bolin gang


After Varrick makes mention about how people run for government offices and are bribed with a lot of money to drop out of the elections, Korra and Bolin decide to back Asami for South Republic City, Zone 2, District 37 Comptroller. Bolin convinces Asami to drop Varrick as her campaign manager for him, which she does. Korra’s tries to solicit a bribe from a local union office, only for them to threaten her unless she gets Asami to drop out. To get back at Asami, Varrick gets Mako to run against her, dressing him up like a prostitute in hopes of bribing the current comptroller.

In the end, Asami drops out when she learns a comptroller is “just a glorified accountant,” and Bolin loses his Garbage Pail Kids cards to Varrick.


Mac: To our monthly dinner.

Dennis: Oh, monthly dinner, baby. I tell you, I’ve been looking forward to this for…twenty-nine days!

Mac: Me, too. I did my hair good, and I wore two colognes.

Dennis: Is that what that is?

- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Dines Out”