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Do you have any thoughts on Katara basically getting shafted in the comics? In AtLA, she's everything a strong female character should be, but in the comics and to a lesser extent in LoK, she's basically reduced to Aang's girlfriend/wife.

Yeah, I don’t feel very positive about it. I think in LoK a lot of her scripting had to do with someone as stately as Eva Marie Saint being the VA. It’s a complete guess on my end, but I’d just think her availability wasn’t quite so open. I also assume Bryke planned her to be the only Gaang member still alive (“my friends are gone”), so it really didn’t become a major major issue until Zuko and Toph were super active. It’s not unthinkable that a woman her age would have wanted to retire to her home, especially given its economic development and new position in the world.

Plus, her Book 4 conversation with Korra kind of framed everything, so it’s hard being too indignant. I think they could have been a bit more inventive with her story after Aang died, and it’s disappointing, but I also love the whole flawed parenting aspect, though I know that’s a little divisive.

With regards to the comics, I just think Yang never had a handle on her character at all. And I have my own thoughts too about why she feels so…desaturated. Like, she does stuff at times, but none of it feels right at all. 

However, my thoughts would be viewed as ship war material. And. Idk, can we still be friends? Below the cut is going to be some stuff that is not positive when it comes to the match of Aang and Katara. I’m not interested in yelling at anyone who ships it or saying much more beyond this, but I just want to lay out my own subjective opinion, which I’ve mostly held in because like…Tenzin/Kya/Bumi are everything and I also don’t want to be a butt. But it’s been flippin’ 9 years at this point. 

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  • Me: Pardon me for asking, and I'm not saying that The Legend of Korra is a terrible show or even a bad show, but what are your thoughts on the rest of the cast and characters? Wouldn't you like to know more about them? What about Varrick, Zhu Li, Eska and Desna, Kuvira, Lin Beifong, Tenzin, Kya, Bumi II, Katara, Toph, Zuko, Zuyin, Opal, Jinora, Baatar, Bataar Jr., Zaheer, freakin' Bolin, and, even though I know they're not well liked, what about Prince Wu, Kai, or even Mako? What about the story itself?
  • The Internet: Who the fuck are those characters? What the hell's a "story"? We just want to see girl-on-girl smut.

The finale was probably the saddest, most emotional episode I have ever seen, both in ATLA and LOK. The death of the Red Lotus really did it for me. What I love about this show is that it never shies away from showcasing gray areas—it doesn’t portray villains as just villains. It portrays them as people. People you can actually sympathize with. 

If you are of the mindset that the villains deserved to die, it’s still very hard to not feel sorry for them. It’s pretty obvious from the minuscule, throwaway hints we’ve been given about them that they are all very broken people who’s been through tough times. 

Ghazan’s death was the saddest for me. Which is surprising because I originally deemed him to be the most boring in the Red Lotus. But the finale really stepped up in giving him characterization. Out of all them, he was the most amiable and pleasant, always cracking jokes, even with Bolin. He also seemed to genuinely believe in the cause. Him talking about how he would rather die than go to prison and his little speech about having nothing to do but reorder the constellations and feel the rain made me tear up a little bit because it demonstrates just how horrible their living conditions were in prison. And when he gives that little smirk when he sees Bolin lavabending, I couldn’t help but smile. It showed that he was impressed (and maybe even proud) that Bolin finally knew how to lavabend. He seemed like he genuinely wanted to see how capable Bolin was and how far their fight would go. I feel like he would’ve made a great mentor to Bolin if they had planned on taking him towards the redeemed villain route.


Ming Hua would probably be a close second. When Mako tells her, “It’s over you have no water,” you could see so much emotion pass over her eyes. It probably made her think about all those years she was deprived of water. She was probably the most sadistic of the four but what made me really sad is that we never got to see anything develop between her and Ghazan. And I just wanted to know so much more about her. Other than what she did in prison, we get no backstory on her. 

P'li. Oh, P'li. Her death was the most brutal. Blowing yourself up is probably one of the worst ways to die. The moment she and Zaheer shared that romantic moment though, I knew she was going to die so that’s probably why I wasn’t as affected(I was still in denial about Ghazan and Ming Hua possibly dying). What’s sad about it is that you could tell that she and Zaheer really loved each other. There’s something extremely romantic about the idea of P'li being Zaheer’s one, true earthly desire.

Zaheer was such an asshole but I still feel bad for him. He literally watched his girlfriend die. All his friends, the only people he probably truly trusts and cares about, are dead. He has to go back to jail but he doesn’t have anything left to come back to. There’s literally nothing left in this world for him. He’s probably so messed up right now.

As for our protagonist, Korra, oh my god, I just want to hug her and tell her that it’s all going to be okay. I think what’s especially sad is that all the villains from this season and the last two took so many things away from her. They’ve completely changed her, physically, emotionally, mentally. Amon took away her confidence, Vaatu took away her connection to her past lives and now the Red Lotus basically took away everything. She literally gave her whole self for the good of the world. I’m so proud of her. She is so incredibly strong.

I’m sad that we didn’t get an entire episode devoted to the Red Lotus and how they were formed (kind of like a villain episode, like The Beach in ATLA). They were probably the best villains in the whole series. They were edgy, likable and tragic. I was secretly holding on to the hope that this season would end on a cliffhanger and the villains would return. I kind of wish that there’s a spinoff about them and how they met. They definitely deserved it. 


So after I watched the series finale of LOK, I had an empty feeling. Not the empty feeling of “wow I’m going to miss this show” but a feeling of “wow… That’s it?” I feel like these particular characters got a backslap like they didn’t matter.

1. Tenzin. They always made Tenzin seem kind of weak, and they made him get beat up A LOT, even so much so that Meelo had to save him. Tenzin is Aang’s son. And yet they have no shining moment for Tenzin other than his wisdom. I was a big fan of Tenzin and was really disappointed with some of the choices the writers made with him.

2. Bolin and Opal. Okay. Just Bolin alone, I didn’t get enough closure with. Sure he performed the wedding ceremony, but I just really wanted an ending scene with him. And what happened to Opal after she got hurt? Or am I just forgetting something? She kind of just disappeared.

3. Lin and Su. They kind of just faded out too. I don’t know where to, probably somewhere in the audience during the wedding.

4. General Iroh. I can’t even. They bring back Iroh for like TWO SECONDS. He could’ve done so much more. He could’ve fought in the battle but instead he was on those ships, that the colossal destroyed. Who knows? Maybe he got blown up.

5. Kai and Jinora. I know they got a lot of shine in book 3. However it would’ve been nice to see their ending. Also as individuals, not just a ship.

6. What happened to Bumi, other than getting fit? He was just kind of there and then not there.

7. Katara should’ve made a debut, period.

8. Toph. TOPH. She could’ve taken down that machine all by herself most likely. I mean she could’ve helped in the battle, but they chose to put her back into the swamp.

9. NOT ENOUGH ZUKO. I wanted so much to see some more Zuko. Maybe even to see him visit his uncle Iroh, in the spirit world.

Well that’s that. Those are my complaints among many others. Just my opinion.

Love Triangle Meta LOK

After watching this episode, I feel like I finally understand Mako’s character a bit better.  Mako tells us that he was a boy who grew up with nothing, who was dirt poor and always had the responsibility of taking care of his little brother.  So of course, this poor kid who’s never gotten the chance to be a kid and has struggled all of his life, dreams of fame and riches when he becomes a probender.  To have money so he could keep his family supported and he didn’t have to worry, to have fame when no one probably cared if he lived or died… of course those are the dreams he’s going to comfort himself with as he falls asleep each night.  One day it will be different.  One day I will be rich and famous and all of this grueling work will have paid off.  

And I think that might have been what initially drew him to Asami.  Here was this talented girl from a very wealthy, very successful family.  She was charming, elegant, and sophisticated- brought up in the very high society Mako probably dreamed of.  Asami is close to perfect at first glance; pretty, intelligent, badass, kind, sweet natured… turning her down, even after he probably started to suspect he had feelings for Korra, would have felt like kicking a gift horse in the mouth.  He’s pretty much Cinderella with Asami.  A mysterious and beautiful princess charming comes to save his probending career (with her family’s money and influence) and take him to fancy dinners.  All of this probably played into his childhood fantasy of what his life would one day be like.  And how could he bare to let that go so easily, even if he did suspect Asami and him weren’t made for each other?

Not to mention, messing things up with Asami could easily mean the team’s budget getting cut.  Dating Korra as a team mate could easily mess up the dynamics the trio had going.  It’s no wonder he dragged his feet on breaking up with Asami and officially starting to date Korra.

I think what’s beautiful about that is that he started to realize there was more to life than fame and riches.  Korra inspired him to be a better person and showed him what it’s like to put others before oneself.  He watched her continuously devote herself to bringing balance to the world and saving the world from darkness.  And I think that made Mako decide he wanted to be something even greater than a rich and famous probender.  Which is why, as many other fans have said, he probably became a cop in the first place.  To give back to the city who had raised him.  Even though there were gangs and issues in Republic City, it had still raised him.  And I think, aspiring to be like Korra, Mako wanted to play a role in saving his city.

As for the night he and Asami temporarily get back together, it was after a crazy, intense emotional roller coaster.  Feelings were heightened and I do think a part of him is romantically interested in Asami.  I think these feelings pale in comparison to what he feels for Korra, but nonetheless, I think they are there.  She had just possibly lost everything, and Mako was probably intensely lonely himself.  Bolin was off being a big Mover Star, Korra and him weren’t together, and…well, I can see how all of those ingredients could combine to give him a lapse in judgement.  He was lonely, Asami (and I could write books on Asami) was lonely… yeah.

When Korra came back, her memories gone, how exactly could he tell her that they had broken up?  Part of him was probably thrilled to get a second chance, to pretend that it had never happened and have the chance to hold her again.  And another part of him probably felt like it would just be too cruel to break up with her again when A. she had just gotten back from being attacked by a spirit monster and almost killed B. her uncle had betrayed her and was planning to destroy the world and C. she was probably going to have to confront that family member.  I think he’s being completely honest when he says he doesn’t want to hurt her- he loves her and he knows she already has a lot to cry about at night.  

Throughout season 3 he gets a break from all the ladies and gets a chance to reflect on himself.  He had to learn who he was as an individual without having a girlfriend.  And I completely respect that.  I think it’s a break that he desperately needed, just so he could learn to take care of himself as a person first.  I think Wu hit the nail head on; Mako is so afraid of disappointing people that he often ends up disappointing a lot of people.  But (mama) Mako is so used to taking care of people, from his days of raising Bolin, that I don’t think he knows how to disappoint them and put his own needs first.  I think this break has allowed him to clear his head and figure out what he needs and wants from his life.

I initially had a hard time liking Mako, mostly on how he treated Korra in the beginning and on how he kept teeter tottering back between Korra and Asami.  But now I also think that Mako was rude to people in the beginning as a defense mechanism.  He doesn’t just trust people automatically- it has to be earned.  Years on the street, watching over an idealist and naive younger brother, has probably hardened him some.  People smile and act nice- but does that mean they’re really nice?  Mako strikes me as the person who only has a small number of people in his inner circle.  Once you’re in that circle, he’ll die for you.  But it takes a while for him to warm up and bring people in. 

So why does she only apologize to her?

Another argument I’ve seen flying around in the past week is people questioning the fact that Korra only apologizes to Asami over her 3-year absence.  People seem to be mad because she does not apologize to Mako or Bolin, and they blame this on poor writing. 

My two cents (yuans): No it’s not.  In fact, it’s specifically written this way to prove a point.

A few other people have already pointed out this - but just to stress once more, Korra doesn’t owe anybody an apology for being absent for 3 years because she was mentally ill. 

I can’t stress this enough - Korra does not owe anybody anything for being absent and out of touch for 3 years because it’s not her fault.  

So… why does she apologize to Asami then?  Not once, but multiple times.

Simple, because she wants to. 

Korra doesn’t apologize to Mako or Bolin because she doesn’t need to.  She apologizes to Asami because she wants to, simple as that.

The story is written this way to show a particular point - it shows that Asami is special to Korra, that Korra sees her and treats her differently from Mako or Bolin.

It shows that Korra sees Asami as more than just a “friend”.  This is completely evident in all their interactions in 407.  And because she sees her as more than a “friend”, it’s more than understandable that Asami would expect more (emotionally) from Korra.

Those who are mad because Korra doesn’t apologize to Mako or Bolin, but only apologizes to Asami even though she already wrote to her… um, but that’s like the whole point?  That’s like, exactly what the writers are trying to get across?

So yeah, Korra not apologizing or not feeling guilty about not writing Mako or Bolin is not poor writing.  Those who think it is should probably re-watch books 3 and 4 and especially 313, 402 and 407.   

tldr: If you are gonna be away and out of touch for some time due to personal reasons, you don’t really have to tell your friends why or try to explain yourself (well it would be nice but not a must), but you do have to tell your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend and at least try to stay in touch.  This is like common sense. =D

A case for Kuvira's (detached, not evil) humanity

So many people still feel like Kuvira is this power-hungry, heartless person who loves to manipulate and be cruel and I couldn’t disagree more, especially after this episode. Yes, she’s been making some profoundly terrible decisions based on some profoundly misguided (though rational) logic, but power and conquest are simply the most effective means to an idealistic end for her. If anything, her coldness makes her almost self-effacing.

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ok here it goes

I don’t know how long this will end up but I’m going to talk about the Book 4 finale. I can’t bring myself to call it a series finale because it had no connection to the first half of the show, but here we go.

Before I even begin you should know that after a lot of reflection and looking at everything from every possible angle, I still think overall

  • Book 1 > Book 2 > > > Book 3 > > > Book 4

and as for finales

  • Book 2 > > > Book 1 > … toss-up between Book 3 and 4

This got really long so be warned lol I went off…

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A small theory (if you want to call it that)

At a recent panel, Janet Varney was asked about how it was to work with Zelda Williams, who voices Kuvira. 

Janet: “Oh, she’s great! Well, for one thing, I can’t believe that voice comes out of this little girl. She’s a beautiful small girl. Talk about great casting. Her voice is fantastic! So that’s the craziest thing about it. She’d probably be in the booth behind me and we would be recording. So I hear her really close in my headphones and I would hear her say something and sometimes I would have to be just like- you know, she’d be like, ‘You’re not going anywhere,' and I’d be like, 'That’s you! Do you know that’s you?’”

Source: X

I might be stretching a little, but I think Janet could have perhaps given us a line. It’s possible that she was just giving an example, but what if Kuvira actually says, “You’re not going anywhere”? I have to say, it’s make a lot of sense. 

I feel like it’s fair to assume that the plot next episode will be about Bolin trying to escape before he’s sent to the re-education camp (this could be up in the air but it’s likely), Suyin and her sons getting caught in their raid, and Korra and Kuvira facing off. 

So, I also feel safe in assuming that between those three conflicts, all 22 minutes will be used. 

By analyzing the scenes from the trailer, we have a pretty good idea of how the fights occurs. Here’s the order that it looks like it could go down, in my opinion. After capturing Su, Kuvira deems that since no agreement could be made, that Zaofu is hers to conquer. Korra hears what has happened and disagrees (with Opal and Jinora behind her as a force of air). Now you can read the screenshots. 

Then Korra gets backed up into the military line, where Kuvira probably says some really nasty things to her (notice the hair of Korra and Kuvira is a lot more untidy than in the beginning?) 

 More fighting ensues. Then we know this is near the very end of the fight: 

Korra is pretty much surrounded by the military and has multiple scratches on her arms and face. After being surrounded, it would make sense for Kuvira to deem that she’s not going to let Korra go anywhere. She took Su and Bolin as her prisoners, why wouldn’t she try to take Korra? This could be where the line, “you’re not going anywhere” comes into play. 

That line would be said at the end of the episode, and could possibly be when Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Opal, Kai (if he’s there) decide to get Korra the heck out of dodge in order to get back to Republic City. That would get us to the place they need to be in, in order for Korra to change back into her water tribe clothes in episode 7. They need reinforcements to defeat Kuvira’s army and help rescue Su and Bolin. And that’s when they’ll possibly learn about the spirit vines. This will be when the Avatar becomes priority target #1.

Post-LOK Headcanons

Just some stuff I have laying around my mind after watching the finale again (and again, and again.. and maybe a fourth time but who counts).

  • Mako’s left arm remains scarred. The lightning and spirit-vine energy took their toll on his body, the skin on the arm stays a bit crumpled (Ron Waesley style, yo) and it never comes back to a 100% function as before. It never prevents him to continue being an awesome detective though.

  • Inside the spirit world, Korra and Kuvira had a lengthy, lengthy talk. Kuvira is not the kind of woman to be convinced 180 degrees of what she believed in within a few minutes, and also Korra is not the type of person to sit down to a talk only to get up a moment later (she physically sits before the scene cuts). The two had a calm and informative talk while people outside were still looking for the both of them - but they knew it would have to wait until after they sort things out. Besides, I think they really intrigue one another, they would want to listen to each other.

  • The Zhurrick wedding took place only 3-4 days after the battle. That’s the reason why Raiko only just started planning the expention of the city and why Korra didn’t have the chance to say “thank you” to Mako earlier - he just got out of the hospital to attend the event. Plus, I imagine Korra being super busy with making sure everyone was alright while Asami was also super busy with.. well, her father’s funeral and thoughts of rebuilding Future Industries (again) - that’s why they only had that chance to a heart-to-heart talk in that moment.

  • Korrasami did not happen before the finale. I think everyone knows when that kiss should’ve happened if we’re regarding the parallels to the Kataang one in atla. I think both Korra and Asami realized long ago, each for herself, how they feel about each other - but their first act on it is just off-screen in the end of it all. I like to think that when they finally part the kiss Asami is so overwhelmed because “holy spirits I kissed Korra!” but also “holy Korra I’m in the spirit world!”, and it’s all just exactly what she wanted.

  • Bolin, pure-hearted creature that he is, will help rebuild Republic City. He’ll either help Asami side by side as a right-hand-man and execute her plans and supervise earthbenders workers in the process - or either joins the United Forces. He has his military training working under Kuvira and he can lavabend, with those in the boy’s resume it souldn’t be a problem for him to get accepted into the Forces and even get a leading role in the supervision of the rebuilding.
  • Rohan grows up to be worse than Meelo. Pema’s songbending intensifies.
No Kuvira in Pajamas this time :'(.....(spoilers)

….BUT you get to see Zhu Li in pajamas…yay…right?…nah it’s not the

I swear this woman (Kuvira) must sleep with her eyes wide open…I’m starting to wonder if she ever sleeps…

On that note, this plan as you can see very quickly failed in Seconds

-Kinda looks like they are getting the spa/torture treatment(ignore bad joke lol)….you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever seen one of those portable saunas….anyways…WAY off…

Back to Korra…

Nope, Varrick isn’t checking Bolin out here…he’s scheming up a plan and it takes Bolin a good while before he figures that

So in the meantime while Korra is doing this…

Bolin and Varrick are cooking up an escape plan that includes…blowing themselves

With that said, I really enjoyed Varrick in this episode. And I don’t know if it’s just me but, I didn’t really find Bataar Jr. too threatening in this episode where he actually seemed to be kind of “getting along” with Bolin and Varrick. To me the environment didn’t feel super hostile(even with guards present) as Bataar Jr. was more concerned about the scientific mechanics of the battery/spirit bomb thing(Idk)…I think he still has a good side; his judgement is just clouded right now with the resentment towards his parents…

AND NOW what you all were expecting…let’s revisit Korra as she(gets her ass kicked) fights Kuvira. This is the Main Point of the episode…Kuvira and Korra finally have that show down…and Kuvira is pretty damn good at (even if she’s a bit cocky; she’s got the skills to back it beating up on Korra and all…

Until…Korra pulls out the Avatar State (yeeeah it’s pretty hard to go up against…and the rest should be pretty self-explanatory…

Kuvira says to Korra: “I knew you were weak”…and while yes Korra is still a little fragile…

…She still had the strength to throw Kuvira halfway across the field (ouch…that had to hurt…any normal person would be severely mangled..but that’s the magic of being animated…you bounce back from

That said…Kuvira’s impending death was probably the saddest part of this whole thing…add in the music and the drama…it was a lot. I know you guys are probably gonna be like “What???” but hear me out…

….to me this was like a Lion King Mufasa’s death Also, from the look on Suyin’s face you can tell that she doesn’t want to watch Kuvira die; she stills cares about her…(even if she was really pushing for Korra to go into the avatar

Who knows, she could also be regretting (a little late for that, huh?) what she had told Korra to do, now that she’s seeing Korra do it.  

All Korra had to do was drop that boulder and the Great Uniter would’ve been united with the ground. (bad joke, ok) 

..But she doesn’t…she physically can’t. Korra sees herself(literally)in Kuvira…and to her, she might feel like she’s killing a piece of herself…something she doesn’t really want to do. (Random thought) Maybe Korra’s change (short hair, enlightenment, and all) was also her trying to “kill” or run away from her past self. And seeing her face in Kuvira is showing her that she can’t…that will always be a part of her.

(This was kind of a creepy moment taken from the Grudge…if it creeped me out, I’m sure it was a little creepy to the younger people lol)…Keep in mind that we will never know what the actual look on Kuvira’s face was…it’s a mystery…but personally I’m more interested in what her actual face looked like.

After all of that, Kuvira pretty much takes the fight over…although to be honest/fair…this was a draw…neither truly succeeded in winning the fight. Even if it doesn’t change the fact that Kuvira still got Zaofu in the end…she got it by a default…

and…Who’s starting to look a little bit more like Azula?…minus the insanity of course…(sorry I couldn’t resist it). 

I think it’s also worth mentioning that Kuvira had NO problem with killing Korra and I’m sure she would have if she wasn’t stopped.


First time we did see Kuvira actually earthbend:

…And to end on a happier note…Art Time with Huan :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this….as always, feel free to message me and until next week, see ya;)

Blue Stripes

Rating: M (for smut)

Word Count: ~1200

Summary: They were a gift from months ago. It would have been a waste to throw them to the side just because they were no longer together. Mako wears his blue-striped boxers for the first time in a while

Author Note: Just something quick in honor of Mako’s blue-striped boxers.

( (ao3)



Mako rooted through his dresser, his suitcase a mess on the floor.

“Bolin!” he yelled, hoping his brother wasn’t too engrossed in his own packing to hear him. “Have you seen the rest of my boxers? Like half of them are missing!”

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I know this is redundant, but the finale felt like it was missing so much of Bryke's soul. What moved me tears in this franchise was always the friendships. Wan and Raava, Zuko and Aang, Korra and Bolin...every last one of those friendships. They were so important and they taught me to love more deeply. But in the end, none of it was really acknowledged? I love this show and this makes me so sad. I just needed someone to say all that to and your blog is always such a comfort to me.

I agree with everything you said. This season was supposed to be about friendship, and I definitely feel like it was lacking in that department. I HATE that the four of them weren’t standing together as friends in the end. They were so divided. I hate it. I absolutely despise it. I’m furious. I can’t even comprehend how I feel. 

Calm; Korrasami fanfic

Summary: After finding out about the assassination of the Earth Queen by the hands of the Red Lotus, Korra needs to clear her head. But she ends up filling it with thoughts of Asami. 
Characters: Korra, Asami
Word Count: 1335

A/N: I had this knocking around my head forever, so I had to write it. I don’t usually write fanfic, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. It’s just a really cutesy fic of Korra trying to understand her feelings about Asami. 

“Once again, the Earth Queen’s reign has come to an abrupt and violent end.”

 The radio announcer’s words echoed through Korra’s mind. Shortly after she explained the origin and purpose of the Red Lotus, as well as the fact that Unaloq was once a part it, she excused herself from the conversation. She couldn’t start debating the specifics of that chaotic secret organization with her Dad and a bunch of other adults that dismissed every idea she brought to the table. At least not right now. She had to think about this whole situation; she had to get away.

She found her glider and flew to the outskirts of the city. She discovered a small but cozy cave nestled in the side of a cliff, so she landed and immediately let out a grumpy sigh. Will it ever stop getting worse? Korra wondered, her heart still aching from the violence of the Harmonic Convergence. She sat back against the cliff and looked out on the Oasis, trying to calm her stormy mind. Being an emotional wreck when she decided her plan for Zaheer wasn’t going to help anyone.

 The sun had set just ten or twenty minutes before, and so the stars were just starting to come out. But as the night darkened, the more the sky reminded her of home. Just like the Southern Water Tribe, the Misty Palms Oasis didn’t have a million lights to force away the stars. Korra leaned back and stretched a little bit before she looked out onto the houses closest to the edge of the Oasis. They were just twenty feet below her, so she almost felt like she was spying on the inhabitants below. Everyone was getting ready for the evening. One man was piling his wares back into his wagon, while a mischievous little girl was getting chased by her very vexed older sister. Then from the corner of her eye she saw Asami stepping out into the courtyard of the closest building to the cliff.

The building looked like one of the pricier inns in town, and it definitely fit Asami’s classy tastes. The dark haired girl was dressed in a flowing nightgown that was fluttering in the warm night breeze. Her eyebrows were furrowed in deep thought and she was fiddling with a small ornate box. She opened it and a little woman with a white dress popped out of it and twirled around. She closed the box quickly and sat down on one of the lounge chairs. 

Korra felt strange watching her friend so candidly without her knowing, but it also felt good. She was always careful to not stare too long when they hung out, so now that she had the opportunity, she was going to take it. As she looked at how Asami’s hair fell down her back in smooth curving tresses, she wondered what was so magnetic about her first “girl friend”. The stunningly tall girl had always entranced her, even when they met at Tarrlok’s Ball with Mako on her arm. And as she got to know the beautiful thrill-seeking business-savy martial artist, the harder it got to suppress how much she felt for that amazing girl. She wasn’t sure what it was. Did she want to be her? Or did she want to have her?

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Hi, could you please explain why you think Mako is demisexual?

well a lot of it is projection but honestly i think it just fits. mako’s relationships are ruled by emotion and he’s not like say bolin or wu who are always talking about ~the ladies~

in both relationships mako is in that we see the physical/sexual aspect is never emphasized. when mako talks about korra it’s always about how she’s “the most loyal, brave and selfless person” he’s known and things along those lines.

with asami we weren’t shown much that’s true but what we were shown is signficant imo. true he makes the goofiest of faces when he meets asami but hey she’s a pretty lady i’d make that face too. and after that they go on dates and they get to know each other AND we see mako opening up to asami about his father’s scarf and that is not nothing for someone as emotionally constipated as he is.

i just think that with mako emotion always comes first.

so like i said a lot of it is projection but i don’t think it’s that out there to headcanon mako as demisexual.

I just rewatched The Library and The Desert on a whim, and I noticed a few things that seem like they could be relevant to our upcoming desert arc in LoK.

First, Iroh met his White Lotus contact in the bar at the Misty Palms Oasis.  It’s unclear whether the bar that Korra and the Krew visit is the same one; it looks different (the modern one has green glass bottles that look like alcohol and no grass roof to the bartender’s counter, heh), but it has been 70 years.  Either way, it feels like there could be a connection, especially since Iroh seemed to know the White Lotus contact would be there without actually knowing the contact.

Second, I think we should be on the lookout for the signs Iroh used to prove his loyalty to his White Lotus contact.  The initial call-and-response routine seems to be this:

Fung of the White Lotus: I see you favor the white lotus gambit. Not many still cling to the ancient ways.

Iroh: Those who do can always find a friend.

And, once Iroh successfully proves his loyalty by playing the game:

Fung of the White Lotus: Welcome, brother. The White Lotus opens wide to those who know her secrets.

The doorman has another call-and-response routine:

Doorman: Who knocks at the guarded gate‌?

Iroh: One who has eaten the fruit and tasted its mysteries.

I would not be surprised in the slightest to see these lines make a comeback, because they’re such a perfect “secret society” thing.

Let’s go back to the “playing the game” part for a moment.  Here’s the pattern that Iroh and Fung made in their game:

(Source: AvatarSpirit.Net)

And here’s an image from the Book 3 Part 2 trailer from Comic Con:


Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

It’s not just how the game is played, either – here’s what Jinora and Ikki’s game looked like in Book 1:

(Source: AvatarSpirit.Net)

What if the reason Bolin and Asami are playing Pai Sho isn’t because they’re bored and are looking to play the game, but because they’re trying to figure out how to get past the call-and-response routine for entry into one of the Lotus groups?

And here’s where we get really speculative.  Because, honestly, the White Lotus doesn’t really seem like the sort of group that would keep those old traditions anymore – they’ve obviously militarized in the years since the Hundred Years War, and we haven’t seen a single White Lotus guard play Pai Sho.

In contrast, the Red Lotus does seem to be acting like a secret society with contacts all over the world.  They’ve also got a symbolic connection to “the original nature of the heart,” which seems like perfect symbolism for a traditionalist White Lotus faction that’s unhappy with the group’s current composition.

My current guess is that Korra doesn’t learn what Zaheer’s group wants because she gets kidnapped.  I’m guessing that she learns what they want because she infiltrates the rest of the Red Lotus to learn what they’re after, and that’s when things start to go sour.

I’m terrified that Korra’s going to see Bolin next episode (or the one after) and be so happy to see him, and then find out that he’s still working for Kuvira even though she is trying to take over Zaofu. That would devastate her. Korra was just told this past episode that she needs to reconnect with those people who love her. How is she going to feel if she thinks the people who she thought loved her have all moved on and changed that drastically?Imagine all of that happening while Kuvira more than likely asks Korra what she has done to help the past few years and tells her to back off. Korra’s going to blame it on herself, and she’ll be really hurt and I’m just really sad.