with 3.Sokka, Iroh, the Warden from “Imprisoned,” and the Senlin Chief all have 2 mentions. Suki, Katara, Ozai, and Bato all get 1.

Top Users of the World “Honor” in ATLA Book 2

Azula: 6
Long Feng: 4
Zuko: 3

Iroh, Katara, and Joo Dee get 2; Aang, the circus master from “Return to Omashu,” the Mayor and a citizen of Chin, Poppy,  a White Lotus member, General Sung, and Jet all get 1. 

Top Users of the World “Honor” in ATLA Book 3

Zuko: 7 (Not including use or the word “honorary”)
Iroh: 2
Actor Zuko: 2

Aang, Katara, Hakoda, a Fire Sage, Mai’s uncle, and Ember Island Players Azula, all get 1. 

Interestingly, as far as Zuko is concerned, we have a similar pattern for “honor,” that we get for “Avatar”: that is to say that Zuko uses the word frequently in Book 1 and seldomn in Booik 2, but by Book 3 mentions of the word by Zuko shoot back up again even after his redemption. In fact, Zuko somehow manages to say the word more after he joins the Gaang.

Top Users of the World “Honor” in LOK Book 1

Tarrlok has 2. Tenzin, Buthaka, and Tarrlok’s page all have 1.

Top Users of the World “Honor” in LOK Book 2

Unalaq has 3, Varrick has 2Korra and Bolin have 1.

Top Users of the World “Honor” in LOK Book 3

Aiwei geta 2; Mako and a Mayor each get 1

Top Users of the World “Honor” in LOK Book 4

Bolin and Prince Wu get 2; Su Yin, Kuvira, Zhu Li, and Baatar Jr all get 1

Top Users of the World “Honor” in ATLA

Zuko: 13
Iroh: 6
Azula: 6
Aang: 5
Katara: 4
Long Feng: 4
Bolin: 3

“Honor” Mentions Per Book 

ATLA Book 1: 19
ATLA Book 2: 28
ATLA Book 3: 17

LOK Book 1: 6
LOK Book 2: 7
LOK BOok 3: 5
LOK Book 4: 9

ATLA Grande Total: 64
LOK Grande Total: 27
ATLA + LOK Grande Total: 91


[Dennis and Charlie are walking back to Philly]

Dennis: Listen, I know you have a lot of anxiety going on right now, but you gotta understand, we’re both in uncharted waters here. Wouldn’t you say? But listen, you would consider me a pretty methodical person, wouldn’t you?

Charlie: Oh, yeah, like a serial killer.

Dennis: “Serial killer.” I like that, I like that. It’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but I see your point. And I like it. I take it as a compliment.

- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods”

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Parts to Play: Books 3 & 4, Ch 10 “The Calm”

Story summary and chapter index

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Wedding guests had begun to shamble through the halls of the Air Temple. All searching for open beds and precious sleep as the moon crept low in the sky. Night was already giving way to the dim, early morning. Korra craved sleep.

Sliding her bedroom door closed, she slipped off her dress and laid it out on a chair. It was beautiful, she’d decided, and even more so now that it brought back such happy memories. Her date with Asami had knocked her off balance. Years spent trying to understand their feelings for each other, and in one wonderful evening, they had decided to run away together. Korra didn’t know when, exactly, but soon it would be just the two of them, off to the Spirit World. Off to something new.

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Idk I was talking to my friend about it because he just finished watching all of LoK and I didn’t realize how much I love the message behind the 4th season. I mean the whole series was great but season 4 was so real. Korra comes out of season 2 so strong in her spirituality, some could argue the strongest of any Avatar, and she is on her own. She is no longer connected with her past lives but she is not weaker because of it, not at all. And then you reach the end of season 3 and she has been broken. We are shown that even with this immense power, even though she is the avatar; Korra is still human. We are shown that even with all the power in the world no one is invincible. 

And then season 4 begins. We watch Korra struggle to remember who she is. She tries and tries to run away from the memory of how she lost herself, but the visions continue. Her struggle is so real, so human. It takes her three years to return to republic city, three years of struggle, but she is never just magically cured. Before her return she runs into Toph, and removed the poison that remained in her body, her eyes glow, and we think, “This is it! She is back!” 

The battle of Zoafu begins and the viewer is given so much hope. Korra is rid of the poison, she can win this! And she almost does, but it was never the poison that was the problem, not really.

We see Korra struggle over and over and over again with mental illness. She is never immediately cured of it. The people who love her sometimes have difficulty understanding what she is going through. (Mako, Tenzin, The President, basically everyone except Asami). Her situaition is so real it hurts. She has to relearn how to be herself, how to be the avatar. In the end she is never “cured” of her mental illness, but she accepts it as a part of herself. And that is SO fucking important. The message is so unbelievably important. 

Mental illness is not curable, but that doesn’t make us less of a person by any means. It makes us stronger. To have a character represent something that is so real and so hard for so many people fills me with so much joy. Legend of Korra has done so much for me, which sounds crazy I know. I think it is SO important to represent these struggles and to make them known. Legend of Korra is the first show that has made my mental illness feel normal, and conquerable. I am on the road to accepting it as a part of myself just as Korra did. 

This was super lame and not very well thought out at ALL but I just had to share my thoughts.

Mako is a big emotional baby. He cries at everything. He cried when he heard Bolin got back together with Opal. He cried when Lin got awarded “police officer of the year”. He literally cries all the time. Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding? You bet he cried. Korra and Asami’s wedding? He cried while officiating it. He cried during his own wedding. He even cries when he thinks about how much he cries.